The Ideogenic Realm : Bambusa

Continuing our exploration of homeopathic remedies which may be useful in treating the ideogenic realm (the realm of diseases caused by beliefs or delusions), we come to the common plant of bambusa (bamboo). It is an extremely flexible and versatile plant, and is used in a variety of manufactured objects.

The theme of flexibility or versatility plays into the core theme of the mental state of this remedy — it is called for when someone feels they have gone past the breaking point, and are feeling overwhelmed by life. This remedy state has certain elements in common with sepia, but with a much deeper emphasis on the feeling of being alone in the world, particularly without any support. Likewsie, this remedy may be indicated in a situation where someone has recently lost a major support system in their life (a ‘NBWS’, or ‘never been well since’ event), such as a spouse or a source of income.

Some of the physical symptoms of bambusa include:

  • Allergies, particularly hay fever.
  • Issues with the spine, particularly in the cervical region.
  • Physical complaints of the female reproductive organs.

Someone who is normally known to be self-reliant and dependable, may come into a bambusa state if they become too detached or aloof from the world, or otherwise express feelings of being alone or not having any support themselves. The Bach Flower Remedy Water Violet also is helpful with healing some of these characteristics along with bambusa.

Jeff Korentayer has been exploring many aspects of natural healing since 1991, and is now able to integrate all of them through his education in Medical Heilkunst (Homeopathy). His areas of study include Nutrition, Herbs, Bach Flower Remedies, and a BA in Psychology, as well as maintaining a strong interest in the Arts. He draws on this extensive knowledge to provide a unique treatment plan for each patient, in order to best meet their individual health needs.Jeff first discovered Homeopathy when exploring natural treatment for his allergies, and was impressed with the quick results. He was intrigued at how Homeopathy took into account all aspects of a person, and he read as much as he could before becoming a full-time student. He graduated with his full Practitioner Diploma from the Hahnemann College For Heilkunst in 2003 (DHHP), and is an active member of the Canadian Heilkunst Association. Jeff is writing a book called The Vaccination Myth, to help new parents navigate one of the most troubling decisions they face with parenthood.

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