February 2017 Newsletter

February 2017 Newsletter

This month our blog articles are focused on giving birth. Our very good friend and Heilkunst colleague, Lisa Powers, has shared her natural home-birthing story with us and given me permission to share it with you. Perhaps in the photographs you’ll catch glimpses of her homeopathic remedies in easy reach at the side of her bathtub!

On this note, our second blog post is a page extracted right from our book, “The Natural Home Pharmacy for Women” that will provide you (or an expecting woman that you know and care for) with all the homeopathic remedies and practical solutions for a healthy, natural birth. What I love about homeopathic principles is that the state of mind and physical suffering is never separated in wholistic treatment, and birth has so much to do with our mental state of being.

Enjoy this month’s offerings and we’ll be back with more juicy content next month.

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