Dichotomies and Skewed Morality

When children who have HIV, Hep B, or Tuberculosis can attend school without disclosing their diseases because they are protected by the constitution, but healthy, vaccine-free children cannot attend school with no disease because they aren’t vaccinated.
When kids in school taking cabinets full of pharmaceuticals is normal, but healthy, vaccine free/disease free/medication free children cannot come to school.
When it’s ok for a child to take Prozac but not drink a Kombucha with his lunch.
When all the vaccinated kids have chicken pox, but none of the non-vaccinated children are sick, but they get sent home.
When they keep mandating more and more vaccines and outbreaks increase, and yet it’s still the non vaccinateds’ fault.
When you hear people argue for women’s rights, unless those rights include choosing proper Health care for her children.
When it’s cool to March against Monsanto because glyphosate is a carcinogen, but it’s perfectly ok that it is in vaccines.
When vegans won’t eat meat cause it’s cruel, but it’s all good that vaccines contain animal DNA.
When Christianity won’t support abortion, but justify aborted fetal cells in vaccines.
When it’s considered poison anywhere else on the planet unless it’s in a vaccine.
When people actually believe their vaccine won’t work unless 98% of other people also get their vaccine.
When nothing makes sense at all, you know you are living in a completely brainwashed, corporate run society.
~ By Landee Crier
Allyson McQuinn, DMH, has been studying Heilkunst and Homeopathic Medicine for 12 years since her son was born 2 months prematurely. He later was diagnosed with chronic constipation, ADHD and Autism which led her on a mission to source out the root cause of his ills. As a result of curing his diseases through Heilkunst Medicine in 4 short months, easily with no recurrence, she wrote a book to tell her story entitled, The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing.Allyson left her lucrative Financial Advisor position to pursue Heilkunst Medicine by becoming a Physician. She is now doing her Post Graduate degree with The Novalis Institute in California with Steven Decker, scholar of the romantic era and the keystones of principled medicine through Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, and Samuel Hahnemann.Allyson lives with her husband, Jeff Korentayer, DMH, and her two amazing children on her Hobby Farm just west of Ottawa. She travels and lectures between busy days serving patients in her Clinic and working with her horses.

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