July 2017 Newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter

Jeff and I are so excited to finally be home. It’s actually funny to hear ourselves say those words after living on the road as digital nomads for 2+ years. Sometimes you have to drive and live in three countries to know that where you started from is actually your home!

We have 2 acres on a peninsula in a little haunt called Clifton Royal, New Brunswick. There is one pub, friends and family who love us here and a ferry landing within 2 km from our front door. We hope to actually have a front door well before you receive this.

We’re building a tiny home. That’s right, we’ll have a 12’ X 24’ house, not counting the two lofts. We’ve loved living so minimally the last 3 years with just one large suitcase and a box or two of kitchen supplies, supplements and an array of wires, a Vonage phone and an internet extender that we’ve decided that we want to stay living tiny to fit our economy of scale. Why spend time cleaning, maintaining and paying bills when you can be outdoors in the garden or studying epistemology. Right?!


Our land is a cleared plot in the bush that will require much work to bring it to a tamed state of grace. We envision solar power, a composting toilet and using our gray water in our permaculture gardensNew Brunswick, a gazing/meditation pond and a natural swimming hole just beyond the trees. I’m in the throes of building a raised garden/greenhouse with my very good friend, Marla, that will be impenetrable to the deer and her wiley herd of goats.

We’re so excited to be micro homesteaders here in N.B. for the summer months and also live in Mexico for the Winter from November through to April. If someone told me twenty-five years ago that I’d get to live the life of my dreams, someday, I would have told you that you’re completely loco. I was suffering so much with a whole myriad of symptoms and working in a job that I detested.

I attribute my own Heilkunst treatment for helping me to remove enough shocks, traumas and limiting beliefs for me to realize my own goals. I consciously created these outcomes and I’m thrilled to know that the days of self-sabotage are finally gone. What a wild ride!  As a result, we get to help others do precisely the same thing in their own lives.

If you read on this month, you’ll find out more about some of the amazing individuals we had the pleasure to meet on our journey across Canada, down through the Western States and into Mexico for the Winter. Also, Jeff has written a piece that will help to illuminate how you can arrive at your own place of grace and resonance by burning off the reasons for the dissonant content that makes you feel like you’re not good enough to achieve your goals and dreams.

11 thoughts on “July 2017 Newsletter

  1. Your homestead sounds and looks beautiful and peaceful. Congratulations! I live in 400’sq in the summer and 460’sq in Florida in the winter. A place to sleep, eat and shower and a spot to read inside and outside meets my basic needs. I’ve lived in small spaces for 15 years. I love not having to do housework!! Enjoy your lovely surroundings.

  2. So cool Mariette! You so get it. Living minimally for so many years, now too, I couldn’t go back to getting a home just to fill up with stuff. I’m so happy in my little spaces … less barriers between me and mother nature. Warmest, Ally

  3. Thanks Natasha … We’re truly having a blast. Don’t want it to be finished too soon! Solar is ready to be installed this weekend.

  4. Hi Alyson, so happy to see your back closer to NB 🙂 so happy for you and Jeff as well to be building this tiny home in an area so beautiful.
    Perhaps we’ll meet again when you get settled, would love to see you. Take care! Looking forward to seeing the progress as well. Lots of love to you.

  5. A piece of heaven!! How lovely. All the best to you and Jeff with this new adventure and the freedom it will no doubt bring to you both.

  6. Thanks Connie. Yes, it is such a stunning region for sure. I think travelling for 3 years gave me an even better appreciation for “home.” We’ll be heading back to Mexico for six months over the Winter in November, our second home. How are your plans coming on your side of the peninsula? Much Love, Ally

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