Life Is So Good!

August 2017 Newsletter

My hope is that this missive finds you well and enjoying the last weeks of summer. 

Early morning fog burning off the Kennebecasis River

It finally warmed up and stopped raining here in Maritime Canada and we made it into the brackish waters of the Kennebecasis River for many swims. Building our Tiny House and clearing our land of many fallen trees and brush has been a big job. You should see us working together with the chainsaw and axe to get our Fall/Spring supply of wood to cut and dried before the season. We’re both much fitter and leaner from all the physical work!

Casa Pequeña both inside and out

We’re expecting six loads of clean fill in the next few weeks in order to start working on leveling the hill that we’re on for our food forest. We’ve already got some raspberry bushes, lavender, mint and wild roses planted. I’m (Ally) in seventh heaven with being able to craft my own land into a rejuvenating ecosystem. The plan is to have enough flowering plants and fruit trees in order to sustain a number of hives of bees. It’s a work in progress and we’re learning much about permaculture principles.

This week, the solar array is being installed. We’ve been doing most of the work ourselves with the help of our friends, however, we’ve found an electrician who works with her carpenter husband to get the solar panels mounted on the roof and the battery, charger and inverter installed.

The view looking up from the Kennebecasis towards our densely treed property

We’ll be putting in the 120 amp wiring ourselves as our friend, Marla, worked for Bell Canada in Toronto and wired houses and offices with fibre-op for decades. Thankfully Diane is keeping the front lines at Arcanum in toe as we’ve literally been jumping in our clinic seats after a quick hosing off in the shower!

We’re pretty excited as later this month, our children are coming for a visit with their partners. It’s been 3 years since were all together and we can not wait to spend the week together. There will be a good ol’ lobster boil, bonfires and sausage roasts for sure!

We’re heading up to the Tiny House for the evening. Jeff has promised to play his classical guitar for me as the sun goes down. Life is so good!

Allyson McQuinn, DMH, has been studying Heilkunst and Homeopathic Medicine for 12 years since her son was born 2 months prematurely. He later was diagnosed with chronic constipation, ADHD and Autism which led her on a mission to source out the root cause of his ills. As a result of curing his diseases through Heilkunst Medicine in 4 short months, easily with no recurrence, she wrote a book to tell her story entitled, The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing.Allyson left her lucrative Financial Advisor position to pursue Heilkunst Medicine by becoming a Physician. She is now doing her Post Graduate degree with The Novalis Institute in California with Steven Decker, scholar of the romantic era and the keystones of principled medicine through Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, and Samuel Hahnemann.Allyson lives with her husband, Jeff Korentayer, DMH, and her two amazing children on her Hobby Farm just west of Ottawa. She travels and lectures between busy days serving patients in her Clinic and working with her horses.

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