The Functional Nature of a Healing Reaction


This month, we’re focused on helping you to understand, more deeply, the functional nature of a healing reaction. It is not a side effect, or symptoms of a chronic disease matrix, it tells a story of resolution and healing. It is the revealed inner anatomy for how, and why, you created the resonance for this physical suffering at the level of your consciousness in the first place! It’s the opportunity to know the nature of your disease pattern, the core etiology, so you don’t orchestrate the same act of beguiling oscillation twice.

I suffered the most amazing healing reactions when I first came to Heilkunst Medicine. They were so stellar, I wrote a whole book about them, “The Path To Cure” which you can listen to for FREE at


It is fair to say that I wasn’t half the woman that I was meant to be and so when I started to take the homeopathic remedies on the law of cure, like cures like, it was very much like the feeling of an elastic band snapping wildly back into form, a semblance of health and grace that I’d never been.

Every individual is downloaded with a blueprint for cure. DaVinci actually illustrated this best through his Vitruvian Man. If we’ve been weighed down with blockages to our cure with timeline traumas of a physical and emotional nature and a host of genetic miasms, not only is it difficult to self-actualize, but it can feel like you’re pushing a physical burden up a steep gravel incline. It’s tough to get a healthy purchase.

Since I’d been so far off track for so long, my own personal blueprint was in shambles. I’d been suffering symptoms of fibromyalgia, psoriasis, sinus infections, migraines and chronic fatigue. When I started Heilkunst treatment my life force reacted like we just hit all 10 Six Flags roller coaster theme parks. The ride was pretty wild.

My essential blueprint felt like it had a hidden agenda and was going to take my current physical and psychic diseased self to my healthy place as expediently as possible, “do not stop at Go and do not collect $200!” Clearly I was part of a secret agenda that I didn’t seem to know about and the roller coaster had left the station with me on it … numb and blindfolded. To say the least, it we quite destabilizing.

The problem was, it was like being whipsawed around the corners and over the hills. My own practitioner suggested that I use the olfactory method, as per Dr. Hahnemann the founder of Homeopathic principles, and just sniff my remedies in the bottle for a number of days and then in a couple of weeks, I could start taking them orally again. Dr. Hahnemann had to do the same with little kids, some elderly patients and those super sensitive, like me.

In my case, it also had to do with my lack of ontic (short for ontological organization) which is a fancy word used to refer to our sense of self, autonomy, sovereignty and discernment. Since I was so weak, physically and etherically (memory, creativity, resourcefulness, artistry) I’d never properly downloaded the sense of my own self or my true desire function (astral body). My “I” was in a state of carnage and mostly cobbled together with masking tape and some ideas of what others had expected of me.

I was so full of Cancer (breast tumor and migraines), Medorrhinum (Sinusitis) and Syphilis (insidious self-destructive tendencies and Fibromyalgia) that I could only guess at an essential self. I know that I was a very challenging patient, but I was scared of the power in those little bottles and paper remedies! However, in a matter of a few short months, something so primal, so juicy, so rarified, began to download in me after each disease matrix that we destroyed.

My health and well-being was somehow being bolstered. I was more creative, full of mischief, energy and verve. I started to see colors and shapes in a 3D way I never imagined prior. It was like suddenly being able to see! I began to journal and write poetry like I did when I was much younger. Over time, I began to be less angry and irritable with my kids and husband. I found that I could pause and take a breath before reacting, to determine the consequences which caused me to be less hysterical and reactive.

I was suddenly writing reams of prose. Chapters to books were crystallizing in my mind on a weekly basis. I was asked to speak at the Canadian Homeopathic Association on my son’s burgeoning exodus from the Autism Spectrum . I began to contribute my musings regularly to the Heilkunst Journal and then to other publications in the field of health in both Canada and the U.S. I began to fall in love with my life and decided to study Heilkunst. By this time, my Autistic son was no longer in the spectrum. With my increasing health, I could actually begin to focus on the things I might like to do and be! I got off the roller coaster for disease and the huge healing reactions abated.

That was almost 20 years ago now. I just had a patient, last month, report that his initial healing reaction was really big. I pulled back on his dropper bottles, suggesting he just sniff them instead and also hold off on the timeline rx until things stabilized. I had the thought that obviously the Universe has some big plans for this fellow too and it isn’t in the business of serving his diseases anymore. Like me, he may be on the giddy up plan!

Note: Those individuals who have more subtle healing reactions are not an indication that they’re not also curing or finding their path to cure. As mentioned above, I was really sick and far off my own, personal intended path. You just may be closer to yours, even in ill health, than I was.


Big Hearted Love,

Ally and Jeff

(Excerpted from September 2016 Newsletter)

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Medhorrinum; Bursting Forth In Manic Extremes!









My Medhorrinum story from this morning!

I was on my way to my fitness class this morning and the instructor and I bumped into each other in the hall. She cited that she felt frazzled after visiting her adult daughter. She raced on to tell me that her daughter has a very large pocket of fat on her upper arm that is currently inflamed, bleeding and draining pus (sorry). She cited that she guesses that her daughter will need to go for surgery to have the mass removed. I just stood quietly as she went on to describe how her daughter is often all over the place, living from a “place of extremes” as she is frantically searching for a new home.

At this point, I explained how she’d dropped a number of very clear clues as to the root cause of her daughter’s physical and mental ills.  I let her know that the Genetic Miasm, Medhorrinum, corresponds to Spring where you’ll see eruptions like tumours, fatty deposits, ganglions, warts, right sided earaches, etc. I went on to describe the individual as hurried and often operating manically, out of gestures of extremes. Their highs and lows range from mania to depression. The problem is that if you mechanistically cut out the abscessing fatty deposit, you do nothing to address the underlying cause; the state of mind. It will just be a matter of time before the symptoms find another way to express themselves in more raucous displays of sycosis. I also let her know that, over time, the issues can show up as glaucoma, arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, heart disease and stroke.

I then let it go and joined the others in the class. I had a copy of my book, “The Path To Cure,” in the car and I left this with her. Perhaps I’ll have the pleasure of meeting her daughter and helping to start to shrink that fatty deposit on her arm after we address the weeping (Pyrogenium, Phosphorous, Calendula). Simultaneously, I know that she will also begin to feel calmer, executing her desires with more ease and grace. The other great thing is that we’d shut down the predisposition for the disease to exhibit multiple pathic off-shoots that could sadly arrest her longevity over time.

FAQ on Homeopathic Immunization, Part two

What else can be done to ensure a child’s healthy immune system? (ie the difference between specific and general immunity).

The unfortunate training for patients to expect a “magic bullet” of immunity has been one of the worst side effects of the vaccination program. While developing a range of specific immunity factors is important, the general immune system is much more important, and has a tendency to be ignored when so much emphasis is placed on acquiring specific immunity through vaccines. The full range of factors related to diet, lifestyle, and everything which takes a sustained effort on the part of the family is what is required for a strong general immunity. In the long run, it is the more valuable side of immunity to work on, as it is what protects us even in the face of “brand new” pathogens which have never been experienced before.




How do you go about treating a condition such as autism?

This is a complex topic, but a basic key to this answer has to do with understanding the difference between a “condition label”, versus a true disease diagnosis. The condition label of “autism” may have a certain general utility in identifying the general characteristics of such a broad-ranging phenomenon, but it does virtually nothing in understanding what is the unique treatment plan needed in each individual case. As I often say, the condition label hides a lot more than it reveals, and if not careful, the practitioner may be tempted to try more a more generic treatment plan out of lack of time or energy to properly investigate the unique case in front of them.

How does Heilkunst look at the genetic tendency to disease in a given child, in order to assess how they might react to a conventional vaccine?

In parallel with considering the core concept of resonance, the factor of the genetic inheritance of diseases in the family tree needs to be acknowledged. The fact that some children have a strong family history of the ‘Sycotic’ miasm (related to conditions such as heart disease and stroke in the family history, for example), predisposes them to have a greater likelihood for having a stronger reaction to a vaccine. When considering the family health history of a given child, I will explain this to parents where there is such a strong Sycotic history in their family, and the greater likelihood that their child would suffer an adverse reaction to a conventional vaccine.

Like A Page Straight Out Of The Textbook

I had a patient last week who illustrated in very precise terms that he was exactly where we expected on the therapeutic map of Heilkunst. I’ve periodically written about the chronic miasms, as they appear seasonally, and their cycle is always displayed by patients once they complete treatment of their shocks and traumas. What often happens, is that when a patient has finished processing a given miasmatic remedy, their life force will start to try to tackle the following miasm in the sequence. It does this, unfortunately, without the benefit of the remedy, and so instead of producing a curative effect, it creates a flare-up of symptoms related to that miasm.

My patient last week went precisely into such a cycle, and was complaining about some unusual symptoms he had been having in his left leg. When he was done recounting his symptoms, I read to him from the materia medica all of the leg symptoms which appear in the next miasmatic remedy he was due for, and it was almost as if I was reading what he had described to me back to him verbatim.

No one enjoys suffering symptoms, but what a relief it is to verify that the patient is precisely where they are supposed to be on the therapeutic map! He was also relieved, and reassured that he was actually responding to the remedies, and moving from one layer to the next in sequence.

This is not at all an unusual experience inside the consult room, but this one particularly struck me in terms of how close in wording the patient’s language was to the materia medica. Talk about having the disease image handed over to me on a silver platter!

A look at this season’s chronic miasm : Sycosis (Medorrhinum)

I periodically touch down into the materia medica of the chronic miasms (inherited disease tendencies), and today is the perfect time to have a look at the Sycotic miasm, which is best known through the remedy Medorrhinum. The 8 universal chronic miasms map out over the 4 seasons of the year, 1 pair per season. The Spring Equinox marks the time of year when the daylight will start to overtake the night, and the many implications for new life and rebirth abound through nature.

This time of incredible manic expansion of life is the natural home for this miasm. Medorrhinum is full of extremes in all forms of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Here in Saint John, we are already seeing the seasonal extremes of this time of year — last week we enjoyed a couple of sunny 27°C days, while a grey, wet, cold weekend has led to a waking temperature this morning of minus 17°C with the windchill! This miasm is a strong root behind medical conditions such as bi-polar disorder, allergic asthma, and 3D skin conditions, such as warts or skin tags. It is also a very strong factor behind family histories which contain any forms of heart disease.

The general theme running through all the symptoms of this miasm is of an expansion caught by a restriction, which either causes pain, swelling, or inflammation, and a tendency towards exploding outward. In terms of the mental-emotional state and behaviour of this miasm, there are many extremes. Extremes of behaviour and mood punctuate a characteristically brilliant but unpredictable personality, as is often portrayed in the lives of certain creative artists. Aggression and even cruelty are not foreign to this state.

As an artistic impression, you could say that Medorrhinum is represented by the city of Las Vegas — the hometown of “sex, drugs, and rock ’n roll” — where every impulse and wish can be granted, no matter how perverse. It’s interesting that the expression “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” actually represents the emotional aspect of this state of mind. The case study I wrote about last month is an illustration of this state of mind of a guilty feeling which was hidden away inside a little girl.

A drive towards having extremely exciting experiences is characteristic of this miasm. Whether pressing down on the accelerator further than usual on a sunny day with the volume on the radio turned up, engaging in “extreme” and dangerous sports, or pursuing forbidden or perverse sexual experiences, you will recognize this same underlying theme. There is a degree of ‘armoring’ within the medorrhinum state which is attempting to break through at the hand of these types of extremes.

As with all of the chronic miasms, once you understand its most essential characteristics, it becomes relatively easy to identify it as the root of so many varied physical and mental-emotional symptoms. As part of an effective system of medicine, understanding the roots is so much more important than trimming the leaves or branches.

“Mommy, Am I Too Young To Go To Jail?”

Early in my practice, I was treating a family where I learned a lot about putting the remedies that I had learned in school into real-world practice. The young daughter of this family had a peculiar obsession, which was that she had done something wrong, and would repeatedly ask her mother if she was too young to be put in jail. Some incident had happened in her Kindergarten class which triggered this feeling of guilt, but it escalated over time, even though the incident was relatively minor (in objective terms).


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I was perplexed, as I keep giving her different potencies of the homeopathic remedy Lachesis, but nothing changed for her regarding this feeling of guilt. Lachesis, by the way, is the primary remedy we use for unresolved feelings of guilt, as related to underlying issues of self-esteem and self-worth. The law of cure being what it is, when the similar remedy is given the the patient at the right time in the right potency, the disease state is annihilated.

So why wasn’t this remedy working? In my inexperienced state, I assumed that I had the right remedy, but hadn’t hit a high enough potency yet. In fact, what I discovered further along in her treatment, when we got into treating her chronic miasms (inherited disease tendencies from the family tree), is that we hit upon the cure for her guilt state when we treated for her Sycotic miasm. I had known this remedy relatively well, but I hadn’t known the emotional side of it too intimately until I saw the resolution in this little girl. The emotional state of the Sycotic miasm also contains a type of guilt, but one which is different from the Lachesis guilt — this guilt has more of a basis in an immoral feeling, in the sense of having done something “bad” or immoral, as opposed to the Lachesis feeling of being inferior.

The instantaneous disappearance of this state of mind and behaviour in this girl, once she was given the correct remedy, was a great early experience for cementing the differential between these two remedies firmly into my mind’s eye. It also gave me a good general lesson about not favouring certain remedies because of some bias on my part, but to always remain open to different possibilities with each unique patient. The deep participation of each patient is what makes an accurate diagnosis possible, and the human tendency towards lazy short cuts and assumptions will always get in the way.

Not to mention that I helped keep this child from thinking she was going to be arrested and jailed!