Worldschooler’s Summit and The Launch of Hemp Gitchies

This month (January 2018) I’m speaking at the World Schoolers Summit, here in Guanajuato, MX. They’re a group of international digital nomads who are mostly educating their kids while living around the world. I’ve been connected to them online for well over a decade.

Way back when our kids were little, I thought it was very important to expand their cultural horizons. I chose to expose them to individuals from different countries, cultures, languages, and family dynamics. I didn’t want them to think that their bubble of relative privilege was all there was to life. I wanted to mentor empathy for them. The World Schoolers group helped me to keep my vision true to its purpose.

Back then, I had to get creative as we were fairly limited financially given that Jeff and I were both studying at the postgraduate level and the kids were in private Waldorf schools. There was more money going out the door than coming in. We also had a farm, a kids camp that we ran in the summer and also a community garden where a few friends came from the city to grow their food.

We had international students live with us while attending school in Ottawa, Canada during the school year. There goal was to increase their fluency in English. A couple of them came from Madrid, Spain and also Veracruz, Mexico. The latter gal grew up in a grand hacienda with maids and a cook. Another girl’s mother had been tragically killed in a bombing in the subway in Spain. We loved on her like our own. Now that I look back, it’s interesting that the lottery of kids that were offered to live with us all came from Spanish speaking countries which is where are second home is now located.

At the World Schoolers Summit, I’m going to get into some of the ways in which we run 3 vibrant businesses; “Arcanum Wholistic Clinic”, “Arcanum Acres Publishing”, and my most recent venture into clothing manufacturing, “Hemp Gitchies : Feels as Good On Your Hiney as It Does On Your Conscience.” The latter is this year’s latest enterprise in making hemp, bamboo and cotton undies beginning with the women’s line. We’re going to we working with women sewers who’ve formed a cooperative that have been rescued from pedophile rings as well as ex-sex trade workers in both the United States and Canada.

Pretty soon, we’ll be looking for women (and later men and kids, too) to try out our sample undies at cost and give us feedback on the style and wearability. We’re so excited as we’re a small group of Heilkunst-connected peeps who already feel like kin and who’re very interested in rolling out this new enterprise within our existing friends and family. That means that we’ll be seeking folks like you to try out our first samples in the next few months.

Our hope is that you’re doing well, and as feeling fully in love with your life.


  • All Worldschooler’s Summit Images above are credited to Jay Shapiro, Worldschooling parent


Homeschooling At Its Best; A Moment In Time with Greater Consequences Than Any Of Us Knew

A dozen or so years ago, I lived on a farm with my husband (fellow Heilkünstler, Jeff Korentayer) and my two children, Jordan and Adie. Jeff and I saw patients regularly in our home. He worked from the office upstairs and I had two chairs set up in an enclosed space on the main floor. We both saw in-person patients as well as working by phone and Skype.

Often the kids, ages 12, (Jordan) and 9, (Adie), were around outside or in the house while we were working, however, they had a stash of snacks and water and knew to remain in the summer kitchen or their rooms while we were working. Often they were out playing in the 7,000 square foot barn, or out somewhere on the 6 acre property. They were fairly self-sufficient in many respects and we encouraged their autonomy and sovereignty, especially while we were working.

Unexpected Visitors

One Sunday, in the early evening, the children and I were upstairs reading in the master bedroom when we heard a car pull onto the large gravel, semi-circular driveway. I stopped reading to them as we all craned our necks to look out the window to see who might be coming up the drive? We weren’t expecting anyone and so we were curious as to the hour and the nature of our visitor’s intent.

Working on my nighttime photography for my on-line course. Not usually my thing at all, but this balmy evening in Fredericton, N.B. was very forgiving. Shot on my Nikon D3100 with my 18-55mm lens.

Jeff answered the doorbell and I overheard the familiar voice of one of my in-person patients. Some of his key words floated up the stairwell to the bedroom the kids and I were in. We heard, “emergency, hospital, nebulizer, drugs, and breathing issues” followed by his daughter’s name; also a patient of mine.

I had been working on issues of reflux with her and we were in the early stages of Heilkunst treatment. She also had been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect shortly after her birth that resulted from an 8mm hole through the muscle.

I headed down the stairs with Jordan and Adie in tow. I greeted the Father (I’ll call him G.) and then went to the car to see his wife (also a patient) and their 3 year old (Who we’ll call K), in the back seat. She was crying inconsolably which indicated a lack of respiratory problems. The first thing I suggested was that we release her from the restriction of the car seat and get her into her parents’ arms.

K.’s eyes were glistening, her cheeks red, and she was looking very stressed with sweat dripping around her hairline. G. said that both he and his wife wished they’d not taken her to the hospital as it didn’t help, they were all stressed, upset and feeling guilty and wondering, would I be able to help? Also, they inserted that they were sorry to have just come here to our home during our personal time, but they didn’t know what else to do.

Surprising Side-Effects

I let them know that with breathing issues, it is always best to go to the emergency room as that is the right jurisdiction for such medical conditions. When they asked if I could help, I stalled for a second as it was a bit like asking a general practitioner to step into an emergency room. Our speciality is chronic disease — we clear traumas from our patient’s timeline in a civilized way, consistently, one month apart by previously established appointment.

As I fumbled for a moment, not having had my Clinician’s hat on in several days, I began to think of what to do. The next thing I heard was Jordan’s voice, “Well Mom, if you ask me, you’ve got to clear out those drugs from her body as they will just be in the way of her trying to get better,” and then from Adie, “Yeah, Mom, clear the drugs and then you can deal with the root cause for why she’s having trouble breathing.”

All of us adults turned our heads to look at them both. G. started to laugh. I was still a little startled and realized that is precisely what was warranted and so I thanked both the kids for their wisdom. I asked Jeff to make up the rx for this very recent timeline event staring us all in the face, “Cort., Penecill., Benedryl, O2, Am-carb., Ars., Sulph., Nux-v.” in ascending potencies while I went to check K.’s chart to see what we’d last treated.

As it turned out, we were clearing an event when she was having trouble breathing shortly after birth. This was a healing reaction, not the disease matrix anchored to the Genetic Miasm Medhorrinum. (See our blog articles on Healing Reactions and Genetic Miasms; including Med.) I breathed my own huge sigh of relief.

We just needed to clear this recent iatrogenic event knowing that K.’s breathing mechanism would naturally restore on its own. We also talked about using peppermint essential oils and salt inhalations with steaming water, that had been removed from the stove by draping her head over the bowl, in order to support, and not suppress the life forces’ trajectory to heal for the curative rx that was provided two weeks prior.

Our job at this phase was to support the healing reaction. I also told them that if she was struggling with any further breathing issues where they felt alarm, to get back to the hospital asap.

A Year Later …

Fast forward a year and bit — K. never had another breathing issue. Also, her reflux was cured. The other amazing thing is that when they took her to the surgeon to schedule surgery to repair the hole in her heart, the MRI indicated that it was already gone!

The cardiologist wanted to have a conversation with me by phone as he’d never seen such a significant hole completely disappear before. (See our success stories page for more success stories from our patients). It is fair to say that he had trouble pronouncing “Heilkunst.”

That next summer, I applied to be the medic at a children’s camp, with Jordan and Adie in tow, in order to become more proficient in first aid prescribing. The parents were asked for their permission for me to treat their kids using homeopathic principles along with standard Red Cross first aid. I had epi-pens along with oxygen tanks and a humongous first aid kit.

I treated bee stings, rashes, headaches, a couple of fevers, homesickness and even a child coming to terms with the fact that they might be gay. It was a great time of learning and resulted in our Webinar course on First Aid prescribing.

Jordan and Adie

My Waldorf/Homeschooled kids, Jordan and Adie, are all grown up now. My son Jordan, (now 23), is a trampoline acrobat, and Bowen Practitioner, working mostly with children and youth as well as managing a staff of twenty plus. He uses his Saint John Ambulance first aid training constantly; once even for a woman suffering a compound fracture where the bone punched through the skin. He was level-headed and stabilized the limb until the paramedics arrived.

My daughter, Adie (now 20), is planning to study medicine, too. I am so proud of her as I know that her patients will so appreciate her level head and kind, compassionate heart and she will prove to be brilliantly knowledgeable in this area of medicine.

I can’t help wonder if my own kids’ exposure to patients, children and medicine factored into their choosing their own life paths into the field of physiology and the care of human beings. It certainly feels like it, given their accurate diagnosis in the case of little K. It may very well have been a springboard moment that helped to launch them into their own life paths. © Allyson McQuinn

You never know when a homeschooling moment might factor as consequences to someone’s greater unfolding in the future. It feels like my own learning has certainly paralleled and activated something innate in both of them. I love this path that we continue to share, now at a distance, but so connected through our hearts and the compassion for our fellow humans along the way.


If “Science” Says It’s Proved, Then It Must Be …

Photo by popofatticus “evening read”

If “Science” says it’s proved, then it must be … what about a science of the heart ?! When, after a long day, and their baths were done and they both smelled delicious after having put the life stock away, I’d call out, “Stories in the big bed!” they’d both come running with books in tow.

I’d light a beeswax candle to mark the sacredness of this time, take a big breath, lie down and wait for them to cuddle in, their heads on my chest. They loved “The Paper Bag Princess,” or “Tyrone the Terrible,” or “I’ll Love You Forever,” or “Mary Louise Loses Her Manners.”

Later on we went through the gruesome tales of Grimm’s tome … several times … given that they were also reading them at their Waldorf School. They’d have great discussions about the moral elements in these stories, cutting their ethical teeth. I loved to listen to them as the candle burned on.

This gesture of taking the time to connect to themselves, and to literature, now also taking time from their busy day, now, as adults. The reading was a portal into intimacy, sacredness and grace on our farm where chores, serving patients, and post graduate studies often burned several candles at all ends.

Reading to each other was never forgone in the rhythm of our day, harnessing the love of art, beauty and truth into the astral realm of our sleep. Remembering why and how much we were, and are, loved and cared for was more for our hearts than the silly wires of our brains. Seriously!

The Pill Blog


Look around you, do you know women who live out of this state of mind?  Perhaps you do too?  Have you taken “The Pill?”  Did your mother take “The Pill” before having you?  

I, myself, suffered such severe migraines with kaleidoscopic vision on “The Pill” and then a mini-stroke at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto over 30 years ago. I also developed a tumour the size of golf ball in my left breast (go to the link on our bio to listen to the FREE audiobook for more), AND I also suffered this state of mind.

As Physicians (knowledge of the spirit), it is our responsibility to look at greater phenomena that has resulted from a patriarchal society and address each state of mind that spawns symptoms of this nature. So many of us have remained pawns to the insidious forces feeling like prey with no way out, deeply desiring to find our way back to our essential selves, our divine factory settings.

It is our birthright to first fully understand ourselves, the matrix we live in and then harness the forces of nature in order to annihilate diseases of this nature that keep us pinioned. Heilkunst Medicine, using the homeopathic principle: like cures like, enables us to do this. We can say “No.”  It begins with us. Remember who you are.

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A peek inside a patient’s CoRe scan this morning

This morning, I was treating a patient for their “birth” event on their timeline. Noted on their birth was that “Mom had rheumatic fever when I was born.”

As it turns out, the CoRe scan I ran for them indicated the homeopathic remedy for treating Scarlet Fever (Scarlatinum). I wondered if there was a connection with rheumatic fever?

"Fever" by Lorenzo

“Fever” by Lorenzo

To verify, I looked up rheumatic fever at the Mayo Clinic website which said:

Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that can develop as a complication of inadequately treated strep throat or scarlet fever. Strep throat and scarlet fever are caused by an infection with group A streptococcus bacteria.

[Emphasis added in text.]


This is one of the reasons I love using the CoRe – to help me sort through more complex treatment plans, and to provide reassurance that we are on track in the patient’s timeline, and that nothing was missed, or needs to be treated at a deeper potency than normal.

If you’d like to know more about what we can do with the CoRe, have a look at this blog post : What Can be Assessed with a CoRe Scan?

Why Positive Affirmations Usually Don’t Work

At the beginning of a new year, we usually find ourselves re-evaluating our life, our goals and the efforts we are making to achieve them. Typically included is the area of health and fitness, and the lifestyle choices which may or may not be supporting us in realizing these goals.

Embedded in the evaluation process is a lot of self-talk (both positive and negative), along with the growing realization that the nature of our thoughts actually influences and plays a role in the creation of our behaviors, experiences, and ultimately, the outcomes in our lives. Bruce Lipton, biologist and author of the popular book The Biology of Belief, has demonstrated that our thoughts actually do have a tangible influence on us at our cellular and genetic levels.

As promising as this discovery is, Lipton also acknowledges the huge challenge we have in terms of having our positive thoughts “stick”, as they are easily overpowered or nullified by any number of negative messages we have stored in our subconscious, which is many times larger than our conscious mind.


Photo by Hartwig HKD “Meditation Transcendence”

I can confirm Lipton’s observations from another perspective. As a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy, I have witnessed many instances of how an attempt at “positive thinking” or “conscious creation” is eventually undermined by the patient’s subconscious mind, regardless of the quality of intent or effort they have put into their affirmations.

One part of our typical treatment protocol is to use specific homeopathic remedies to address the historical time line of any significant shocks and traumas that have been sustained. These include physical shocks, such as a broken bone, or a significant exposure to a toxin, as well as mental or emotional shocks which had a palpable impact on the life force.

The really cool thing that I get to witness in this process is that as each specific trauma is removed from the patient’s life force (which includes the realm of the subconscious mind), their ability to follow through on their goals and with their affirmations progressively increases, and then starts to gain traction. Every undigested trauma precipitates a corresponding negative state of mind, which gets lodged in the subconscious.

Time again, the message that comes out of this – and which the patient also starts to realize for themselves – is that they do indeed have the capacity to make good use of positive thinking, or the process of conscious creation, and that they don’t need to beat themselves up to get there. There are simple tools and remedies from nature which give us access to this, and assist in the release all our subconscious blockages, setting us more easily towards our goals. And now, what do you think you would find if you could move beyond the map of your subconscious blockages and into your goals?

iPad Apps for Discovering Your Creativity

One of the highest goals of health is for the patient to activate and unfold their own creativity. So many of my patients (myself included) went through the public education system, where our interests and creativity were only discovered accidentally (if at all), and not as a conscious goal of the curriculum. The healative aspect of Heilkunst medicine includes all the work that the patient does to activate or re-enliven their creativity as they expand all other aspects of their health.

The iPad is a wonderful new tool which is capable of assisting us in all forms of creative work, with many built-in or third party apps of all types. I’m using the iPad in particular, and the apps below as examples, but there are, of course, other options. It is the idea that is important here, to be adapted to your own circumstances and preferences.


One of the most obvious art forms for the iPad is photography — its built-in camera is complemented by many photo editing apps, including:

  • Photos – Apple’s built-in photo storing and editing app has a limited feature set, but may be a good place to start.
  • Camera+ – This app by TapTapTap is one of my favourites. Its camera features are an enhancement over Apples’ built-in camera app, and it has many different editing features and filters which can be applied to your photos. Your finished pieces can be saved to the built-in photo album on your iPad, or exported by email or through social media sites.


Video technology has evolved tremendously, and what can be done on a simple home device, now, is quite remarkable.

  • IMovie – Apple has done a fantastic job at re-designing their Mac desktop app to work well on the iPad. From simple home movies, to small scale productions, many things are possible with the iPad alone.

Drawing and Painting

Whether as an analogue of paper or canvas, or as an enhancement, creating visual art on the iPad screen can be a very engrossing and creative activity. Some apps include:

  • Sketchbook Pro – Turning the iPad into a canvas, with many brush types and colours available, this is a favourite app by iPad artists.
  • Paper – A simpler approach to drawing, and a concept which is more like a sketchbook than a more formal canvas like Sketchbook Pro.

Music Creation

Whether imitating “real” instruments, or creating new technological approaches to music-making, the iPad has a vast array of choices for creating through sound and music. Some apps include:

  • Garageband – Like iMovie, Apple has successfully ported this popular Mac app over to the iPad. A multi-track recording environment, and many helpful features for putting a song together which works very nicely.
  • Tachyon – This unique app allows the user to create their own instruments and sound palettes, and works through a very interesting visual interface.


Word processors transformed the way we write, whether in a formal or informal context. The small, portable form factor of the iPad has extended the reach of this technology into even more contexts. One of the more simple, uncluttered writing interfaces comes with:

  • Byword – Has a simple, uncluttered interface, yet is not lacking in useful features. It can sync your work to other devices either through iCloud, or Dropbox, where perhaps the editing or polishing can be completed on a desktop computer at a later stage in the writing process.

This is a very small representative sample, but I hope you get the idea of the range of possibilities with an iPad or similar device. The key always is to follow your own resonance function, and rediscover your own creative voice, even if your work is for your eyes or ears alone.

The band “Atomic Tom” gave us this sample of what could be created with portable devices (iPhones, in this case):

State of Mind in Health and in Disease

I’ve shared with you in previous blogs the idea of each disease having its own unique state of mind, which must be diagnosed and matched with a similar remedy in order to be cured. Whether we are discussing health or disease, the same is true that there is a fundamental state of mind which governs exactly how it manifests. There is no such thing as a ‘neutral’, or ‘bias-free’ observation of the world (which is the illusion of ‘empiricism’), but our entire perception of the world is a function of our state of mind (which is usually unconscious to our self).

Burnaby Mountain


State of mind, or consciousness, is the basis of the whole universe. “Man is the measure of all things” is an expression which is quite true, especially if framed in these terms of mind and consciousness, rather than the usual outer (physical) forms by which we measure our world. I wrote a couple of days ago about examples of state of mind in popular culture, and in my example of the Mac vs PC state of mind, how a computer (or any technological object) is not simply a physical object, but a representation of a particular state of consciousness. This is a big key, by the way, to understanding how something like the Inergetix-CoRe system can be so effective at revealing what is happening deep within someone’s consciousness — The better that the practitioner understands all that makes up the computer and the CoRe system, the better they can be at using it proficiently as a diagnostic tool.

On your journey of healing and curing, the more that you can grasp the essence of your own state of mind, the further you’ll be able to develop as your essential self. It is not only disease which has a state of mind, but also every progressive stage of health. The more consciously one engages with such qualitative questions, the greater will be their potential to unfold their fullest state of health.

Examining The Roots of Science in a True System of Healthcare

The modern form of science is built on certain premises and definitions. In general, the way this word is used today implies a study only of the material world, or what can be observed through the senses and intellect (what Anthroposophy would refer to as the ‘nerve-sense system’). The root of the word ‘science’, itself, is very revealing to its usage and meaning, as it shares both the meaning of “to know”, as well the concept of “to cut”, as in to separate, in much the same sense as the verb “to decide”.

This cutting is a function of the intellect, whose primary function is one of separating out different concepts and components from an experience. At this basic level, it is clear that the modern form of science is only half formed, as the separating out into different components is only one side of knowledge, where the putting back together into a meaningful whole is not acknowledged. It is one thing for our digestive organs (teeth, stomach, etc.) to tear apart our food and break it down into its smallest components, but this activity isn’t brought to fruition until the assimilative function completes the process, and integrates the nutrition into where it is needed in our body.

Along these lines, then, a complete activity of science can not only be built on the function of the intellect (breaking things down to their smallest components), but of another function which can put things back together — this is called the ‘gemüt’, or ‘emotional mind’. Without consciously acknowledging and integrating this into science and its methodology, the goal of objectivity in science cannot be obtained, as this activity remains unconscious, and therefore built on presumptions.

What we do in our personal life, in terms of our emotional connections to, and knowledge of the people and the world around us, needs to be properly brought into science in a way which completes this total process of knowing. It is not only individuals with a high IQ who are needed in science, but also those with a high EQ (emotional quotient), who have a strong connection to this deeper form of knowing things in their gut. This is why Heilkunst is both an ‘art’ and a ‘science’, and acknowledges both forms of knowing as part of its method of diagnosis and treatment.

A Look At “State of Mind” in Popular Culture

A fundamental concept in Heilkunst diagnosis is based on the understanding of every disease exhibiting a unique state of mind. The state of mind is much more than the thoughts which someone is thinking, but a deeper reality of how their consciousness itself is structured. The “constitution” of a country is a legal representation of its state of mind, and its culture (including cuisine, as well as the arts) represents its state of mind from another point of view.

The commercial world is full of creative attempts at marketing their services and products in unique ways, and some of the best ads play directly with their own company’s state of mind and/or how it compares with their competitor. The “I’m a Mac” ad series by Apple is a brilliant and hilarious example of this — the characters portrayed by Mac and PC are truly representative of the state of mind of each of the respective computer company. Computers, after all, are not just a pile of wires and plastic, but a representation of a particular state of mind.

A given corporate brand, in addition to having a unique state of mind, also represents a unique feeling. This is represented by any number of Coke or Pepsi ads, such as the following:


If you spend some time thinking about it, I’m sure you could come up with a number of similar examples illustrating the world through state of mind (inner essence) rather than the outer details (external form). It is the basis on which we truly get to know the people we are close to, and the beginning of a true life science based on quality instead of quantity.