What Health Issues Do You Most Treat?


Our patients are well researched individuals who have mostly been referred to us by existing patients.  They are well versed in that in many cases they already know what areas we specialize in because they’ve talked at length with an existing patient.  We love how our patients are so excited to see their friend or family member achieve similar results of health as they have by sending them our way.


After speaking with one of our existing patients, the new prospect will also generally read some of the blogs we’ve written our our website (www.arcanum.ca) and know that we’re more than just a one stop shop for physical symptoms, working also in the mental and emotional realms of health as well.  At the onset of treatment, patients will capture their main health goals.  This helps both of us to measure how effective Heilkunst treatment is for each individual that we serve.  We feel that to be a good Physician of Heilkunst Medicine it is important to take a “before,” “during” and “after” pictures of our patient’s health in our written case notes.


Here are just some of the main health goals of individuals that we’ve served over the last few months (reworded to protect patient privacy):

  • General wellness; freedom from past; confidence that I’m doing everything I can to restore my health.
  • General wellness; detox from vaccines; get to underlying cause of dark circles around my eyes.
  • General wellness; detox from vaccines.
  • To become happier, healthier and help with ADD.
  • Overall health to improve.
  • Reduce anxiety, eliminate fibromyalgia-like symptoms, less fatigue, sinus infections.
  • Overall happiness and heath.
  • Healthy and fit.
  • To thrive, increase metabolism; to feel awesome again.
  • To achieve and complete a healthy pregnancy.
  • Eliminate dependency on alcohol; get healthier.
  • General health.
  • Anxiety, rage, sleep trouble, eczema / itchy skin.
  • Improve sperm count / motility, remove antibiotics, improve back pain.
  • Restore physical capacities to exercise at an amateur level and find my way into a new career.
  • Help my son learn to focus and follow through with every day activities.
  • Better mental health.
  • Mercury detox.
  • Increase energy, maintain healthy weight.
  • Recovery from autism
  • Homoprophylaxis to prevent childhood illness.
  • Feel my best overall; abdominal discomfort.
  • Achieve best health.
  • Feel my best overall.
  • Migraine relief; keep cancer in remission.
  • Biggest concerns are endometriosis, infertility and leaky gut.
  • To be fully healthy, vibrant 5 year old girl.
  • Anxiety and stress relief (mom of 2 toddlers – oldest is autistic). Physical & emotional wellness.
  • Heal eczema, be happy and healthy.
  • Sleep! Be happy, be healthy.
  • Lump (don’t know if it is cancerous), tired, allergies, sun skin reaction on arms,  be able to focus better.
  • To become completely well; to be able to drive, sleep, eat, exercise, etc.
  • Greater well being (removal of chronic miasms).
  • To overcome anxiety.
  • Reduce anxiety, irritability; improve memory and social skills.
  • Fertility couples treatment.
  • Immunizations; allergies.
  • Heal armpit lumps; stop stressing out, clear birth traumas.
  • Immunize naturally, stay healthy.
  • Vaccine detox, immunize, stay healthy.
  • Grow! Address food & environmental allergies, allergy induced ADHD symptoms.
  • Resolve residual communication issues.
  • Better digestion, more energy.
  • To have clarity in thought and action.
  • Achieve optimal health and wellness.
  • Manage stress and anxiety, stabilize blood pressure.
  • Achieve optimal health and wellness, resolve skin issues.
  • Continued health, preventative care.
  • Weight loss, off anti-depressants.
  • Balance hormones, gain back energy, lose weight.
  • Help with fidgeting, concentration, and disorganization due to possible ADHD.
  • Overall health and get pregnant.
  • Anxiety reduction, concentration/focus improvement.
  • To live without pain, anxiety & depression. To be healthy & balanced.
  • Min. thyroid function; maintain overall health.
  • To get rid of his head traumas and anxiety.
  • Cure anxiety and depression.
  • To be fully recovered & improve verbal communication.
  • Alleviate joint pain; general wellbeing.
  • Achieve clarity of mind at all times and have more energy.
  • Resolve deep depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Revival of generation of serotonin, sobriety.
  • 1) address abdominal issues 2) manage chronic low grade depression 3) quit smoking
  • Grief; get back drive and focus.
  • Heal from autism symptoms.
  • Fatigue, weight loss, snoring, chronic lower back pain.
  • Feel better, less emotional, decrease anxiety and depression, increase focus.
  • To be free from depression, unworthiness, insomnia, constipation, fear or abandonment & rejection, inferiority problem, needing approval, shame and self doubt. To be confident and know who I am. To improve concentration and overwhelm.
  • Treat myself in conjunction with my son.
  • Reduce stress & anxiety; find root of sexualized behaviours.
  • Grief and anxiety management.
  • All around better health.
  • Detox vaccines, reduce bad foods, avoid winter earaches.
  • Detox vaccines, improve sleeping habits, improve how uncomfortable my daughter is.
  • Detox from years of using chemical filled cosmetics, hygiene products, using candles and other household toxins. Become more familiar with Organic foods, safe cosmetic products, educating myself on essential oils for health. Mange my anxiety better, control my temperament.
  • Maintain and improve health.
  • To get my daughter back; trouble concentrating; debilitating OCD and tics.
  • Depression; anxiety; worry; fatigue; neck & head pain.
  • Health of mind & body; healing.


Let us know what your main health goals are and we’ll tailor an individual protocol for regimen, medicine and therapeutic education based on principles specific for your typology.  This way you can meet your main health goals too.



Victoria B.C., Bison, Dan’s Farm and Fermenting Recipes; A Day in Our Life

"Waiting for the shearer." by Bernard Spragg. NZ https://flic.kr/p/jJWnDR

“Waiting for the shearer.” by Bernard Spragg. NZ https://flic.kr/p/jJWnDR


Click on this link to read the full article from Collective Evolution
“If you’re looking to become a conscious consumer, first consider where your food comes from. Ideally, for our health, and to improve social and environmental impact, we would choose to minimize, or even eliminate highly processed foods from our diet. However, many are at the beginning of their food journey, and so for them I suggest that they at least begin to consider what food companies they are supporting, and take a look into their practices. Nestle is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. If you are feeling drawn to boycotting them for their practices, take a look all of their subcompanies as well. Put into a visual diagram like this, we can really begin to see how food industry controls much of what we eat (if you are eating processed foods). This is why if you want to have choice over what you consume, you need to do your research. Then, spend some time at the farmer’s market and begin talking to your local producers.” ~ Sara Dubeau, DMH, DHHP
Yesterday, we landed in Victoria BC for the month of October. We crossed from Vancouver by ferry (across the Juan de Fuca strait) to this gorgeous rainforest island with tropical trees, rocky beaches and great hiking mountains. I may be in heaven!
After we unpacked at the nicest Airbnb we’ve ever stayed at (think fully stocked kitchen and a hot tub too), with the loveliest of hosts (a Sulphur and Calc. which was like looking in a mirror), we headed out to find the local healthfood store for our week’s nourishment.  We traveled about twelve minutes down the Trans-Canada Highway (which we’d taken pretty much from Cape Spear, NFLD all the way to Tofino, BC) to a highly rated healthfood store for our more specific needs.
As an “O” (Jeff) and “B” (Ally) blood types we’re seeking none GMO’d, non-anti-biotic, ethically raised wild game. Jeff found us a health food store that carried lots of Bison! Bison bacon, ground meat, and even jerky for our hikes. We also picked up some organic eggs, some non-grain lamb sausage, more almonds, some more organic tea (it’s getting chilly here this Fall), and chocolate with no added sweetener (and no, it’s not bitter!)
As we engaged with the salesperson, we asked her where we might get our organic vegetables and she suggested Dan’s Farm. So we pulled up our GPS and headed out of town for the 20 minute drive where the Redwoods are wider than both of us with our arms stretched out!
When we arrived, the phenomenal offerings spilled from the front of the store. Fresh, organic produce from Dan’s fields. We filled our basket with 3 types of kale, squashes, purple cabbage, fresh ginger, beets, pickling cucumber, dill, garlic (they had 6 different kinds!), baby greens for salad and a locally raised leg of lamb. We don’t eat any grains of any kind so our grocery bill doesn’t include bread, rice or much of anything found on the inside isles of a grocery store.
When we got home, I was feeling so excited by our finds that I fermented the baby cucumbers in salt brine with garlic, dill and some spices I carry with us. I cut all the kale with scissors into a bowl, tossed the leaves with organic olive oil and Himalayan salt and roasted it for an hour in an oven at 225 degrees, for about 90 minutes.
I also shaved the red cabbage, beet, ginger and garlic, mushed it tightly into mason jars and added salt brine (2 tablespoons per litre) and jammed on the lids. I sit my ferments in a pan with sides knowing that when I burp them of the off-gassing CO2 each morning, they will spit a bit of liquid over the sides. I keep them on a counter, away from the heat of the stove, windows or other ferments like kefir or kombucha as they will cross-infect each other and muck up the process. Similar to other ferments, you wouldn’t put beer in with red wine or champagne either!
While I was finishing up with my probiotic investments, Jeff stuck the sausage in a pan with coconut oil, also cutting thin slices of beets and squash for cooking around the pan, also a bunch of scissored beet greens. Yum! While that cooked, we started with the the baby greens salad with nothing but a hemp oil drizzle and a little organic balsamic vinegar from our stay in Quebec City.
The whole meal was mind-blowing and we have sausage left over for lunch in the morning before we head out for a hike and to stroll downtown Victoria. The lamb roast will be cooked on Monday before we go into busy full days serving patients. I have other ferments of kimchi and salsa that will see us through this week until the new ones are ready in about 7-10 days.
Tell us how you’ve become a conscious consumer and where your food comes from and what you love to make in the way of investments into your health and your family’s well-being. What are your priorities given your own typology? How do you manage this while travelling or visiting new locales? What do you love about your local market and the feeling that fresh, organic food gives you? Like us, you may even find your portions are small given that the food is so nourishing … no need ever for fillers or to resort to chemicalized, GMO’d foods by giant corporations.

The Genetic Miasm Ringworm









Thank goodness that there are no worms in Ringworm!  Otherwise patients would need Chthonic remedies for fear and terror let alone remedies for tinea (skin issues).  Ringworm is the root cause for many fungal issues in the body showing up as thrush, yellow/white patches under toe and fingernails as well as blistery lesions or round, red scaly patches on the skin.  

Some patients will call reporting that itchy burning rash termed athlete’s foot between their toes, under the breasts or with embarrassing jock itch.    Some patients will also lose clumps of hair in spots on the scalp when suffering Ringworm, other individuals will report chronic vaginitis.  Unfortunately, probiotics (which are sustentive) alone won’t resolve it outright as it is virulent and must be cured on the law of cure like cures like (on the generative side).



images imgres-1 images-2 images-1











On the Heilkunst map, the symptoms will often show up to be treated between Tuberculinum and Medhorrinum in around February 7th or thereabouts.  The state of mind is one like the movie Ground Hog Day, the feeling is trying and trying to succeed, wanting so much to get out of the grinding loop, but feeling trapped with repeating struggle, then more struggle and then just giving up.  It can be a very demoralizing state to be in.

imagesI once had a patient who had a Ringworm dream where they were trying to catch a bus to New York City.  They were in a hotel room and they couldn’t find any of their personal effects to put in their suitcase, they searched under the bed, finding their shoes, shoving them in the bag they then go on a further tirade trying to locate their clothes and sh
ampoo.  Finally, they get everything into the suitcase, slam it shut and head down the hall, a corridor with door, after door, where they describe the hall getting longer and longer like a rat in a maze.  

Finally, they find the right exit, reach the bus station, just as the ruddy bus is pulling out of the station.  In their dream there is no other bus for over a week!  It is futile until they think to get a cab to the Train station.  Then the dream starts it’s shenanigans all over again until they finally arrive to find that they left their wallet in the room at the hotel.  It is so frustrating!

The thing is that folks caught in the Ringworm loop will actually be living this state out in their lives.  I served a Mom years ago who was suffering circular rashes on her elbows and knees.  She rarely left home, her grown children still lived at home as well, also stuck in the same hereditary loop.  Every time it looked like her kids might move out and gain autonomy and independence, they’d move back in again.  She also kept going from one Heilkunst Practitioner to another until the underlying cause was finally cured.  Thankfully, today, I’ve heard that her, and her children’s, circumstances are much resolved.

If you would like to research Ringworm further, here’s a blog by Jeff Korentayer regarding Puxatony Phil and Ground Hog Day:






The Symptoms Of Lyme … and no, you don’t need to be bit by a tick to suffer


About 15 years ago, after patients had cleared Syphillis, other mysterious symptoms started being consistently illuminated.  Backache, lymph-node swelling, kidney affectations and flu-like symptoms were coming up in small group of patients.  It was Dr. Sankaran, I believe, who’d written that after Syph. is addressed, look for symptoms of Lyme.  The Genetic Miasms are not directly stemming from direct sexual transmission or even a bite from a tick anymore, however, as a function of human evolution, the disease is showing up in our inner milieux as just one more hoop to be jumped before we can know our human freedom.

Imagine, my surprise then, when I recently noticed that my back wasn’t just aching due to my nordic walking routine.  I was inordinately tired, which is not something that I typically experience.  I had a lot of heat in my kidneys and I just felt a general malaise and irritability.  Over the last 10 days, I’ve constantly felt like I did when I was a kid, with a kidney infection coming on.  My hands were also slightly vibrating, like my central nervous system was on overload.  Yesterday, I went pale as a sheet and had to go lie down while in a clinic meeting.  When I got back up, Jeff and I looked at each other and at the same time spoke the word, “Lyme.”

It’s a physical and mental shape shifter as Jeff wrote about here.  He actually experienced it’s surprising effects 3 years ago and wrote about his mental sufferings with this disease matrix himself here.  We’ve even cured dogs of it where it was clearly showing up after a tick bite in their kidneys.   We treat it the same as we do any other Miasmic Disease, on the sound basis of law, like cures like as illustrated here.

Here’s a further romp into this disease matrix as per an article I found in the New York Times:


  • Stage 1 . In the majority of cases, the first sign of early Lyme disease is the appearance of a bull’s-eye skin rash. It usually develops about 1 – 2 weeks after the bite, although it may appear as soon as 3 days, and as late as 1 month. In some cases, it is never detected. Flu-like symptoms (joint aches, fever, and general fatigue) commonly develop.
  • Stage 2 . Untreated, the infection spreads through the bloodstream and lymph nodes within days to weeks, involving the joints, nervous system, and possibly the heart. Multiple rashes may erupt in other places. If the infection affects the nervous system in stage 2, it most often causes weakness or paralysis in the nerves of the face (Bell’s palsy) or in nerves of the spine.
  • Stage 3 . If the disease remains untreated, a persistent infection can occur after a few weeks or months, leading to prolonged bouts of arthritis and neurologic problems, such as concentration problems or personality changes. Fatigue is a prominent feature of both early and late stages.


The bull’s-eye skin rash, known as erythema migrans (ECM), usually first appears on the thigh, buttock, or trunk in older children and adults, and on the head or neck in young children.

The bull’s eye rash, which is considered the classic sign of Lyme disease, may take the following course:

  • It can first appear as a pimple-like spot, which expands over the next few days into a purplish circle. The circle may reach up to 6 inches in diameter with a deeper red rim. In some cases the ring is incomplete, forming an arc rather than a full circle.
  • The center of the rash often clears or may turn bluish. Or secondary concentric rings may develop within the original ring, creating the bull’s-eye pattern. Over the next several weeks, the circular rash may grow to as large as 20 inches across.
  • Patients often describe the sensation of the rash as burning rather than itching.

Up to 20% of people infected with Lyme disease do not exhibit the rash. On dark-skinned people, the rash may resemble a bruise. In most patients, any rash fades completely after 3 – 4 weeks, although secondary rashes may appear during the later stages of disease.


A flu-like condition is the most common sign of Lyme infection, and it can occur with or without a rash. Symptoms can last from 5 – 21 days and may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Chills and fever (100 – 103 °F)
  • Headache (usually most prominent at the back of the head)
  • Joint aches (usually in the large joints)
  • Stiff neck
  • Backache
  • Swollen glands (in the area around the tick bite or elsewhere)
  • Less often, nausea, vomiting, and sore throat occur


Joint pain can arise at the same time as the skin rash. In early stages of Lyme disease, patients may experience migratory pain in joints, muscles, and tendons. In the later stages of the disease, arthritis may develop in one or two large joints such as the knee, elbow, or shoulder. (Knees are usually affected most.)


Common Neurologic Symptoms. Neurologic symptoms can first appear while the initial skin rash is still present or within 6 weeks after its disappearance. Sometimes they are the first symptoms that the patient experiences, but sometimes they may not occur until many months after the tick bite. The most common neurologic symptoms include headaches, sleep problems, and mood disturbance. Memory problems can also occur, as well as nerve damage in arms and legs. Neurologic symptoms typically improve or resolve within a few weeks or months, even in untreated patients.

Bell’s Palsy. In some patients, the facial nerve is affected, which results in Bell’s palsy. This is a sudden weakness and drooping of the facial muscles and eyelid on one side of the face. Nerves around the facial area may also cause numbness, dizziness, double vision, and hearing changes.

Symptoms of Meningitis. Meningitis can occur if the infection takes place in the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord (the meninges). This can cause:

  • Episodes of headache not relieved by over-the-counter medication
  • Mild stiff neck
  • Sensitivity to light

Symptoms of Lyme Encephalopathy. In some cases of untreated disease, the infection causes a condition called Lyme encephalopathy or neuroborreliosis . This causes the following symptoms:

  • Unexplained mood changes
  • Depression
  • Trouble concentration and remembering
  • Irritability
  • Feelings of “pins and needles” or numbness in the arms or legs


Heart symptoms, such as an irregular heartbeat, may develop several weeks after infection, but this is not very common. In rare cases, Lyme disease may cause eye inflammation (conjunctivitis).

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/health/guides/disease/lyme-disease/print.html


Wee Willow Takes Her Remedy!

Here is a movie of baby Willow taking her 3rd dry dose to clear her Genetic Miasms:






Read here, why Willow is one of our most exceptional patients and we’re very proud to know her sweet little self.

No Change In Symptoms Since Treatment … Or Is There?


Diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy and Fibromyalgia can be very difficult to treat!  Patients who’ve lost sensation in their bodies have a great deal of emotional armouring.  This means that they’ve pretty much kinked the hose to their own feelings, functions and sensations with regards to the content withheld in their musculature for fear of  the natural dredging process.  Subconsciously, they’ve become so savvy at keeping the composition of their emotional and physical pain at bay that they’ve literally walled themselves off to it.

I know, because when I came to Heilkunst Medicine I suffered with Fibromyalgia myself.  I was successfully armoured and I did not trust myself to open the pandora’s box of my own past and so I shut down the feeling of all pain, and also all pleasure.  All of these conditions are pathic (pathology) expressions of the tonic (root cause) disease Syphilis.  For more on this underlying phenomenon see our blog on panic disorders.

They’ve lost, not only their human connection with others which causes them to live from not only a place of detachment, but criticism, hate, blame and a distrust so primordial, that they see no shifts in their condition; no matter how subtle or even how great.  It is the ultimate in a lack of consciousness; especially self-consciousness.  They can’t easily feel sensations, physical or emotional.

I’ll give you a perfect example.  Years ago, I’d treated an MS patient who was bed-ridden.  When she came to work with me by phone, she only had the use of her right hand.  The problem was that not only had she lost her viability and motility, but she had always used both of her hands to engage with her craft.  Like me, she loved writing and editing (details have been changed to protect her identity) Also, like me, her childhood was an exhibition of Syphilis-related occurrences with little or no acknowledgement of her essential self or her unique gifts.  Her parents literally cancelled her out and inserted their desire program for her over her proper individuation.  This is a common theme in Fibro., CP., MS and Parkinson’s too.

Many of these patients were entirely disregarded as individuals, their own true desire program negated.  As a result, they forgot how to truly feel sensation and also emotion.  In some cases, parents of these children pushed their feelings onto the child, like stipulating that they go to their room until they can act more happily or appropriately in their view.  Sadly, I’ve seen many of these cases where the individual was never permitted to express any true emotions except a forced illusion of contentment.  The colour of their real character leached from their lives.

What happens, then is that the individual never learns how to notice changes in her own body; natural feelings, functions or sensations get replaced with undischarged content that is still stored up in her physical body.   We call this undesirable state, “successfully armoured.”  You’ll know when you’re in their midst as they will express a deep fear of any kind of change from the onset.  They will fear taking the remedies, they will fear the untapped emotions taking them by surprise, they’ll fear that no will like them any more and they will fear recognizing themselves. This is the armouring talking in an effort to preserve the status quo.

The successfully armoured patient will have walled herself off from human connection putting on that false “happy face.”  You’ll see how she’s kinked her own hose to be sure that no true feelings of anger course through her body in order to spare the others in her midst from her perceived down-right dirty hatred.  You will also see how this has affected her quality of life by keeping her separate from humanity and true intimacy with herself and others.

Did you know that losing yourself to your anger is the same gesture that follows the same release pattern for the orgasm function?  It’s the same tripping of the lights fantastic.  I can’t successfully let go to one impulse, knowing I’ll come back on grid in one piece, if I can’t let go to the other.  An individual can’t know the full breadth of love unless they also know the full depths of their hate. Folks who are successfully armoured can’t let go effectively to true orgastic potency.

This, of course, was a defence mechanism.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his book, Character Analysis, would term this “orgasm anxiety.”  When a patient is successfully armoured, they deem all changes, including good ones, as a threat.  Just as I was, I’ve served patients who were terrified of life flowing and pulsating through their bodies, so they subconsciously shut down any possibility of that happening.

The MS, Fibro., CP, and Parkinson’s patient secretly commits to cutting off the supply of nourishment, oxygen and normal functioning to their metabolic limb system first and then, over time, their limbic system second.  The limbic is a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, sex, dominance, care of offspring). They’re literally snuffing out their own rage but the cost is that they end up entombing themselves in their own self-hatred.  Down goes the grid on their normal biological functioning along with a goodly chunk of healthy feeling and intimacy along with it.

It is very interesting to me that at the first follow-up consultation, the patient suffering this particular matrix will cite, “< nothing has changed since the initial consultation.”  (I quietly smile to myself as I too said this once to my own Heilkunst Practitioner.  If I gave credence to this statement every time I’ve heard it, I would have given up my practice years ago.)  As is typical, I will go through the typical line of questioning around food, water, symptoms, etc. When we poke around in the details, I discover that about 20-60% of their issues are resolved.

On many occasion, it will be something like, “headaches more dull and in the morning now”  whereas my prior notes indicated,” throbbing like hammers all day.”  Other symptom resolutions can show up as, “waking 2-3 times per night” whereas prior, “waking 5-6 times per night having to get up and pee.”  It is very common for shifts to be this subtle.  It’s a bit like trying to watch a pot boil on the stove.  Over the course of the 28 day healing cycle, we’ll always find subtle changes.

On many cases notes, I’ve made the accurate note, “> sx improved 60%!” (sx is our shorthand for “symptoms” or “suffering” next to the better than symbol).  When I feed this rate of improvement back to the patient, they’ll typically say something like, “Oh that is just due to the allopathic medication that I’ve been taking.”  They’ll typically have been on the same chemical drugs for years.

In one case, I had an MS patient relay a conversation she’d had with one of her physical therapists and how she wanted to show her the lack of circulation in her legs, but when she goes to show her, her legs are significantly improved!  The colour had dramatically shifted from “purple” to a more normal tone.  She admitted that this might have something to do with Heilkunst treatment as this has never happened spontaneously before.  Again, I’m smiling silently at the other end of the phone while very quickly trying to capture as much as I can of her case details for my notes as I know that there will be others.

In another case, the shifts were more emotional.  I had another wheelchair ridden patient with MS who cited a significant occurrence that first month was that for the first time in her life a family member had come to visit that month and even though they always previously spoke of current events and the weather, quite suddenly he acknowledged how difficult it must have been for her to be diagnosed and then live day to day with MS.  He even stated, that he might not be strong enough to even live like this himself.  For the first time in her life, she felt at least confirmed by a family member.

At this moment, in this woman’s case, I’m thinking of the remedies in her “Emotional Support Dropper” for inner value and the fact that we’d just cleared the first event on her timeline.  It had to do with a male, in a position of authority, that had significantly invalidated her.  Unfortunately, the patient doesn’t always equate an occurrence of this nature as an inherent part of Heilkunst medicine treatment and will chock it up as a coincidence.

While, typically, the patient’s issues will improve incrementally over time and they will become more and more self-educated for what to look for.  In yet another patient’s case, years ago, I recall another partially paralyzed patient stating just before we were about to hang up, “By the way,” she said,  “My physiotherapist noticed the other day that my left hand was moving.  Usually it just lays dormant in my lap.  In fact, I’m moving it right now.”  Curiously, thinking this can’t be of any real significance or she would have mentioned it at the onset of the session, I innocently asked her how long it had been since she’d last moved her left hand.  When she cited,”At least a couple of decades or more,” I wasn’t sure I’d heard right.

After a couple of thudding heartbeats, I noticed my own hands hovering frozen above my keyboard.  In that moment, there was nothing more for me to write. I was a little more than dumb-founded.  If she wasn’t “changed,” I sure the heck was … and deeply.  Thank you, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, for your magnificent medical system of Heilkunst!  I wouldn’t want to serve a patient for a minute without it.

Panic Disorders and How They Relate To Reich’s Orgasm Function; An Intimate Tale


I recall, once, about 20 years ago a sensation at the bottom of my spine.  What started as a generalized ill ease at my core, suddenly burst forth into what felt like a black cloak over my head trying to suffocate me.  I couldn’t breath, my eyes springing wide in terror.  I watched myself flail in horror as my heart thumped wildly in my chest, my mouth went dry and I sputtered and wheezed clinging to what felt were my last breaths.  In that moment I just knew that I was going to die.

As my pores poured forth a clammy, rank sweat, I smelled the beguiling essence of death on my skin.  I anxiously perceived that this was the end and my headstone flashed before my eyes, folks dressed in black appeared to be mourning my departure and a very insignificant obituary appeared in the back of the Sunday paper.  It was all there like a movie playing sequentially before my dread-filled eyes.

When I felt the black shroud threaten to close my wind pipe forever, I felt my body (and finally my mind) simply surrender.  It was a like the apex of the crescendo of terror finally peaked and I felt a far off floating feeling come to retrieve my beleaguered soul.  Was I swooning like an 18th century Jane Austen character?  As I crumbled to the ground, my knees hitting the tarmac of my apathy, I just let go.  A beacon of calm over took me and I let go to my inevitable demise as I hit the floor.  My funeral scene went black.

As my consciousness slowly re-booted, I could sense muzzy thoughts trickling back in.  While still prone on the floor, I felt that there was no more effecting my broken will required here, no need for all those lists that defined a hobbled success for me as a unfulfilled slave in a system that required my compliance.  In that moment, I realized that I’d become a doormat, a lackey in life’s machine of work, cooking for my husband, paying taxes and raising thankless kids.  As a result, I realized deep down, I was knee-bumping (literally) terrified that this was all there was to my fractured life.

It was a moment that I will never forget.  If I’d been a follower of Freud, and the descendants of his psychoanalytic society, he might say that I’d faced the death instinct with a certain aplomb and adroitness. Certainly, intellectually, it was clear that I’d hit up against the crux of my mortality. Any Psychotherapist with ink in his pen and a prescription pad would likely look at drugs to suppress this trip down the pipe of terror.  Some anti- this or anti-that to thwart my clearly “chemically” imbalanced brain.  Most patients of this model are happy if you just suppress and thwart their capacity to repeat this obvious “disorder” from gaining any patterned traction again.

However, I’m not a typical woman of the Freudian camp.  If you simply shut down the predisposition for me to know the gnarly essence of myself, you short circuit the potential for empowerment.  I wanted to own the reigns in my life, not be hobbled on the illusion of any drug.  It is still my modus operandi.  I’m no seemingly play now, pay later kind of gal.  I’m wired  to know the etiological roots of my suffering; to suss out the cause and predisposition for my episodes of panic wrought with asphyxiation.  Why was I being smothered? 1

When I began to study at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, I learned that Wilhelm Reich, once a favoured student of Freud’s, would cite that it was not death that I was actually instinctually scared of; it was life!  My organism had never learned how to live, out of grace, pleasure and the orgasm function.  If you want to re-read my panic attack story above, again, as if you’re reading a bit of erotica, you’ll see that if I was properly threaded, the function of the orgasm (big luscious expression of health and life) would actually follow the same biological path; tension, charge, discharge and then relaxation or realization.  Panic attacks are a severe distortion into fight/flight of the biological norm for genital primacy and then true orgastic potency.  If examined closely, in this vein, you’ll see that the gesture is in fact similar.

Most folks don’t even know that this biological function exists due to the fact that, just like I was, their stuck in genital primacy having clitoral climaxes or penile ejaculations which is really just an appetizer.  My former Mentor, Steven Decker would cite that a climax is really just  a “genital sneeze” isolated to the genitals necessary to training for the whole bodily event for the earth to move, the “grand mal seizure” version of true orgastic potency.  My neurotic intellect producing the panic attacks would need to undergo a re-training to discharge the fear and terror trapped below my armouring through the orgasm function; through pleasure, not pain. This was a serious upgrade from talk therapy and prescriptions. 2

Just as a child needs their fever function to help train them up biologically to their immune function for when something serious comes along, adults who’re not properly strung through their healthy sexual functioning will suffer panic attacks and disorders of this nature as an attempt to discharge fear and terror.  If not properly plumbed, the thwarted content will hit the armouring that causes the loop for panic to gain traction and momentum until the damn breaks causing symptoms like heart palpitations, sweaty palms,  irrational thoughts and suffocation.  The thwarted sexual expression is an attempt at the biological release of the damned up content below decks in your subconscious (nether man) at the core of your being clanging against your armouring and beliefs.  The secret mantra will be, “I can’t let go, I can’t let go, I can’t let go.”

The essence that animates you just sneers out of tough love with the opposite gesture, “Do you want to bet?” And suddenly your biological damned up mechanism trips the lights fantastic and you’re suddenly careening wilding up the side of the panic roller coaster to the trippy peak with lips mouthing unspoken terrors with lips turning blue as you fall to your knees in the ultimate gesture of supplication.  It is this hobbled curtsy of genuine genuflection in your swoon that is also attributed to the capacity for a healthy orgasm function.  3

Reich wrote, in his book, “The Function Of The Orgasm; Sex-economic Problems of Biological Energy,” that, “I came to consider the instinct as nothing more than the “motor aspect of pleasure.”” When I first fell upon these words, I felt something transcendent take root in my thoughts with regards to my own panic attacks.  Could it be that the answer to my issues did not have to have the temporary band-aid of yet another round of talk therapy and a prescription for drugs?  Could it be that by retraining my system from suffering to pleasure, I could release the pent up suffocative content at my core?  Did I feel I deserved to live this way?  That, right there, turned out to be the bigger question in my de-armouring process. 4


I began to learn that talk therapy only has the capacity to access content post-cognition.  This means that you have to have the recall to speak about your history to a point of memory to leverage the harboured dormant content.  What is your armouring took place between birth and age 3 or 4.  Did that mean you were biologically and psychologically screwed?  What if there was another way to get at that content where I didn’t have to engage in yet more years of verbiage with therapists mostly sicker than I was as I’d spent years in therapy, partially paid for by the State, to no avail and was poorer on many levels for it.

At the onset of 1924, Reich published a series of papers on the idea of “orgastic potency,” and the capacity to release blocked emotions from the musculature, losing oneself uninhibited to the orgasm.  This was the basic idea that Freud had come to call Reich’s “hobby horse,” or in German, “Steckenpferd.”  Reich had argued that psychic health and the ability to love fully, oneself and others, depended on the capacity for the full discharge of the libido, or true orgastic potency, “Sexual release in the sex act must correspond to the excitement which leads up to it. It is not just to fuck … not the embrace in itself, not the intercourse. It is the real emotional experience of the loss of your ego, of your whole spiritual self.” 5

In that moment, I was dumbfounded, this was the answer that I sought.  As I delved further into Reich’s other books, on cancer (also part of my former package of suffering, see footnote 1) and character analysis, I realized how and why the psychoanalytic community at the time became limited to talk therapy and prescriptions and why I chose to pursue a full out cure to my panic disorder and the myriad of my other sufferings I’d engendered over my lifetime.  I have the system of Heilkunst, and it’s predecessors like Reich, to bow down to now in genuine gratitude and healthy supplication.  As a result, I haven’t had a panic attack in over 20 years.


1  For more on this, “The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing,”Arcanum Acres Publishing, McQuinn, Allyson, 2004 found in Amazon or for the latest 2015 audio podcast

2 For more on Wilhelm Reich and full orgastic potency , “Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage To Orgastic Potency,” Arcanum Acres Publishing, McQuinn, Allyson, 2010

3 For more on the function of childhood fever and how to address it at home go to, “Natural Home Pharmacy For Children; How to Use Practical Tips, Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences, and Essential Oils for Everything from Fever to Tummy Aches,”  McQuinn, Allyson, Arcanum Acres Publishing, 2014 or this blog article by Jeff Korentayer:

4 “The Function Of The Orgasm; Sex-economic Problems of Biological Energy,” Orgone Institute Press (copyright Mary Boyd Higgens as Trustee),  Reich, Wilhelm, 1968

5 Ibid.

Journal Entry: This Year’s Annual Liver Flush










Many of you know that I’m big into cleanses. I once did a 35 day cleanse on nothing but goats milk!  Spiritual and religious sects have been doing planned annual cleanses and fasting for thousands of years in order to anchor more securely to the very essence of what animates us.  It is the capacity to reconnect to our spiritual centre, that orgonic pulse, or God, by clearing out internal brambles.  I think of my cleanses as internal pilgrimages to “know thyself.”



Every year I do a number of flushes and cleanses on mono-super foods, abstaining from meat, wheat, sugar, etc. While I eat a local, mostly raw, organic diet with few grains and only naturally sourced sweeteners like honey or maple syrup about 95% of the time, I can still intuit liver congestion just after Christmas.  Several days of turkey and Lindt chocolates (my favourite) can cause inflammation and pain in my liver and gallbladder.

The reason for this physical congestion also has to do with my mental work and too many hours spent sitting.  Dr. Mercola rightly refers to sitting as “the new smoking.”  While I get several hours of yoga and core work, walking and hiking 5 days a week, I know I store anger and resentment in my hepatic region.  I was bred with a lot of gall and giddy up!  It is there due to deep resentment towards Big Pharma’s hell bent mission to poison the population with unnecessary vaccines and drugs for chronic issues that are easily treatable with natural law.

I willingly harness my rage by taking on national radio stations when they try to snuff out the system of medicine that has cured millions of people, including my own son of his autistic issues.  I am also irked about how the government is hellbent on infringing on our basic rights, liberties, and freedoms, attempting to take our free choice away from what we put in our bodies, from vaccines to raw milk.  Yes, there are days I wish I’d married into wealth and was a water colour artist and poet with a full-time chef and housekeeper!

I’m ordained to be a physician and human health activist, writing blogs and books about health freedom. That doesn’t mean I don’t store some of that righteous rage, anger, and appropriate hatred within my body.  While I also use regimen and the orgasm function (I’m enjoying working on that one though!) to purge most of it, some of it still gets caught in the bile ducts of my liver and gallbladder.  When the annual Genetic Miasm, Medhorrinum, rears its ugly head in early spring, my liver swells slightly, letting me know that it is time.  I gird my loins for this cleanse like I would for the birth of a child; mentally and physically taxing, yes, but so worth it!

On a practical level I get the stuff I need to git ‘er done.  I’ve already been doing a kidney and parasite cleanse the week before with lemon juice and black walnut extract.  Like I’m packing my birthing centre suitcase or my back pack for heading into the wild, the list goes something like this: epsom salts, check; grapefruit, check;  olive oil, check;  melatonin, check;  black walnut complex, check.  Here I go on my inner pilgrimage!




I remind myself again that cleansing, for me, is a way to cut through the cobwebs and toxicity in order to curiously expose more of my essential self, without all of the fogginess and noise that the debris makes in my guts and my mind. It is a way to power down the grid of my intense work life as a clinician, researcher, and writer and to re-boot my digestive main-frame so that my epistemological God/mind can power up more devoid of the false ego.  Like you, I seek the most optimum state of health so that I can do what I love with increasing ease and grace.

Dr. Gershon wrote a comprehensive piece entitled The Second Brain, on the enteric gut system and the intestinal link to common conditions like headaches and constipation at the onset, and then also making the scientific link to more serious diseases like cancer and heart disease.  We also intuit from our bellies; it is the seat of our “gut instincts.”













I could not truly diagnose a patient’s underlying issues if I could not use my gut to “hear” and “feel” what they’re actually trying to tell me subconsciously, behind the retelling of a story using the intellectual words.  It is the way a patient will convey information that will display which organ or system is most congested. I’ve got to keep this domain (my affectionately termed Buddha Belly) of my being in pristine, squeaky clean, condition.

So at this time of year, in early February or March, I do a liver flush.  I’ve been doing this flush for the past 10 years. The truth is that while it is pretty much the shortest cleanse I do, I hate it.  That is the truth! The gesture of completely letting go to an internal tidal wave, a tsunami of stones, bile, grit,  and chaff  can be very uncomfortable both mentally and emotionally.   While never painful, per se, it feels like a self-induced hangover or food poisoning without having had the fun of partying the night before.  There’s going to be cramping and diarrhea!

Every year I follow Dr. Hulda Clark’s Liver Flush almost to the letter.  The epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) and olive oil/grapefruit recipe is probably one of the most vile combinations I’ve ever forced down my oral hatch.  I know that there will be some stomach cramping, gas (that I’m afraid to pass for reasons that will become obvious to you), and burning at the rectum (use coconut oil) for a day or so due to the bile and repeated visits to the loo.  However, in 24 hours, I know that I will feel like a totally new woman.  It is a short, potent, and effective protocol.












The only main thing I change is that I delay starting the protocol for 2 hours.  I never naturally go to bed at 10:00 p.m. and so since midnight is more my natural time to go to sleep, I adjust the fasting and epsom salts dosing by two hours.  Instead of taking the first dose at 6:00 p.m., I start at 8:00 p.m.  I also rinse my mouth with a swig of sweet apple cider after the epsom salts doses. I use 10 mg of melatonin to sleep instead of the ornithine. Otherwise, I follow every thing else to the letter.  After the fourth, and last, dose of epsom salts, I start to re-populate the flora of my gut with doubled doses of probiotics.

This year, I passed two very large stones like the ones in the picture 5above and about 12 hours of chaff and grit.  The benefits that I feel and see are:

  • clearer, brighter eyes without the muscular soreness in their sockets with a formerly slight, yellow sclera
  • that slight headache deep in my brain is gone
  • I feel lighter in the whole of my body
  • I’ve dropped half a pant size which is about 5 lbs.
  • I have no cravings for dark chocolate or dairy
  • I don’t need to eat as often and less food will fill me
  • my thinking is much clearer
  • I’ve bypassed the worst of the Medhorrinum symptoms
  • I’m sleeping like the dead; deep and restorative with some rare, vivid dreams
  • my meditation is deeper with less interfering mind jabber
  • I feel more animated and happy
  • I feel more calm
  • my belly is softer
  • my digestion is mind-blowing
  • there is no inflammation in my body or abdomen

Ideally, I would follow up with my colleague Micheline Dubé for a colon hydrotherapy flush the day after with a coffee implant. On other occasions, she’ll also supply the essential oil of peppermint at the end of a colon flush to complete the process of excavation with the most profound “freshening up.” However, this year I’m away on sabbatical, about 13 hours from Saint John where she resides.  I’ll go to see her as soon as I’m back in early May and get back on my quarterly regime with her.  This is the full extent of my spring cleaning, from the inside out.
















Warning:  You must only take on any cleanse, including a liver flush, with the utmost consciousness in a state of considerable health.  I’m happy to help you discern if a liver flush is right for you and hold you through the process if you’re seeking some of the same outcomes I obtained, but it must be done from a place of strength and personal advocacy.


Heilkunst Medicine; How We Cure Multiple Diseases At The Same Time












Click on the image above to read the article, “British Homeopathy During Two Centuries”, by Peter Morrell, which provided the grist for this article.


You’ll notice at Arcanum that we do things a little differently in that we prescribe homeopathic remedies for each one of your diseases. Whereas other approaches use more secondary texts of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s, interpreting him as saying just one remedy per person. It’s been like a game of broken telephone where the patient feels the shortfall in the true eradication of the root cause (tonic) along with their symptoms; the pathic expression of their disease. I actually wrote a book just about this concept alone and how I was extremely frustrated at the way that homeopathic medicine seemingly did not work in the face of my son’s advanced sufferings; that is until we found the more advanced Heilkunst. (For more, see my book, The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing here: www.thepathtocure.com).

As you may see from the article above, homeopathic medical innovators like Dr. James Compton Burnett were applying the more dynamic principles we use and getting more stellar results with their patients as a result. Incidentally, Burnett was Marjorie Blackie’s great uncle.  Blackie was appointed Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Physician in 1968.  At Arcanum, we’ve also had the pleasure of working with cousins of Lady Diana’s branch of the royal family.  It is an honour to exact this dynamic, principled system of medicine so steeped in history.  If you too pursue the nuggets of truth, you find a whole goldmine, historically to be traced right back to the dawn of time.

Our mentor, Steven Decker, has been at the forefront of illuminating Hahnemann’s blueprint for cure.  He’s embodied a generative curiosity going back into Hahnemann’s original works, re-translating the 6th edition of the Organon to find that Hahnemann stated that you must cure “one disease” systematically at a time. The patient will then naturally re-tune their organism to a more sustentive state of health in the absence of the old engendered diseases. If you have 10 or more concordant diseases, a true Heilkünstler is ordained to go after each and every one of them without making the patient wait unnecessarily.

Here’s a quote by Rima Handley who wrote the most beautiful book, A Homeopathic Love Story; The Story Of Samuel And Melanie Hahnemann, describing Hahnemann’s more advanced approach to Heilkunst in his later years of life in Paris where, like we also do now, he treated his patients sequentially:

“Hahnemann would then select his remedy on the basis of any important or prominent symptoms… he had to be content to move through the case, eliminating symptoms serially…as he removed each symptom, so he tuned each note until eventually the whole instrument might be restored to harmony….there is extreme example of this in Mr Robert Lyster’s case, where Hahnemann worked his way serially through all five remedies…until some improvement was eventually achieved with the last one.’ [Handley, 1997, pp.65-6]”

My hope is that you can see by this quote, and perhaps the article above, that we’re not curing your diseases in random isolation.  The footing we Heilkünstlers stand on is profoundly embossed into the code of humanity’s history; it isn’t that I grew up always wanting to cure suffering folks of their multiple chronic diseases.

In fact, I never went to medical school at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst for the purpose of opening my own practice. I simply wanted to know why my son had been cured of his autism spectrum symptoms so systematically and how it was that I had been relieved of a lifelong bout of depression and a laundry list of chronic ailments through “timeline” therapy and the eradication of my Miasms (the genetic roots of chronic disease as per Hahnemann).

I, too, was simply curious.  However, when I realized in the clinical portion of my study that all 10 patients that we followed over 6 months were achieving the same physical, mental, and emotional freedom, I felt a calling so primal that I could not deny a desire to serve humanity in this way.  The truth is that if the decision were left up to me, I would simply research and write for my livelihood; however, a calling is a calling, a moment of revelation and transcendence where you realize that your life is not wholly your own, but the mind, heart, and hands of a higher power.  When I first read Hahnemann’s Aphorism 1, I was completely rattled to my bones:


The Highest Ideal of Cure: The physician’s highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure, as it is called.

1 Theoretical Medicine. The physician’s calling is not to concoct so-called systems from empty conceits and hypotheses concerning the inner wesen† of the life process and the origins of disease in the invisible interior of the organism (on which so many physicians mongering for fame have hitherto wasted their time and energy). The physician’s calling is not to make countless attempts at explanation regarding disease appearances and their proximate cause (which must ever remain concealed) holding forth in unintelligible words or abstract and pompous expressions in order to appear very learned and astonish the ignorant, while a sick world sighs in vain for help. Of such learned fanaticism (to which the name theoretical medicinal art is given, and for which special professorships are instituted) we have had quite enough. It is high time for all those who call themselves physicians, once and for all, to stop deceiving suffering humanity with idle talk, and to begin now to act, that is to really help and to cure.

† There is no word in English that adequately translates Wesen (pronounced va´zen [Quark: put a straight line over the a and replace e with an upside down e]). A wesen is the essence of something, its quintessence. It is also an entity with a real presence, even though that presence is immaterial. See wesen in the Glossary.

© Organon of the Medical Art ed. by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly: www.birdcagebooks.com


It is fair to say that Hahnemann’s precise words, “… a sick world sighs in vain for help,” and  how we have to stop lolling gagging about and, “to begin now to act, that is to really help and to cure,” that I felt Hahnemann’s voice tugging at my own ears.  As I continued through his primary texts, often losing myself for hours in his words steeped in strong, righteous feeling, founded on the undeniable basis of such profound observational truths that, as a modern woman, I was rewarded with the words of the  sweetest and most romantic of scientists.  Perhaps the following two aphorisms describing ascending potencies for curing disease, translated by Decker, will move you the same way:


§ 278  Here the question arises, what is this most suitable degree of minuteness for sure and gentle remedial effect; how small, in other words, must be the dose of each individual medicine, homoeopathically selected for a case of disease, to effect the best cure? To solve this problem, and to determine for every particular medicine, what dose of it will suffice for homoeopathic therapeutic purposes and yet be so minute that the gentlest and most rapid cure may be thereby obtained – to solve this problem is, as may easily be conceived, not the work off theoretical speculation; not by fine-spun reasoning, not by specious sophistry can we expect to obtain the solution of this problem. It is just as impossible as to tabulate in advance all imaginable cases. Pure experiment, careful observation of the sensitiveness of each patient, and accurate experience can alone determine this; and it were absurd to adduce the large doses of unsuitable (allopathic) medicines of the old system, which do not touch the diseased side of the organism homoeopathically, but only attack the parts unaffected by the disease, in opposition to what pure experience pronounces respecting the smallness of the doses required for homoeopathic cures.


§ 280  The dose of the medicine that continues serviceable without producing new troublesome symptoms is to be continued while gradually ascending, so long as the patient with general improvement, begins to feel in a mild degree the return of one or several old original complaints. This indicates an approaching cure through a gradual ascending of the moderate doses modified each time by succussion (§ 247). It indicates that the vital principal no longer needs to be affected by the similar medicinal disease in order to lose the sensation of the natural disease (§ 148). It indicates that the life principle now free from the natural disease begins to suffer only something of the medicinal disease hitherto known as homoeopathic aggravation.

Ibid, © Organon of the Medical Art ed. by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly: www.birdcagebooks.com


Did the earth move for you too? Can you imagine now what it feels like after a whole week of patients to still have their echoing words ringing in my ears about not only their symptoms are diminishing, but they’ve suddenly been able to lift the laundry basket up the stairs again, or they’ve just  conceived after years of chemical IVF therapy, or their painful facial neuropathy is gone, or that their child has spoken for the first time and their autism symptoms are diminishing.  It is a blessed thing to be anchored and rooted in principles, exacting a science, consistently addressing the root cause of disease and making “the sick healthy, to cure as it is called.”  I feel so very blessed to be able to take those reins of history and witness the exact same meticulous results for my patients in the 21st century.  Perhaps you too will feel inspired to do the same.


See all of our Testimonials here:


When Young Children Tell Lies: An Article Review













Image and referenced article available by clicking on

the image above from “Creative Child”

When Young Children Tell Lies

by Rebecca Eanes


Like the author of this article, I also didn’t call my children out on their falsehoods. Nope, not even when I knew on every level that they were lying to me. I was much more interested in how I’d not created the conditions right for the telling of the truth. I knew intimately the deep scars I’d had to bear from being overtly shamed in my own childhood. I just dropped it (unless it somehow harmed another person) recommitted to the truth, highlighting the good behaviour in them every time they chose to tell me the truth. This re-commitment built such a trust-imbued rapport that they would just naturally come to me when they felt guilty or ashamed about stuff (yup all the way up into their teens too) and we’d simply sort it out together.

I also readily admitted to errors I made in judgement in my own life. I would easily say I was sorry for stuff I done wrong, or misjudged, and they watched me make amends when I did. I once backed into someone in a red convertible in a parking lot. I revealed my angst at supper that night and let them know that I was going to call the owner of the salon I was at that day and locate the owner, which I did. I then let them know how I was going to pay the owner back (a police officer egads!) for the damage.  They also witnessed how the owner let me know that there was only a scratch to his vehicle and to forget about it and how I must have sustained the brunt of the damage to my bumper.

I feel that it is more important to mentor ethics, especially for our children as they’re forming their characters, as actions speak many volumes above dictates and words. When our kids are about 7-12, Waldorf pedagogy, inspires parents and educators to read children Grimm’s fairytales as kids are developmentally starting to derive a strong ethical centre at this juncture and they do it best from stories with clear morals by discerning so called “bad behaviours” for themselves. They will easily adopt this righteous stance out of their volition; an inside out approach. Just be open to the discussions that ensue as these romps will later define their characters; the difference is that they’ll own the reins out of their own self-governance, not from false authority and fear.

Also, the homeopathic remedy for guilt and shame is Lachesis (Read our blog on Lachesis here) which will help in cases where you, or your child, has sustained traumas from telling lies … see here: