What is the cost of treatment?

Fees for treatment are charged for each consult session, as well as for any additional shipping charges for distance patients.  Any homeopathic remedies recommended during the consult are included at no extra charge as part of the consult fee.  Any vitamins or supplements recommended, however, may be bought from the clinic, or from a health food store local to the patient in many cases.

Individual Treatment Sessions Treatment of the Pets of Human Patients
Up to 90-Minute Initial Consult $260.00
Up to 60-Minute Consult or CoRe Session $170.00 Standard fees apply.
Up to 15-minute Acute (in-between regular monthly visits) $70.00 (Note that animal sessions tend to be more condensed than human sessions.)
E-mail Acute (clinical assessment and response is required; fee based on the length and depth of response requried on a case by case basis.) $60 – $80
Doctor Notes / Paperwork Completion $30.00
Replacement Droppers $5.00
Pharmacy Dispensing $10.50 per person (+ tax when applicable)
Note: All prices include any applicable taxes and are in Canadian dollars.