How to Find the Right Physician For You

Picture of Dr. Samuel HahnemannDr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst Medicine, was a genius in our time. Not only did he speak about 12 different languages, he effectively translated in about 8. In his lifetime, he unearthed principled medicine on the basis of law, Like Cures Like, and he wrote the Organon of Heilkunst Medicine (the bible of principled medicine) The Organon der Heilkundeand volumes on chronic diseases joining the phenomenological dots as they were laid down by nature. Every ounce of what he observed and wrote about at the turn of the 19th Century is still true today. He was a sound man of logic and meticulous scientific observation whose methods are strictly used in Homeopathic Pharmacies around the world and the offices of Heilkunst Physicians, who because of him, know how to cure disease as opposed to just suppressing or palliating symptoms.

Dr. Hahnemann was once asked by a Prince about how he should choose his own Physician (which literally means “Knowledge of the Physis” or “Knowledge of the Spirit.”) It is most enlightening to first hear what he said are not desirable characteristics to be found a Physician.

“See: by half past four in the morning he is in his carriage, for this morning he has thirty visits to pay to patients. His horses foam with the rapidity of the pace, and have to be changed for fresh ones in a few hours. Whilst he drives along he is seen to bend in deep meditation over a long clearly written list, wherein the names and abodes of the patients who are sighing for him, and the minute at which he believes he will be at each of them, are carefully marked. He looks at his watch which indicates the seconds, he calls out to the coachman who instantly draws up. Out he jumps, says a few words to his servant and runs up the stairs. Doors fly open at his approach, three steps bring him to this patient’s side. He feels his pulse, asks him a couple of questions, and without waiting a reply he calls for pen, ink, and paper: and after deep reflection for two seconds in his chair he suddenly dashes off the complex prescription, politely hands to the patient for his uninterrupted use with a few solemn words, rubs his hands together makes his bow and disappears, in order to be with another patient six seconds afterwards, on whom also he bestows his two minutes of advice; for his presence is in such great request that he is perfectly unable to devote a longer period to each patient.”¹

Next, Dr. Hahnmann goes into detail about the character structure of a “sound” physician.

“Search for some plain man of sound common sense, who takes great pains to ascertain the truth of all he hears and says, and does not merely look to its passing muster, who knows how to give clear and condensed information respecting everything that belongs to his art, and never obtrudes his opinion unasked or at an improper time, and who is no stranger to everything else important for man as a citizen of the world to know. More especially let the man you choose be one who does not shew temper nor get angry, except when he beholds injustice, who never turns away unmoved from any except flatterers, who has but few friends but these men of sterling principle, who listens attentively to the complaints of those who seek his aid, and does not pronounce an opinion without mature reflection, who prescribes but few, generally single, medicines in their natural state, Mortar and Pestlewho keeps out of the way until he is sought for, who is not silent respecting the merits of his colleagues, but does not praise himself; a friend to order, quiet and beneficence.”²

¹The Lesser Writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, R. E. Dudgeon, Reprint Edition 1999, from the notes of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Paris 1841, The Friend of Health, pg. 238.

²The Lesser Writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, R. E. Dudgeon, Reprint Edition 1999, from the notes of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Paris 1841, The Friend of Health, pg. 241.

Autism: The Condition of the 21st Century

Photo by hepingting “Autism”

Cancer is on its way out. Even the Canadian Breast Cancer Network concurs that there is a 25% reduction in the incidence of this disease. Well, they will tell you it is due to better screening and treatment protocols, however, Allopathic Medicine has never been able to treat Cancer effectively either preventatively or through using Chemical Warfare. In most cases patients died of toxic sepsis as opposed to the effects of the disease itself. The truth is that the number of cases of Cancer is declining as a function of our evolution. Just ask yourself, “Where did Leprosy or Tuberculosis go?” It is the same phenomenon.

The reason for this is that we are leaving a group soul consciousness. Cancer stems from the state of mind of the “unlived life” or “rescuing others to the exclusion of self.” It is a skewed Christ-consciousness, a product of false authority, the cold war and dogmatic religion. The 1950’s represents the height in this state of mind; cookie cutter wartime homes, Leave it to Beaver, and Father Knows Best. A false male-dominated morality predominated as we left our farms and our men went off to work in the Pontiac or Ford with their vinyl briefcases to their job at the bank or government office. Women dressed in cotton dresses with cinched waists, beehive hairdos and the height of our day might be a sherry party with the girls. It was the post industrial revolution. We blankly stared out from the 8.5 X 11 cubicles and asked, “Is this all there is?”

Photo by Cassowary Colorizations “Oswald Mosley and Diana Mitford”

Photo by Will Will “Journée Grand siècle – Château de Vaux le Vicomte”

We are now seeing the path struck by individuation. 2.5 million Canadians are now self-employed and growth of this way of being in relationship to work has grown 4 % in this last decade alone (see Canadian article on The Entry and Exit Dynamics of Self-Employment, by Lin, Picot and Yates). More and more, we are struggling with an education system based on the old authoritarian model of education. Kids are more and more self-thinking tactile learners and only thrive in environments where their individuality is wholly honoured. Their “buy in” depends on the integrity and honour of their Mentors who can speak the language of true knowledge. Bullying the intellect through submission tactics is on its way out. We are raising self-thinkers, or perhaps they are raising themselves.

Photo by GDS Infographics “Autism”

So what is behind this phenomena of Autism? Why is the incidence of this condition increasing? What can we do about it? If you’re a parent of an Autistic babe you may be hungrily seeking the answers to these questions. You may even go skipping through this article in an attempt to find the “fix” for your child. However, I caution you, as you may be most surprised to find out what is truly causing Autism. I know I was, and didn’t realize my role in the larger phenomenon. Don’t worry, I had to face the same with regards to my son Jordan’s autistic picture, and it was hard. If you read my book, The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing, you can witness my son’s and my journey out of the Autistic spectrum and into a greater place of health and truth.

The Path To Cure - The Whole Art of Healing

The Path To Cure – The Whole Art of Healing

Most parents start by seeking guidance with diet from a practitioner, and the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Doctors in the US are doing a reasonable job of helping parents address the regimen component in these cases. A good ND will also start here too. Most of you already know that these kids suffer a lot of toxicity, parasites and gut issues due to environmental allergies, the effects of heavy metals, and allergies to foods with dyes and pesticides. While a lot can be done with Regimen, cure has to be based on lawful prescribing that annihilates the root cause without causing an ounce of further harm. What most practitioners don’t know is that the ego is not taking up residence in the gut and digestion isn’t just a function of stomach and intestines. It takes consciousness to break down your foodstuffs effectively and efficiently to their rightful end.

Patty Smith and Rudi Verspoor knew this and they wrote a brilliant book entitled, Autism: The Journey Back, Recovering the Self Through Heilkunst. If you choose to order it on-line, you will read about the amazing cases and families they have served and discover how the ego is downloaded by solving your own autistic schism. Through the treatment of the individual’s traumatic timeline, including the vaccinations, mopping up the heavy metals through homeopathic chelation therapy and then treating the genetic Miasms, you will learn that Tuberculosis, Syphilis and Lyme are featuring prominently in these cases. I won’t even go into the fears and terrors these kids often have to grapple with due to a lack of ego on board to mediate the Chthonic Realm but you will know them too by observing the process. It is safe to say we have the tools to help them resolve these too.


So what causes Autism? Well, this is a subject of my 2nd practicum to my tutor Steven Decker of the Novalis Organon Institute in California. Rudolf Steiner suggests that the ego is attempting to download with great difficulty:

“He has difficulty in making contact with the external world [autism] … He has difficulty in taking hold rightly of the equilibrium that belongs to the fluid element, of the equilibrium that is associated with air, of the differentiations in warmth [mercury], in light, in chemical action, and in the universal cosmic life. But instead of grasping all these too weakly, as is the case with the epileptic, the child takes hold too strongly, he puts his astral body and ‘I’ into his whole environment—into weight, into warmth; he seizes hold of all the elements more intensely than is really possible for a so-called normal person.”¹

Basically, what he is saying is that the children are struggling to take hold of their own organism with a healthy sense of self. The process is skewed based on the fact that he feels pushed to accomplish states of being conscious that are not wholly balanced or prepared for. But why, you might ask are our children feeling forced to take on too much too early before they are ready without first achieving balance? The answer is because we are.

We are driven by our intellects and not by our hearts. We are not operating out of warmth or our love function and our kids are suffering for it. Wilhelm Reich does not mince words when he says:

“The so-called “autism” of the small child—his stillness, his pallor, his withdrawnness—is an artifact of upbringing, a product of our total social misery. Diarrhea, anemia, etc., will soon be placed in this category too—a statement that may sound far-fetched but is not. If the intestinal function is vegetative in nature, which it is, then the faulty emotional, i.e., orgone-biophysical, development of the child must play a crucial role also in diarrhea, pallor, anemia, and so on. To speak of ‘social misery’ is meaningless, actually, for in the final analysis this social misery is itself the result of a world of stultified human animals, of a world in which there is always more than enough money for wars but never enough—not even a minimal fraction of what is spent on paying the costs of one day of war—to ensure the protection of life. This is true because stultified, stiffened human beings have no understanding of what is alive; in fact, they fear it. There is no kind of social misery to equal the misery of the infants of biopathic parents.”²

So, that is why this whole article starts by talking about the state of mind of Cancer. Remember how it is the disease of “resignation”, or the “unlived life.” Based on Dr. Reich’s work on the Cancer Biopathy, The Function of the Orgasm and Character Analysis, we have become cold, shut down victims of our own intellect and false authority. To explain this wholly in detail, would be at least a whole other article or two. The bottom line is that vaccinations, unresolved genetic miasms, heavy metals and our way of being in the world is triggering Autism in our children.

The next time you are running around the city filling lists for a holiday you resent, or separating your garbage for no remuneration for a $30 billion dollar industry, or buying into the great global warming swindle (see below), or you are feeling your life is mortgaged to the hilt, stop! Become conscious of your participation in your own “unlived” life and look deeply at what you’ve become. Ask yourself, am I hooked into a matrix without meaning? Am I living my life without deeply loving my “self?” When was the last time I took an afternoon off to make love? Do I choose to live my life with love, warmth, integrity and truth? If you aren’t sure, just look at your children, they will tell you. Their behavior holds the key.


¹ Rudolf Steiner, Curative Education, Fourth Lecture, June 28th, 1924

² Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Therapy, Anorgonia in the Carcinomatous Shrinking Biopathy, Pg. 43

What will happen if I take the wrong remedy?

There are a number of typical questions that new patients ask as they are beginning Heilkunst treatment. The common question “what will happen if I take the wrong remedy?” can be related either to concerns for the safety or efficacy of the remedies, and will usually prompt a discussion about the principle of Resonance. The short answer to the question is that nothing will happen – the body will not respond to a remedy that it doesn’t need, or rather, that it doesn’t resonate with.

To illustrate by analogy, imagine yourself engrossed in conversation at a party. Suddenly, your attention is drawn to the other side of the room when your ear catches a snippet of a conversation about you (or something that you have a strongly vested interest in) – what was submerged in a sea of white noise the previous moment, dramatically becomes the only thing you can focus on. What are they saying about me? Your ears perk up, and you crane your neck to tune in the conversation as best you can. Why does this piece of information affect you so powerfully? This is resonance in action.

In terms of the remedy taken, it will completely take hold of the organism like this if there is resonance. Otherwise, it passes through like all the other conversations at the party that held no meaning for you.