What will happen if I take the wrong remedy?

There are a number of typical questions that new patients ask as they are beginning Heilkunst treatment. The common question “what will happen if I take the wrong remedy?” can be related either to concerns for the safety or efficacy of the remedies, and will usually prompt a discussion about the principle of Resonance. The short answer to the question is that nothing will happen – the body will not respond to a remedy that it doesn’t need, or rather, that it doesn’t resonate with.

To illustrate by analogy, imagine yourself engrossed in conversation at a party. Suddenly, your attention is drawn to the other side of the room when your ear catches a snippet of a conversation about you (or something that you have a strongly vested interest in) – what was submerged in a sea of white noise the previous moment, dramatically becomes the only thing you can focus on. What are they saying about me? Your ears perk up, and you crane your neck to tune in the conversation as best you can. Why does this piece of information affect you so powerfully? This is resonance in action.

In terms of the remedy taken, it will completely take hold of the organism like this if there is resonance. Otherwise, it passes through like all the other conversations at the party that held no meaning for you.

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