How to Find the Right Physician For You

Picture of Dr. Samuel HahnemannDr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst Medicine, was a genius in our time. Not only did he speak about 12 different languages, he effectively translated in about 8. In his lifetime, he unearthed principled medicine on the basis of law, Like Cures Like, and he wrote the Organon of Heilkunst Medicine (the bible of principled medicine) The Organon der Heilkundeand volumes on chronic diseases joining the phenomenological dots as they were laid down by nature. Every ounce of what he observed and wrote about at the turn of the 19th Century is still true today. He was a sound man of logic and meticulous scientific observation whose methods are strictly used in Homeopathic Pharmacies around the world and the offices of Heilkunst Physicians, who because of him, know how to cure disease as opposed to just suppressing or palliating symptoms.

Dr. Hahnemann was once asked by a Prince about how he should choose his own Physician (which literally means “Knowledge of the Physis” or “Knowledge of the Spirit.”) It is most enlightening to first hear what he said are not desirable characteristics to be found a Physician.

“See: by half past four in the morning he is in his carriage, for this morning he has thirty visits to pay to patients. His horses foam with the rapidity of the pace, and have to be changed for fresh ones in a few hours. Whilst he drives along he is seen to bend in deep meditation over a long clearly written list, wherein the names and abodes of the patients who are sighing for him, and the minute at which he believes he will be at each of them, are carefully marked. He looks at his watch which indicates the seconds, he calls out to the coachman who instantly draws up. Out he jumps, says a few words to his servant and runs up the stairs. Doors fly open at his approach, three steps bring him to this patient’s side. He feels his pulse, asks him a couple of questions, and without waiting a reply he calls for pen, ink, and paper: and after deep reflection for two seconds in his chair he suddenly dashes off the complex prescription, politely hands to the patient for his uninterrupted use with a few solemn words, rubs his hands together makes his bow and disappears, in order to be with another patient six seconds afterwards, on whom also he bestows his two minutes of advice; for his presence is in such great request that he is perfectly unable to devote a longer period to each patient.”¹

Next, Dr. Hahnmann goes into detail about the character structure of a “sound” physician.

“Search for some plain man of sound common sense, who takes great pains to ascertain the truth of all he hears and says, and does not merely look to its passing muster, who knows how to give clear and condensed information respecting everything that belongs to his art, and never obtrudes his opinion unasked or at an improper time, and who is no stranger to everything else important for man as a citizen of the world to know. More especially let the man you choose be one who does not shew temper nor get angry, except when he beholds injustice, who never turns away unmoved from any except flatterers, who has but few friends but these men of sterling principle, who listens attentively to the complaints of those who seek his aid, and does not pronounce an opinion without mature reflection, who prescribes but few, generally single, medicines in their natural state, Mortar and Pestlewho keeps out of the way until he is sought for, who is not silent respecting the merits of his colleagues, but does not praise himself; a friend to order, quiet and beneficence.”²

¹The Lesser Writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, R. E. Dudgeon, Reprint Edition 1999, from the notes of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Paris 1841, The Friend of Health, pg. 238.

²The Lesser Writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, R. E. Dudgeon, Reprint Edition 1999, from the notes of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Paris 1841, The Friend of Health, pg. 241.

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3 thoughts on “How to Find the Right Physician For You

  1. Dr. Ralph Wilson

    Dear Webmaster, I was fortunate today in receiving a Google Alert email from Google; they found another use of the word “Heilkunst” on the internet and it was this blog entry.

    It looks as if you have a very good concept on your blog and I look forward to exploring it further.

    I am a deep admirer of what Dr. Hahnemann uncovered for us to learn; I am enrolled in the advanced practitioner studies at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.

    Best of the holiday and year-transition season to you– Dr. Ralph Wilson

  2. Dr. Ralph Wilson

    Hi, Allyson — I just found your info. It is super that you have helped your son with Heilkunst Treatment and Stephen
    Decker’s training too. I do look forward to hearing more about Stephen’s program as time unfolds. I thought that he was keeping a low profile; it is a great concept, Anthroposophic Orgonomy.

    I continue to do my best to survive in an integrative medicine clinic in Washington DC ( We are currently undergoing the Digital Medical Records transition and I am daily challenged to keep hopeful that the natural medicine approaches will survive as part of the healthcare offerings available to the public at large in the USA.

    Keep up the great work!

    Ref: …Allyson McQuinn, DMH, has been studying Heilkunst and Homeopathic Medicine …

  3. amcquinn Post author

    Thank you, Dr. Wilson. I have no doubt that principled medicine will prevail. We are ordained to ’cause no harm’ and there is no reason to compromise this in the face of chronic disease.

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