“Into The Wild”, a new Heilkunst Movie coming to a theatre near you!

I recently saw Sean Penn’s 2007 movie, Into The Wild, with Emile Hirsch. I loved it and haven’t been able to get it off my mind since. I was so captured by this young man, born into a frighteningly normal and dysfunctional family, and how one fine day he executes his plan to just walk away without a trace. He travels all the way down the U.S. Coast and then thumbs rides all the way up to Alaska.

Carving out his uniquely owned destiny, fashioned out of his own truth, Christopher (aka Alexander Supertramp) re-claims his own re-defined body, mind and spirit, which was lost to suburban normalcy. He becomes this hermit Christ-like character revered by others for his wisdom. This is a true story of a fellow by the name of Christopher McCandless (when I play with the words, I get “Christ offers son of no light”) who is a serious reader of Tolstoy, Thoreau and Jack London. These books are this young man’s guides into the dark reaches of his pain-soaked psyche and he works hard to preserve them over his entangled, perilous journey through rainforests, chuting down rapids, and months of living in a deserted bus in the middle of nowhere in Alaska.

This is the Heilkunst journey done through crude nature, the archetypal journey to truth. My patients go through something very similar, earning the same knowledge in the end; however, they do it through wholly refined, principled medicine with a good understanding of the applied jurisdictions at every bend in the road. The nice thing is that in the end, we generally get to retain life and limb … for the most part. This scientific framework uses refined nature (homeopathic remedies) and you are equipped with guides who have also been there.

I too left home at 17 in an effort to find my own true nature separate from how I’d been nurtured. I went on a downward spiraling staircase with a myriad of symptoms, an autistic babe and a failing marriage and I had to find my own authentic and unique path to the truth, just like Christopher. Through Heilkunst treatment, I chose to excavate my birth, re-create my childhood (where mothers don’t commit suicide), create a new family who loves one another out of choice not obligation, and find my life’s work through wisdom and solid principles which I could live by. The difference is that my suffering en route has been minimal compared to this movie’s character. I’ve never had a grizzly bear sniff my navel.

My patients go through variations of the exact same theme. It is like the voyage of the archetypal Christ with many mini-crucifixions on the way. I’ve served amazing individuals who faced and overcame paralyzing addictions, aggressive cancers, single moms of autistic children, crippling arthritis, infertility, and torturous emotional and physical abuse. I wonder daily at the courage of the human spirit and these individuals’ courage to “Be” … always daring to know. I had one patient say to me this week that she was disappointed that the healing reaction was so mild, this month, as she didn’t feel she had enough of a revelation through her suffering!

As each individual re-invents themselves once cured of childhood trauma, ideogenic (spiritual), iatrogenic (allopathic drugs) and chronic diseases, they too will make a new life with healthier and more resonant parents, friends, living conditions, work environments and partners. It is fascinating for me to witness these transformations time and time again. So fortunately for us, unlike Christopher, we don’t have to have our winter’s food consumed by maggots, half starve ourselves to death in the wilderness, nor do we need to leave all contact with the outside world in order to obtain the same pieces of knowledge he did.

We are a holographic whole of the divine fabric which has been laid down in an orderly and lawful fashion by the wisest of creators. And we can know it through the study of arch-phenomena by curing our own diseases. The thing is that knowing comes with tramping down the path through the heart of darkness. Its actually designed that way. But I can do this just as effectively while still enjoying the creature comforts of modern plumbing, food in my fridge, and fresh clean sheets.

There was a moment in the movie that I absolutely loved: when Christopher is speaking to the Park Ranger about where the best place would be to launch his newly purchased kayak down a violent river full of rapids (it is important to note, too, that he can’t swim and is terrified of water). The Park Ranger offers him a spot on a waiting list years away from the present. He suggests if Christopher would like to launch sometime this year it will cost him a couple thousand dollars. The idiocy of the moment strikes you blind and being in Christopher’s hiking boots allows you to look at bureaucracy from a whole new standpoint. It makes you want to claw back what has been lost from years of too much government and rules that don’t serve the natural person anymore. This resonated with me … as the Cancer state of mind also kept me hobbled too, enmeshed in the fabric of false authority. I, too, had to awaken to the magnitude of its stupidity, like its promotion of the the HPV vaccine for one.

Like Christopher, I cherish the truth seekers like Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Rudolf Steiner and Willhelm Reich. I would go a long way to protect what I’ve gleaned from these wise, principled, indomitable individuals. I can never lose their books as they live on accessible shelves for anyone with the organizing lens to see them. I too have loving mentors who firmly hold me as I go through the process of knowing myself. Thankfully, the artfully rendered science of Heilkunst will live on as a living, breathing entity independent of those of us who choose to work within her principles. We are modern day, physical and spiritual Supertramps.

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