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On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 10:42 PM, Dr. Ralph Wilson wrote:

Hello Ally,
I just remembered that my friend who is strongly into nutrition asked me how did you confirm that your breast lump was a cancer?

His father died of cancer after my friend had dropped out of a promising medical school entry track in order to learn about the “cancer underground” and thus help his father have several more years than he was expected to have.

He specifically asked me to do due diligence and see if you documented your cancer. He said that he would like to know what you used to confirm that it was cancer, though he says that not all people submit to biopsy and he would understand that. Did you do any confirmatory tests? He said that during his work with his father and later on he has come across people who make things up, or who did not document what was going on when they claimed treatments for cancer, etc.

I told him that I am convinced and don’t need more allopathic “evidence,” especially since the tests that “confirm” cancer actually only document the presence of body reactions to the imbalanced relationship that the person is in at the time.

Thanks for all you are helping to catalyze — Ralph

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 12:28:59 -0400
Subject: Re: My friend asked about the cancer diagnosis for you.Hi Dr. Ralph,It is interesting as the Allopathic model will type Cancer as benign or malignant and will accept one diagnosis as serious and one that is not. Within the Heilkünst framework, Cancer is not the tumor, but the state of mind that will secondarily push out tumors, cysts, cancerous cells or not. Thorwald Deflesen in his book, The Healing Power of Illness: The Meaning of Symptoms and How to Interpret Them describes Cancer as the ego lamely attempting to separate from the whole through an over-emphasis of intellectual thought (sort of what your colleague is doing):

“So long as our “I” strives for eternal life, we shall fail in exactly the same way as the cancer-cell fails. What distinguishes the cancer-cell from the normal body-cell is an over-estimation of its own ego. Within the cell, the nucleus corresponds to the cell’s brain. In cancer-cells the nucleus continually gains in significance and thus also in size (cancer can even be diagnosed by morphological changes in the cell-nucleus). This change in the nucleus corresponds to an overemphasis on egocentric, cerebral thought, such as indeed characterizes our own time. The cancer cell seeks its eternal life through physical self-propagation and expansion. Neither cancer nor we ourselves have yet managed to grasp the fact that we are looking within physicality for something which is not to be found there, namely itself. We confuse form with content, and endeavor to attain the content that we so long for through mere, formal reduplication. Jesus, though, long ago taught that “he who would keep his life must lose it.”

I saw the morphological content of my own breast tumor through live blood analysis. The uterus cancer was diagnosed through CoRe Analysis (Bioresonance Feedback), but more importantly I just knew it (true diagnosis comes from the Greek meaning “dia-through, gnosis-knowing”). So the fascinating thing is that as your colleague seeks out valid cancer sufferers and valid cures, he is prey to the same disease state of mind I was when I had Cancer. This is the part that wholly rocks my boat! When you take ownership of Hahnemann’s principles of Heilkunst the false “I” stops running around looking for proof and a myriad of therapies to dissolve the tumor. Once you know that disease and cure are functions of the same blueprint and anthropological phenomena, all you have to do is apply lawful regimen, lawful medicine and address the state of mind through character analysis and you always get your man, and that sometimes means the tumors dissolve with the state of mind too.Please go ahead and tell him that “I” have no real “proof” at all … and neither do my patients. I’m so good with that!

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 10:42 PM, Dr. Ralph Wilson <> wrote:

You’ve got it. You are living out what I knew that Rudi Verspoor was beginning to teach when I encountered his books in 1997. He is engendering the healthy understanding in people. You are making it work. And that feels good.

You’ve got the words that would make sense to anthroposophical doctors and Reich as well.

I’m on board. What you have is what I want for my patients.
Resonance, that’s the thing.

Onward and Inward — Ralph

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