Treatment Protocols for Autism discussion with Patty Smith-Verspoor and Rudi Verspoor

Thank you Ally,

and thank Jordan for my birthday wishes – let him know I spent my special day in Holland, and it was fascinating there.

I really appreciate your bringing up the phenomenal importance of the treatment of the mother in cases like this – the parents need to be treated, yes, but primarily the mother in almost every instance.

Jordan is the second wonderful guy on this list who has just done his Bar Mitzvah – Benji Weizman (Sandra’s son, and yes, Sandra is being treated too) did his recently as well, and I send my love and congratulations to Jordan.

And love to you,

On 17-May-08, at 5:32 PM, Allyson McQuinn wrote:
Dear Rudi,

Thank you for your reply.  I remember living this paradigm you describe, myself.  I was the frantic, terrified, Mom of an Autistic babe.  Every week I would try someone else’s piece of advice in an attempt to address my son, Jordan’s, symptoms.  One month it was glycerin suppositories and Lansoyl for the chronic constipation, one week it was putting his baby seat on the dryer to try and get the infernal colic to stop, for a year it was a high fibre diet with lots of water that just bound him more tightly as the bolous leaked down his legs.  It was Speech pathologists, the crushing labels of ADD, and oodles of micro-management techniques that only worked to a degree and then plateaued. I started to feel crushed by it all.  This was over 10 years ago in Canada, so the Allopathic medical system was a whole lot less saavy about offering gluten free diets and expensive regimen protocol.  It is big business now.

The biggest thing that has shifted in my son Jordan’s life is me.  Jordan is 13 and 3/4 now and there is no residue of the Autistic tendencies left.  Jordan just had his Bar Mitzvah last weekend and carried the 2 hour service in Hebrew, with interpretation, while studying the Renaissance and Physics at his Waldorf School.  I was blown away watching him straddle these responsibilities for the past year without a blip on our landscape.

I am interested to see my own patients, living the same phenomena that I also once lived.  My intellect ran amuck with every suggestion, the guilt I suffered at never feeling I was doing the right thing (or enough of it), made me perfect prey.  This Cancer state of mind that I lived in, pushed my child front and centre to where our whole lives revolved around him and his needs.  Actually, I’ve come to realize just how much this state of mind contributes to the Autism condition itself.  That was the hard part … recognizing that I was contributing to his pathology.  Ouch!

Now, parents, just like me come to my Clinic and request that I fix the child.  And yes, I am quick to recognize that very often the herbs, vitamins and other protocols are just masking the core condition.  Often these measures are just seemingly holding the case in good stead, however, the parents report that one slip up and the symptoms all come rushing in again.  The hyper-vigilance the parent has to up-hold in these cases is mind blowing.  The problem, is that, as you mention, it is not based on science and clear realizable principles.  It is all just another exhausting shot in the dark.

As a function of evolution, we are leaving the Cancer state of mind.  It would seem that infectious diseases are decreasing organically of their own volition.  We are moving more into Psycho-spiritual diseases like ADD, ADHD and Autism and the Allopathic machine is posturing to mop up the bloody mess it made in the first place.  It is interesting to me that I got caught in this matrix as well.  My Cancer state of mind (the un-lived life/rescuing others to the exclusion of self) actually was a big part of precipitating Jordan’s Autistic issues.  I was a microcosm of the larger universal phenomena … and I had no clue at the time.

Like you, Rudi, I feel called to study the phenomenological nature of disease.  However, it still blows my mind that the parent I used to be is the same state of mind of the parent with the Autistic child sitting before me in my Clinic day after day.  I too bowed to authority and needed to wake up, my false ego was compromised by anybody who seemingly had the answers or who appeared an iota more intelligent than me.  I had no resonance organ or discernment.  In fact, my patients are far more intelligent than I was.

Most of us were taught en masse in the 60’s and 70″s the same garbage our neighbor was sucking up next to us in the sorting machine called modern education.  Allopathic education is solely designed to create more educators and if you don’t fit the mold, suck it up or live into failure and adversity!  This is no longer the case as we come into the age of individuation, led by these Autistic babes, who demand to be taught one on one creatively, who have a hard time digesting grains and sugars (cheap cash crops born out of the Cancer industrial age), and even their individual traits and gifts are a statement of this new path of evolution.  I wonder if Autistic children are God’s hidden agenda to get us to change.  

The Autistic matrix that I lived is a testament to this larger phenomena.  Jordan and I were just caught in this transition in evolution reflected in our diseases.  I was Cancer (and every other Miasm), he was Syphilis/Lyme (and every other Miasm).  I know this is simplification, but our remediation with Heilkunst turned out to be simple, and permanent.  No more running after white rabbits down holes leading to dark dead ends. I remember,  Rudi, when you and Patty would challenge me to get on with my life and stop using my children as the excuse for not fulfilling my destiny.  You both pushed me to speak up, lecture, study, write a book, and open my own Heilkunst Clinic.  I finally get the value behind the whole price of admission … from all angles through my own patients.  

Oh yeah, and Jordan says hello and sends his birthday wishes to Patty.

Allyson McQuinn DMH, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst
Arcanum Wholistic Clinic
Heilkunst * Homeopathy
CoRe-Inergetix system

Author of The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 3:01 AM, Rudi Verspoor <> wrote:

I was interested to read recent comments about the different 
experiences regarding different protocols and products. This is 
something that comes up quite often and underlines as major problem 
with the current health field – the conventional one doesn’t work 
except in extreme emergencies, and the alternatives don’t provide any 
real way of determining what will work for whom – from DAN!, 
alternative MDs in general down through the various modalities found 
in the growing natural health field (there are hundreds), not to 
mentions the thousands of products on offer for every condition 

What parents, and even practitioners are left with if they leave the 
conventional model is “let’s try this and see if it works.” This is 
called empiricism, which is not very far off from nihilism (the 
disquieting belief that nothing really works, so just try something 
so long as it is not toxic, and since it is all probably placebo, 
almost anything will work at some point).

Conventional medicine has a very logical model based on germs as the 
cause of disease, and on various bio-chemical markers as indicators 
of causes (such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, platelets, 
BUN, etc. – there are literally hundreds of biochemical tests). The 
problem is that the underlying postulates used are themselves false – 
with a few exceptions, most microbes are not disease causing, but 
part of the body’s response to a disease and thus, part of the 
attempt to heal; and biochemistry is also reflecting the efforts of 
the body to heal – thus, if cholesterol is high, it is because the 
body is trying to fix a problem. Much of conventional medicine 
outside the realm of true emergencies (what we see on ER, or other 
hospital oriented shows in dramatic cases, usually involving surgery) 
is really the application of a “shoot the messenger” approach. Let’s 
take a typical example: a vaccination is followed by an inflammation 
in the ear, which is then treated with antibiotics on the assumption 
there must be bacteria there and these are causing the problem. If 
bacteria are there, they are part of the clean-up effort involving 
toxins caused by the vaccination (usually eliminated in children via 
the upper respiratory tract including the eustachian tubes). The 
antibiotics (literally “anti-life) kill the beneficial bacteria and 
also, via stimulation of the adrenalin system, kill any pain and shut 
down the inflammatory healing reaction (fever and redness in the 
ear). On the surface, it seems to “work” but underneath it stops any 
healing process and sets up a sub-chronic process of disease that 
weakens the child’s overall health over time.

The DNA! protocol is an extension of the bio-medical model. The 
techniques used are not approved in the orthodox approach, but 
essentially microbes are seen as the enemy and there is heavy 
reliance on biochemical measurements. Again, the use of anti-biotics 
and anti-fungals can be justified in extreme cases where such 
microbes (part of the healing effort of the body) themselves threaten 
to cause a problem (a secondary problem, not the primary one), and in 
some cases the initial response is positive, but underneath, the real 
causes of the problem are not addressed. The drugs themselves have 
negative effects. As for the use of other substances to try to 
balance what the biochemical measurements suggest are out of balance, 
such as B-12 or some amino-acid, this may provide improvements in 
some cases, but again does not address the underlying cause of the 

Other approaches are generally in the same vein – they try to address 
a symptom, but do not generally get at the underlying cause. They 
need to be repeated to maintain benefits, or they can only go so far. 
The problem is also that no one has a clear idea as to what therapy 
or technique should be use on what child at what point in treatment. 
So long as the therapy, technique or product is in itself relatively 
safe, there is little risk. However, there is no real map for the 
parent as to what to use when for whom.

Heillkunst seeks to provide that map. That is not to say that it is 
perfect or even has the whole map, but the essence of Heilkunst is to 
eventually provide the principles so that a rational, truly causal 
system of medicine can be established that will enable practitioners 
to evaluate each case and then be able to identify the necessary 
remedies, supplements, therapies etc. for each case, and also the 
timing of such treatments.

Right now, all we have is anecdotal information as to a product or 
therapy, but almost any such product or therapy can supply positive 
examples. It is not really a question whether something works, but 
how does it work (is it palliative, suppressive or curative) and on 
whom will it work. Empiricism simply means that success is a function 
of luck as the chances of finding what will work for you or your 
child is determined by how much time and resources you have to try 
the 600 or so therapies and the possibly 6,000 products out there. It 
is a bit like buying a ticket in the lottery.

Health should not be a matter of chance, but of science. Science can 
be slow, but it is more certain in the end, much like the fable of 
the tortoise and the hare. Heilkunst does take patience, but in most 
cases, that patience pays off consistently in most cases. Again, that 
is not to dismiss the cases of improvements by chance, but simply to 
say that that’s not really any way to run a true medical system.




E-mail discussing Raw Milk Matrix

As a function of our evolution, I think it is important to know why the matrix has desired such a suppressive code in managing freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. God forbid, if people should think out of their creative, sexual consciousness … then we can’t control those folks. There are only a few thousand bureaucrats and millions of us. From the time of Christ (you can see Wilhelm Reich’s book, The Murder of Christ) you will know that curing disease without causing any harm is grist for the emotional plague reaction, and raw milk in it’s natural state is considered a menace by the state of disease we live in … which is crazy. We are coming into the age of Syphilis (terror, fear, Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Alcoholism), when our insidious self-destruction will wholly be revealed and we will see if the powers that be can hold, and up-hold, the charge of health and free-thinking from the few healthy individuals that still live among us.

This comment from the article that you sent to me is precisely the reason the matrix fell in love with antibiotics, the germ theory and Pasteur in the first place – “the process of heating milk to kill bacteria – destroys good bacteria along with the bad”. It is the same thinking behind antibiotics (literally anti “against”, bios “life”). It was actually a lesser known scientist with no false ego or marketing bucks by the name of Antoine Beschamp who actually recognized that disease is pleomorphic in nature. Which means we contain the roots of all disease on board and are emitting good/bad bacterias constantly, and that the healthy sense of self/immune can masticate and metabolize it all without suppressive means. So it isn’t about kissing or licking water fountains that causes us to be sick. As Reich sees it, we should be doing more of the former.

That’s why medicine based on principles, that causes no harm, is not suppressive of the generative (sense of self) and why Bill C-51 wants to squash that by placing alternative products under the dominion of the M.D.s and the pen on the almighty prescription pad. We expect to see Vitamin C up to $40/$60 a bottle in future under the matrix and we Heilkunstlers have seen this coming down the pipe for quite some time.

I was thinking this morning that not much has changed since Pontius Pilate 5,000 years ago. If it is any comfort, Christ would still be persecuted and killed for using bio-energy to cure disease today just as he was then. And God knows, he’d have been drinking pure raw milk straight from the udder just as his father had ordained it to be. I like to think we’re in good company, at least. Health, sandals, togas (no stupid bras and panties), enzymes, good bacteria, freedom in thought, knowledge and sovereignty … it’s all we own … still. It will be interesting to participate all this as it unfolds. I’m going to stand on my little piece of earth with my Heilkunst principles, my homeopathic remedies with a big swig of raw milk in my mouth knowing it only takes 10% to create a revolution.

p.s. The curds I ate today were like eating manna from heaven. Squeak, squeak, squeak with the tears of joy squeezing out of my eyes. My milk, my body, my choice! That is going to be on one side of my placard on May 23rd when I go to Toronto to support Michael Schmidt. On the other side of my placard, I’m going to write Raw Milk suppressed by the emotional plagueyour rights and freedoms are next.

The Rape of Europa

I discoverd this afternoon that I have possessed an average, and fairly naive understanding of the history of war, as being simply the battle over land, resources, and borders. While there is a grain of truth to this, the documentary film The Rape of Europa very powerfully opened my eyes to a dimension of WWII that I was virtually clueless about. The film is based on the books The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe’s Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War by Lynn H. Nicholas and Rescuing Da Vinci: Hitler and the Nazis Stole Europe’s Great Art – America and Her Allies Recovered It by Robert M. Edsel.

The film is a re-telling of the history of WWII in terms of the systematic theft and/or destruction of art and cultural artifacts that the Nazi’s engaged in. In fact, the Nazi’s had been visiting museums and galleries throughout Europe in the years preceding WWII in order to catalogue the locations of all the art pieces that they planned to capture for themselves (For Hitler’s private collection as well as the state’s). These targets were actually a large factor in determining when and where the Nazis struck in their drive through Europe, one city and country after another.

There are many dimensions of meaning packed into this film, and I would like to offer a few of my observations from a Heilkunst perspective. It is clear to me now that these activities were based fundamentally on an assault of, and theft of the generative power of these nations and cultures. The title of the film, itself, references “rape” as the driving force of the war – a term directly referencing an assault on the generative power. What was portrayed in many instances in this film, was the incredible efforts of a people to hide and protect their works of art, often at the risk of life and limb. France, for example, anticipating the Nazi attack, completely emptied the Louvre in Paris, and hid all the artworks in various castles in remote regions of the French countryside. Under distress of invasion, an organism or nation will organize itself to protect that which is most valuable (More or less noble organs). The collective (Ontic) identification with an art collection is a function of the nation-soul or nation-spirit, and drove many to incredibly heroic acts. In the rescue operations at the end of WWII, the search for and recovery of these art pieces which were referred to as “refugees” – a reference again equating the life- soul- and spirit- containing capacity of art. Other aspects of the film portrayed the “civilian” nature of art and heritage buildings, in the sense of the generally accepted conventions of war proscribing their direct attack, and how this was sometimes used as a tactical measure, much like a hostage-taking.

There was a scene early in the film which illustrated Hitler’s desire for a purified cultural and artistic milieu – by simultaneously stealing those works of art which fit the Nazi ideals, while purging entire cultures (both people and artifacts) which did not. I found it interesting that Modern Art was purged, as it was considered to be degenerate due to its perversion of the artist’s ability to perceive and portray nature exactly. This was (unconsciously) a gesture to destroy the emerging cultural consciousness of the supersensible realities behind nature (our inner world), which is the new subject matter of Modern art (or “art after nature”). The importance of Art and its history is that it embodies the history of evolution of consciousness – and an erasing of history is one of the most powerful acts in attempting to control people (as illustrated beautifully in Orwell’s 1984). The purging of Modern Art was an unconscious tactic of the Nazis to block the evolution of consciousness from attaining the emerging capacity for supersensible perception and cognition.

The official web site for the film contains a number of video clips, and still photos from the film, and interviews with the writer and director.

This film is well worth seeing. It is playing again in Ottawa Monday May 12th at 6:15pm, and Tuesday May 13th at 9:15pm at the Bytowne Cinema. Other listings for playing times in various North American Cities can be found here.