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As a function of our evolution, I think it is important to know why the matrix has desired such a suppressive code in managing freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. God forbid, if people should think out of their creative, sexual consciousness … then we can’t control those folks. There are only a few thousand bureaucrats and millions of us. From the time of Christ (you can see Wilhelm Reich’s book, The Murder of Christ) you will know that curing disease without causing any harm is grist for the emotional plague reaction, and raw milk in it’s natural state is considered a menace by the state of disease we live in … which is crazy. We are coming into the age of Syphilis (terror, fear, Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Alcoholism), when our insidious self-destruction will wholly be revealed and we will see if the powers that be can hold, and up-hold, the charge of health and free-thinking from the few healthy individuals that still live among us.

This comment from the article that you sent to me is precisely the reason the matrix fell in love with antibiotics, the germ theory and Pasteur in the first place – “the process of heating milk to kill bacteria – destroys good bacteria along with the bad”. It is the same thinking behind antibiotics (literally anti “against”, bios “life”). It was actually a lesser known scientist with no false ego or marketing bucks by the name of Antoine Beschamp who actually recognized that disease is pleomorphic in nature. Which means we contain the roots of all disease on board and are emitting good/bad bacterias constantly, and that the healthy sense of self/immune can masticate and metabolize it all without suppressive means. So it isn’t about kissing or licking water fountains that causes us to be sick. As Reich sees it, we should be doing more of the former.

That’s why medicine based on principles, that causes no harm, is not suppressive of the generative (sense of self) and why Bill C-51 wants to squash that by placing alternative products under the dominion of the M.D.s and the pen on the almighty prescription pad. We expect to see Vitamin C up to $40/$60 a bottle in future under the matrix and we Heilkunstlers have seen this coming down the pipe for quite some time.

I was thinking this morning that not much has changed since Pontius Pilate 5,000 years ago. If it is any comfort, Christ would still be persecuted and killed for using bio-energy to cure disease today just as he was then. And God knows, he’d have been drinking pure raw milk straight from the udder just as his father had ordained it to be. I like to think we’re in good company, at least. Health, sandals, togas (no stupid bras and panties), enzymes, good bacteria, freedom in thought, knowledge and sovereignty … it’s all we own … still. It will be interesting to participate all this as it unfolds. I’m going to stand on my little piece of earth with my Heilkunst principles, my homeopathic remedies with a big swig of raw milk in my mouth knowing it only takes 10% to create a revolution.

p.s. The curds I ate today were like eating manna from heaven. Squeak, squeak, squeak with the tears of joy squeezing out of my eyes. My milk, my body, my choice! That is going to be on one side of my placard on May 23rd when I go to Toronto to support Michael Schmidt. On the other side of my placard, I’m going to write Raw Milk suppressed by the emotional plagueyour rights and freedoms are next.

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