Glonoinum for Sun, Heart and Head

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Yesterday, when I got home from Algonquin Park, it was 34 degrees celsius, or 94 degrees Farenheit. After a week’s solid rain, I needed to mow the ankle-deep lawns in the blazing sun in order to get it done before a busy week in the clinic and preparations for my in-law’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. We live on a 6 acre hobby farm and almost a third of it is mowed … by hand. Thank goodness our 3 horses keep the pasture land as short as a Marine’s haircut.

Although I stopped every 30 minutes to drink another litre of water, my head was throbbing, my face was as red as a beet, and I was getting strange thoughts like comparing the synergistic relationship I was having with a dragon fly, who was dive-bombing the blackflies who considered me marked as “open season”, to the symbiotic relationship a whale has with the callosities that live on it’s head.

Four hours later and two gas fill-ups, I wasn’t sure whether I was coming or going. That evening, I did a CoRe Bioresonance Reading on myself to check to see what pathic remedies came up after being away in the bush for 3 days. Glonoinum came up at the top of the tray of 6,000 searchable homeopathic remedies. This morning, I sat down to do a little research with the remaining synapses that were still firing. Thankfully, the headache that had felt like my head would pop off like the head of a dandelion with a thumbnail stuck into it’s milky little neck was gone.

Glonoinum is potentized and dynamized Nitroglycerin. An explosive liquid which was first made by Ascanio Sobrero in 1846 by treating glycerol with a mixture of nitric and sulphuric acid. While it is one of the chief homeopathic remedies for heat stroke, I was fascinated to think of its use for patients suffering angina. In a crude form, it is used as a vasodilator in order to increase blood flow through the heart as it temporarily expands the “pipes.” At best, you end up managing the situation with this drug as opposed to curing the underlying cause. We know which genetic miasm causes heart disease and what to do about it without causing harm.

Its dynamized chemical constituents of nitric acid and sulphuric acid got me thinking in homeopathic terms. Nitric acid is for individuals who are stuck in the past. They suffer a lot of anxiety about their health. They fear Cancer, Death, AIDS, poverty, and antidoting the remedies he takes. He holds grudges and he is “unmoved by apology.” They are irritable, peevish, pessimistic, depressed, cursing, blaming and angry at life. I first remember my Mentor prescribing this for a Fibromyalgia sufferer who was at the end of her rope. She did very well with this remedy. They show lots of sympathy for other helpless, suffering individuals and will acuse the doctor of causing them harm. This protracted state will often lead to physical exhaustion. Their headaches will feel as if the pain is bearing down on them from the outside, crushing in, with nausea and vomiting. Nitric Acid is a very Syphlitic remedy.

Sulphuric Acid individuals are hell-bent towards the future. They are restless, hurried, agitated, irritable, suffering nervous fatigue with a tendency to take fright easily. She is so hurried that she will often do things out of a logical order, her mind is scattered but full of plans for what she must do. She may talk to herself about her dissatisfaction with how others operate so slowly and ineffectually. Her left-sided headache will feel as if her brain is loose and is rattling around inside her cranium.

It is interesting to note, that Nitroglycerin, if ignited in the moment, produces explosive heat. In disease, this can show up as a heart attack. Which means in Anthroposophic terms that the person has been living in the past and the future, but not out of love for what is wisdom in the present. We are human beings, not human doings and it isn’t any accident that the medicine for heart disease contains the past and the present. Rudolf Steiner wrote in his book, Love and It’s Meaning in the World, “Love is for the world what the sun is for external life. No soul could thrive if love departed from the world. Love is the “moral” sun of the world. Would it not be absurd if a man who delights in the flowers growing in a meadow were to wish that the sun would vanish from the world? Translated into terms of the moral life, this means: Our deep concern must be that an impulse for sound, healthy development shall find its way into the affairs of humanity. To disseminate love over the earth in the greatest measure possible, to promote love on the earth – that and that alone is wisdom.”

If you’ve ever been loved by someone who has the true capacity to hook into their own inner truth and feelings while engaging with you, you may have felt this true inner warmth and heat. It can be illustrated through a question posed to you at just the right time with accuracy and true participation because they deeply care … about themselves. Love is warmth and heat, the intellect is cold and calculating. Unfortunately, a heart attack may be needed to call the person back to their “centre of love” because they’ve been navigating life through the vestiges of the past, while projecting hurriedly onto the future what they feel needs to be done. We call these individuals “mudskippers” in our practices. You can feel that they are not here for a good time, a long time, or an authentic time. They are trying to get out of their life with as little connection to their true feelings and they are going to suffer it as much as possible. Glonoinum is good for sun stroke, but it is also about joining the heart with the head in the warmth of the NOW. The past and the future will take care of themselves.

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