Toddler Fever, Steiner Style!












If you look up “Toddler Fever” in google, you will get loads of links and information from, “Not every child who feels warm has a fever“, to “Giving medication to your baby or toddler.” While this can all be very helpful to the first time parent, it does not seek to educate the individual about the true cause, function or expected outcomes of allowing your child to go through the process of having a fever. We need to ask, “Why does my child feel warm? What happens if I give medication to my babe when she has a fever?”

In our postgraduate studies with Steven Decker at the Novalis Institute in California, we are taught to access the works of specific thinkers of the romantic period such as Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and Willhelm Reich. This was an important time in our history because man was still deeply connected to nature, both his own and the birds and the bees! Before the great intellectual heist of the 21st Century occurred, physicians and scientists, would very naturally recognize the value of using a more intuitive means to diagnose (from the Greek dia-through and gnosis-knowing) by connecting, phenomenologically, the dots between man’s diseases and nature’s innate capacity to cure them (healing). Now, in the present allopathic world, we just slap a label on the person qualifying them for some drug therapy. For example PFAPA or Periodic Fever Syndrome can be ascribed to an individual suffering periodic fevers, but the only treatment provided is courses of Anti-biotics or Tylenol to try and manage the symptoms. A sorry state of affairs, really, as there is no conscious knowledge gained at all.

I had the pleasure of treating, with Heilkunst medicine, a young boy who suffered fever every 3-4 weeks like clockwork. His parents were mystified and so were his Allopahtic Doctors. They offered the above mentioned protocol and the Mom shook her head saying, “No, that’s not the root cause, it doesn’t answer the question of why he suffers these symptoms.” Thankfully, Moms are the saviors of many a babe. We treated her son, sequentially as we do with any disease and when we stripped off the ill effects of the Allopathic vaccines, the boy had one more high fever, and then the phenomenon completely stopped. Five years hence, the boy hasn’t suffered a related fever or has been as susceptible to colds, flus, ear aches or bronchial infections as was true prior.

So when a Heilkunst physician is searching for the true cause of a disease through the process of diagnosis, we’re often stymied with the same limited modern organs everyone else has. We’re hobbled by the same feisty heisted intellect and we need to search the “Oracles.” At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, we have access to massive on-line libraries for Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and Wilhelm Reich. So for example, I pulled excerpts from Steiner on “Fever” so that you can see what we actually look at to piece together the phenomenological principles from these references in order to educate ourselves and our patients.

If you were to take the time to read, and truly understand them, you would see that fever errupts when the astral (desires) forces from the cosmos (head) bear down too lightly, or too heavily, during the process of the formation of the metabolic organs. In plain terms, you can compare this act to an electrical storm really. The warm front moving down from the north (head) hits the cold front rising from the south (earth), the lightning (inflammation) occurs producing a seeming chaos that looks like heat, delirium, and discomfort. However, it is an absolutely necessary function to the bursting forth of a clogged and suppressed desire function within the human being.

Most people don’t know that suppressed fever can equal the automaton-like nature of the victims of cancer, autism, hyperactivity, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and learning disabilities. Allopathic vaccines, although based on the homeopathic principle like cures like, are too strong and end up actually suppressing immunity, our desire function and hijacking our healthy sense of self. See Harris Coulter on this subject in his book on Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality, a startling wake up call to the Anti-biotic and Tylenol toting community we’ve become.












Did you know that after a child experiences the quintessential toddler fever, they can revel in a growth spurt? Remember the boy I talked about earlier in this blog article? Well he grew and inch after the last fever and his speech launched forward with clearer diction and an advancement in fine and gross motor skills. The Mom was thrilled, as was I.

You may note in the excerpt below that Steiner used Silver (argentum nitricum) to trigger a feverish babe to once again model health. We know that each planet in the cosmos corresponds with the formation of the earth and the moon phase corresponds to silver. Remember that the little guy above was cycling into fever about once every 3-4 weeks, a lunar cycle. Cool huh? Don’t you love medical spiritual science as it was intended to be? I love learning from the Oracles and the big 3 in a dynamic way. This experience in and of itself was invaluable to me.

Excerpted from Rudolf Steiner’s Esoteric Physiology and Anthroposophical Spiritual Science lectures delivered in Dornach, Switzerland in 1911.

What is the cause of fever? Fever is actually the result of an overactivity of the brain, which penetrates the entire human being. Assume that a person suffers from a disorder in some organ, say the liver or the kidneys, or especially the lungs, in the way I discussed with you recently. The brain begins to rebel against it. If the lungs no longer function correctly, the back portion of the brain rebels and stimulates the front part into rebelling against this lung disease, and hence fever occurs.

This shows that man becomes warmer from his head downward and colder from below upward. This is very interesting. The human being actually is warmed downward from above. With fever we are concerned with our head. If there is an inflammation in the big toe, we produce the ensuing fever with the head. It is interesting that what lies farthest down is regulated by the foremost parts of the brain. Just as in the case of the dog, whose tail is regulated by his nose, so it is with the human being. If he struggles with a fever in his big toe, the activity that begets this fever lies entirely in the front of his brain. It is no slight to his dignity that, if man has an infection in his big toe, the fever originates entirely from the front, from a point above his nose. The human being thus always becomes warmer from above and colder from below.

This is why the science of the spirit in particular will be in a position to explain the material world correctly. Materialism only looks at the material realm but is ignorant of all that lives in the material. It observes fever but does not know that fever is called forth by tremendously expanded brain activity. Materialism is always greatly astonished by shock but does not rightly recognize that shock comes from a drop of body temperature, because the proper “internal combustion” [ Verbrennung] can no longer continue. Thus we can say that the way the head of a pregnant woman is stimulated is strongly connected with the child’s development.

It is in very truth the spirit of the human being that makes its appearance in the fever which, in other circumstances, is submerged in the other elements. In fever, the spirit of man asserts itself, but here it is isolated. The most ancient constituent part of the being of man appears, in fever, at the surface of existence.

As a matter of fact, it cannot have been quite as represented, for at three years old the child fell suddenly ill, with high fever, and had convulsions during the night, the attack lasting only a short time. Such attacks became then for a while very frequent, coming on as a rule at night; later they grew much less frequent, occurring on an average once in three months. The attacks have, as you see, the characteristic symptoms of convulsions, that we spoke of earlier. Characteristically also, they began in the fourth year. Before that, the organism had not developed so far as to push back the astral organisation; the point had not been reached when the outside coverings—the walls—of certain organs began to repel the astral organisation. During the convulsions there is complete unconsciousness. This too, we saw, is quite usual. The child has violent spasms of twitching, particularly over the left half of the body; the eyes are also turned to the left. Afterwards he is very exhausted, and vomiting often occurs.

This means, you see, that by the time the child reached the third year, the walls of the organs were beginning to hold back the astral organisation, not allowing it to get through. Hence the convulsions. And with the convulsions—for the reason I explained to you—is associated loss of consciousness. But now in his case the astral organisation does succeed after a time in breaking through the walls of the organs to some extent. The child, unconsciously or semiconsciously, strains every effort to bring this about, and this struggle on his part lasts exactly as long as the attack. Then he has won through; but there is in consequence a certain emptiness in the organism in comparison with the previous condition, and this anomaly finds expression in the violent twitchings and spasms.

A year and a half ago, when she was three and a half years old—note that this is exactly halfway through the epoch of the first seven years and is a moment of great importance, as is also the corresponding moment in the second epoch, halfway between the seventh and fourteenth years—when three and a half years old, the child had headaches with high fever, and immediately afterwards measles. She was a child who readily caught illnesses. Since that time, she has been particularly restless and excitable. The mother too was ill at the same time with influenza and has also been restless since, and easily upset. You see the parallelism between mother and child. The child’s appetite is always poor. And yet she is a fine, sturdy little girl, with powerful limbs. As you know, however, the organisation of the limbs is not built up, so far as substance is concerned, from food, but from the cosmos via the breathing and the activity of the senses. It is in the head that you will find the results of this poorness of appetite. A poor appetite, which means then of course impaired nutrition, affects the activity of the child’s head. The little girl is lively and imaginative; she is restless, not merely in her body, but in her thoughts too. It can plainly be seen in her that her imagination and fantasy come not from the head but from the limbs. Her head organisation is very weak, her limb organisation particularly strong. Clearly, her life of fantasy comes from her limbs.

The girl had, when three or four years old, an occult fever. It is even called that in the medical world—one of those instances where medicine has retained an earlier form of speech. When a doctor does not know what is the cause of a fever, he calls it an ‘occult’ fever. This occult fever, then, made its appearance. During the period round about the third and fourth years, the astral body was particularly weak. The physical body and the etheric body reacted to this and developed too strongly; and then the astral body was unable to keep up with them. It is exceedingly important that we take cognizance first of all of this fact: at the age of three the growth of the astral body suffered a significant check, the child’s astral body became stunted and cramped within itself. I must come to its aid. It must receive help to make up for what has been lost; and this help can be given through education, by awakening the child’s interest in many directions.

This patient was a musician, thirty-one years old, who visited our clinic during a concert tour. He was suffering from a severe inflammatory and functional disturbance of the urinary tract, catarrhal symptoms, fever, excessive bodily fatigue, general weakness, and incapacity for work.

The past history of the patient showed that he had repeatedly suffered the same condition. Examination of the patient’s spiritual state revealed a hypersensitive and exhausted astral body. The susceptibility of the physical and etheric body to catarrhal and inflammatory conditions was a consequence of this. Already as a child, the patient had a weak physical body, badly supported by the astral. Hence measles, scarlet fever, chickenpox, whooping cough and frequent attacks of sore throat; at the age of fourteen, there was an inflammation of the urethra, which recurred at the age of twenty-nine in conjunction with cystitis. At the age of eighteen, pneumonia and pleurisy; at twenty-nine, pleurisy again, following on an attack of influenza; and at the age of thirty, catarrhal inflammation of the frontal sinus. There is also a perpetual tendency to conjunctivitis.

The abscess grew smaller and the distended stomach decreased in that the pus-formation grew continuously less and finally disappeared. While it was still flowing we were surprised one day by a renewed rise in temperature. This was not inexplicable to us, since, with the above-described constitution of the astral body, small psychological excitements could give rise to such fever. However, one must differentiate between the explanation of fever in such cases and its strongly harmful effect. For under these conditions, such a fever is the mediator for a profound intervention of the processes of destruction in the organism. One must provide at once for a strengthening of the etheric body, which will then paralyse the harmful effects of the astral. We gave high potency silver injections and the fever sank. The patient left the clinic with a twenty pounds’ increase in weight, and in a stronger condition. We are under no illusion as to the necessity for further treatment to consolidate the cure.

This is still connected with something else, namely that in this condition the metabolic-limb activity is excessive. In the human organism everything works together. If the metabolic-limb system predominates, it also works too powerfully, not only on the rhythmic organization, but also on the head-organization, principally, on the former, for the digestive organization continues on into the rhythmic system. The products of digestion are transformed in the blood. The rhythm of the blood again is dependent upon what enters it by way of material substances. If, then, there is excessive activity on the part of the astral body and ego, symptoms of fever and a rise of temperature will occur. If we know that the astral body and the ego organization are driven out of the metabolic-limb system by the administration of a certain dosage of silver; if we are further aware that if the astral organism and the ego organization are too deeply embedded in the metabolic limb system, we can raise them out of the latter by giving a remedy consisting of silver or silver combined with some other substance.

This demonstrates how we can master these connections within the being of man. Spiritual-Science therefore makes investigations into the whole of nature. In the last lecture I attempted to show, in principle, how this can be done in respect to the plants. Today I have explained how it can be done in respect to two mineral substances, lead and silver. We gain an insight into the relation between the human organism and its surroundings by directing our attention to the manner in which these different external substances are worked with by the different members of the constitution of man.

Teething Tablets


Photo by Natalia Wilson “Isaac cut his first 2 teeth”

Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets are ranked number one in Google when you search on “Teething Tablets”. I get really excited when I see this and the parents’ testimonials of praise and thanks as this promotes the natural curative art and science I so love. I would like to have a chat about Hyland’s Teething Tablets this month and tell you why the ingredients actually work. I will also start by telling you why a babe might suffer teething issues in the first place.

Teeth are no different from bones or the formation of the head and skull. If a person is struggling with symptoms with their teeth, we can generally find issues also in the muscleo-skeletal system in general. Unlike the allopathic model of patient treatment, we wholistic Heilkunst practitioners don’t divide the body up into unrelated parts and then try to treat them in isolation. This makes no logical sense.  Like the old song, the shin bone is connected to the knee bone, our bodies don’t do much in isolation of itself.

So if a babe is struggling with building teeth, we want to know why and how this phenomena relates on other levels of their whole being. Rudolf Steiner, spiritual scientist, says that teeth formation can not occur without Magnesia Phosphorica, Calcera Florica, Calcera Phosphorica and Calcera Sulphurica, Natrum Muriaticum, Silicea, Lime, and Calcera Carbonica. Essentially teeth and bones are just a structured repository of salt and mineral deposits based on a divine blueprint. So if there is a shortage, we want to know why and then what to do about it. Right?

Teething can be a struggle if not enough minerals are available for the purpose of construction. Its a little like not having enough bricks delivered to the work-site to complete a house. A babe with a  Homeopathic Constitution such as Calcerea Carbonica or Silicea can have a tough time with dentition as they need more Calc. and Silicea available to them as building blocks. Shocks and traumas in utero, at birth or even the vaccines can stunt growth and the capacity for easy dentition as the life force cycles, dedicated to patterns of disease as opposed to growth. A genetic predisposition to Syphilis can compromise an infant’s capacity for easy dentition and bone development with caries, facial deformations, and loose teeth that crack or up-root easily.

Some babes will cut teeth without an ounce of drooling or complaint, while a sibling can suffer sleepless nights, inflamed gums and enough soaked bibs, so wet they can be wrung out at the end of the day. This was true about my own children. My son Jordan was born two month’s premature and didn’t cut his first tooth until after his first year. It was excruciating for him and each tooth brought a another ear-ache, antibiotics, and 2 winters with pneumonia. It was a vicious cycle and one we were very happy to break it outright with Heilkunst medicine. You can read about it in my book, The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing.

Below is a list of the ingredients for Hyland’s Teething Tablets and on what basis they are being prescribed in this awesome product:

Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Calcarea Phosphorica 3X HPUS – supports dentition
Chamomilla 3X HPUS – for irritability
Coffea Cruda 3X HPUS – for wakefulness and diuresis
Belladonna 3X HPUS (0.0003% Alkaloids) – for redness and inflammation
In a base of Lactose (milk sugar) NF.

Please feel free to contact us if things don’t resolve easily for your babe. The genetic miasm Syphillis can be a nasty piece of work with regards to dentition and we love the opportunity to address this for you and your teething babe.

Constipation Cures

Pissed off muskrat

Most people searching for Constipation cures are not sure how to navigate the drugs, herbs or even supplements available out there. You may be asking yourself, “are they safe?” or “Will they work?” Most on-line resources will suggest foods to promote regularity, however, are these truly constipation cures once you’re plugged up and suffering? Those suggestions fall under the jurisdiction of regimen and maintenance, and are better instituted after the fundamental cure by Heilkunst medicine is achieved first.

By the time most individuals search to resolve chronic constipation, they are usually beyond the “maintenance” or “sustaining” stage of eating and drinking in a healthy way. You might be suffering cramps, a knotted feeling in the abdomen, fogginess, or anxiety if it has been a number of days. You may be straining, or even suffering hemorrhoids at this phase, with unsatisfactory hard little “deer turds” after spending 20 minutes on the toilet.

If this is where you are at, we have a couple of safe, natural and inexpensive cures, not foods, to offer on the basis of natural law. We uses these remedies with newborns and infants, so adults don’t have a thing to worry about when it comes to safety or efficacy. Homeopathic principles will always work, provided you are trained to prescribe the right remedial course.

I’ve collected together a list of Homeopathic remedies that have proven very useful in relieving constipation. By asking the individual at your health food store or pharmacy for the potencies, 30CH or a 200CH, you are well within the realm of safe dosing. You can dilute the one single pellet (yes, disregard the instructions as bio-energy doesn’t need more than a single dose) into a glass of water and then start sipping over the course of a day. Depending on the severity of the constipation, one sip approx. every 15 mins. is generally enough to get things moving. Here is a list of some of the potential rx that can help you to resolve your suffering:

Medhorrinum – chronic constipation from a young age, the individual generally arches their back in an attempt to pass stool about only once every 5 days. The stool is round like rabbit pellets. This person may also prefer to sleep on their belly. Babies needing this remedy can also exhibit severe diaper rash that can even result in scarring later on.

Plumbum – severe constipation, the stools are hard and knotty and cramping is significant. Hemmoroids and bloody show from the anus from straining can be common here.

Natrum Muriaticum – the stools are dry and the individual strains and may cramp just before passing the mass. The person does not not want to be near others and will avoid voiding in public washrooms. The bowel movement is very painful because of the dryness and the individual may develop habitual constipation due the memory of the pain. Anal fissures can be helped with the use of this remedy.

Phosphorous – individuals may have a fever and be dehydrated with this type of constipation. In this case, the stools tend to either be small pellets or long, thin stools that the person must strain to expel.

Lycopodium – this type of constipation can be due to lack of sphincter urging or stretched colons from previously too-large stools. They may fuss and cry and are averse to anything and everything until the stool is passed. The stool will be hard to begin with, but becomes soft by the tail end of the mass or pieces.

Alumina – Hard, infrequent and scanty stool with obstruction of the abdomen. The pain is up higher in the intestines and when the stool is finally emitted, it is covered in mucus/slimy matter and looks like small stems of pipe. The person will generally continue to suffer cramping and discomfort even while emitting the stool.

Calcera Carbonicum – they feel fine when they are constipated and can go a whole week or ten days without passing stool. When they do go, they can fill the entire toilet and the individual may exclaim incredulously at the proportions. For the Calc. type, you might want to take a dose periodically just to keep things regular.

Don’t worry if you don’t nail the right remedy the first time, you can try two or more without the remote risk of causing yourself harm. If you put a 30 CH of all of these rx into the same cup of water and took a dose, it would all be ok. Bio-energy is similar to just saying, “I love you” to someone with lots of intent. There is no chemical substance and therefore no harmful side-effects with these medicines at these suggested potencies. The cool thing is that you can cure the underlying cause on the basis of the law of cure, like cures like. So don’t be surprised if your constipation becomes a thing of the past and you can go about eating what you love.

If things don’t resolve quickly, give us a call and will go after the anchor that may lie more deeply at your core. Cancer (unresolved grief) and/or Tuberculosis can be the unresolved diseases that cause chronic constipation and we Heilkünstlers are here to help. We always get our man … or this case the “stool!”

Lyme Treatment

Photo by Fairfax County “Bullseye”

The true art and science of Heilkunst medicine knows no bounds and when Lyme Treatment came up on our radar for suffering patients this August. We were ready. The interesting thing is that you no longer have to be wading through fields bare legged and attract this formerly tic-borne disease to incur the awful effects of the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria.

Our citified patients were showing up in droves this summer with this insidious infection looking for Lyme Treatment that includes symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue, depression, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans. Left untreated, late manifestations including stiffness the joints, heart palpitations, and nervous system dysfunction can occur. The sleep can become disturbed and the nausea in the morning can leave the sufferer wondering if they’re pregnant. Check out this Wikipedia link for even more info should you like.

Lyme is pervading our culture, unfortunately, just as diseases like Syphilis, Tuberculosis and Malaria were once infectious in origin, they now pervade our terrain endogenously spawning symptoms most don’t even know are anchored to these un-cured Genetic Miasms* … that is until now. Lyme Treatment is also becoming critical in the treatment of Autism, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. and most of these kids haven’t been hiking in the hinterland.

An even bigger problem is the way Lyme Treatment is treated allopathically by conventional medicine. The M.D.’s only defense is to prescribe anti-biotics (literally “against-life”) in the short-term and if that doesn’t work well, (s)he may just prescribe them for the long-term. The amazing thing about Allopathic medicine is that if it doesn’t work, they’ll just give more of it. The problem is, your immunity also gets driven off the cliff with the protocol and the original Lyme disease may be bullied or suppressed, but it ain’t been cured!

Alternatives aren’t a whole lot better. If you read Dr. Hulda Clarke’s diet for Lyme disease on her website, you may as well also take up car mechanics as a pasttime as well. Good Luck wading through the pages of links and instructions. Go ahead and take a look, I dare you! The part I’m especially intrigued about is at the bottom of the page where she suggests looking at Bert Hellinger’s work on Family Constellations for the spiritual resolution of Lyme ??? Wouldn’t I be a whole lot better off spiritually if I didn’t have to deal with the pain and suffering of the disease in the 1st place? Through Heilkunst, you get Lyme Treatment based on principles of cure. You can then leave your car to the Mechanic!

At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, Lyme Treatment is done on the basis of the law of similars, you just give the nosode (see and voila … le cure! NO muss, no fuss. The reason that you need a Heilkunst Practitioner to do this is because we are trained full-time for four years in the principles of Heilkunst, including dose and potency, sequential prescribing and what to do if secondary or pathic diseases spontaneously offshoot from the primary disease. All that to say … don’t try Lyme Treatment on yourself at home.

Lyme is so recently pervading our midst over the last 3 years sans les tic that Jeff Korentayer, HD here at Arcanum just figured out what the pathic ** for Lyme is this past weekend … and you won’t find that bit of juicy stuff anywhere else in the world. So if you are plagued by sleepless nights, headaches, fever, nausea and bone pain (especially in the lower legs/shins), please give us a call for principled Lyme Treatment. There is no need to suffer the symptoms … or even the cure.

*A Chronic Miasm is passed on though the genetic code creating chronic disease symptoms. These anchors indicate our romp through evolution and used to be infectious in nature. Most people are thrilled to find out their OCD stems from Syphilis, or their chronic Bronchitis is anchored to Tuberculosis or their arthritis came from Gonorrhea. Chronic Miasms can only be cured through lawful prescribing on the basis of Like Cures Like.

** A Pathic Disease is a secondary disease sort of like an adolescent disease anchored to the mother disease. Often when we go after the mother, the any baby diseases just get addressed with her, however, in some instances, the baby has grown into and adolescent and becomes it’s own entity to be dealt with separately. In this case, the genetic miasm, Lyme was destroyed in a number of patients, but the residue of a secondary disease remained. Plumbum and Floric Acid have proven very helpful in these cases. Thank goodness for constantly researching Heilkunstlers and their awesome patients.

Allergies, Cancer, and AIDS: How They Relate












I was studying Dr. Husemann and Wolff’s, “The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine”, when I came across this amazing passage regarding cancer, allergies and auto-immune diseases. It makes perfect sense that allergies are the body’s inept attack on the outer world and AIDS, for example, is when the body attacks the inner world. Cancer just doesn’t care anymore, frankly. People suffering allergies often feel frustrated and angry, inconveniently sniffling, sneezing (displaced climax), and eyes itchy and watery. It is an attempt at warding off a perceived aggressor, the allergen. If one wants to ride this wave to the core, we know that allergies are often caused by the unexpressed rage towards the mother. Ouch!

Innocent allergies can also be a precursor to cancer which is the secondary “anergic” phase, which is really a lack of immunity to an antigen. This is the phase of resignation. The body recognizes the foreign cells or tumor mass, but doesn’t use any of its inflammatory tools to mount an attack. The feeling is encapsulated in the term, “depression” or the word, “whatever” that we now hear so often. It is interesting to note that when cancer is cured, through Heilkunst medicine, we actually get to see the initial allergen phase be invoked again. All the bacteria and toxicity comes to the surface to be effectively treated. Exciting huh?

You see, we Heilkunstlers strive for expansive expressions of fever, sneezing, inflammation, or anything wet, hot, and juicy that indicates the body is becoming “excited” and exiting the sclerotic process. This is the process of buying into “life” by spontaneously emitting what comes up in the moment, simply because we can! We get pretty jazzed around Arcanum Wholistic Clinic when we watch our patients climb out of the pleomorphic cave of the disease process and start expressing mucus, heat, anger, grief, fear, guilt, and resentment. Now we can apply our tools to address these active diseases and get ’em out! Giddy up!

Unfortunately, if things reach the tertiary phase of self-destruction, the body will start to consume its own self through auto-immune disorders such as AIDS or flesh-eating disease. It is interesting that we have a whole arsenal to cure these diseases, but rarely will we be called in to do so at this phase. Often the persons with these diseases are beyond resignation, it is like they have bought the self-hate mandate and the sense of self, the “I”, is on a suicidal mission of self-destruction. It is torturous and sad to stand by and watch when you know you can apply the law of cure, addressing the cause, and truly aid the individual, enabling them to buy a ticket out of this spiraling matrix.

However, the self-love part is the toughest real-estate for these folk to buy, especially if it was never owned in the first place. Basically, if the state of mind doesn’t shift through remediation, the individual will sadly just re-infect themselves over and over again. In many cases it can take a year or two of regimen, principled medicine, and Reich’s Character Analysis just to rise from the pit of utter self-persecution and self-loathing. In fact, this is the state of mind that contracted with the disease in the first place. Unfortunately, the very expensive and suppressive allopathic model of treatment will just poorly manage these individuals’ decline and more typically hasten their demise by destroying what little immunity they have left. Actually, the same disastrous protocol is thrown at cancer too.

Please feel free to gander at the excerpt below and offer up a comment or two on this topic. We love the opportunity to discuss the meat of our work further.

Husemann and Wolff

The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine The possibility of inflammation is an immanent function of the human organism and can be understood only in connection with its counterpart, sclerosis; in the same way, every human being is capable of allergy. Without this capacity, he would not possess the capacity for immunity; he would be anergic and would be subject to another group of diseases: on the one hand, the infections—foreign life that overpowers the organism; on the other, the sclerotic diseases, particularly cancer. Recent research shows increasingly that the cancer patient is in an anergic phase; his immune system is not in a position to “recognize” the foreignness of the cancer cell. In any case, this situation results in the destruction of the organism of the “self by the dominance of foreign formations (bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, mineral deposits). This shows that health is a state of equilibrium and does not consist in the absence of a reaction. Hyperergy and anergy are the polar deviations from the healthy state and both are pathological.

From this we can draw the therapeutically important conclusion that an excess may safely be limited, but a further displacement—for example, in the direction of immuno-suppression— must promote the opposite disease tendency, in this case, especially infection and cancer. It may be surprising that infection and cancer are considered together here, whereas infections are usually grouped with the inflammatory diseases, which stand in polar opposition to cancer. The present classification applies only to immuno-deficiency, which is under discussion here, and for the atypical disease course resulting from it. In the “healthy” course of an infectious disease, fever appears along with antibodies, leuko-cytes, etc. These reactions are the expression of an intact immune system and ideally result in healing. When the immune system is not functional, however, foreign substances (bacteria.viruses) overwhelm the organism, because it is too weak to defend itself. Fundamentally, the same process occurs in cancer, although in this case the cancer patient does not defend himself against the bodily cancer tissue because he is blind” to it and cannot “recognize” it as foreign. In a certain respect, the auto-immune diseases represent the opposite of this situation; the organism senses itself or parts of itself as foreign and acts against itself with inflammation, which ultimately leads to dissolution and destruction.

We have seen that the organic capacity to react allergically is not only the basis for higher functions, but also the expression of constitutional health. Beyond this, however, this reaction fulfills another task, which we shall describe. In principle, an allergy can exist or develop toward any substance; most often, however, it is protein or protein-like substances. This is understandable in the light of our description above of the essential nature of protein, since the etheric and astral bodies of the particular animal, for example, live in its protein; in man, protein is the carrier of his individuality. The sense for the “recognition” of such a substance as “foreign.” that is, the sense for self and non-self, can only be the sense for preservation of one’s own self from becoming foreign. Here we have the significance of the fact that protein is the substance most thoroughly broken down in the gastrointestinal tract and that nothing of its essential quality is taken into the organism. If this mucosal boundary of the gastrointestinal tract is transgressed, then an allergic reaction sets in to make up for the missing breakdown of foreign protein on another level; so it is really a form of self-preservation. The fact that this reaction in excess (anaphylactic shock) can lead to destruction of the individual does not contradict its fundamentally higher purpose.

If the reaction is suppressed repeatedly or for a long time, however, then the organism loses the ability to recognize foreign material, which is the case in cancer, or it forms foreign protein as its own body substance. Then the human being can no longer live properly as “I” in his organism; it has become foreign to him, and it is no longer possible for the spirit to unfold in accordance with the ego.