Lyme Treatment

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The true art and science of Heilkunst medicine knows no bounds and when Lyme Treatment came up on our radar for suffering patients this August. We were ready. The interesting thing is that you no longer have to be wading through fields bare legged and attract this formerly tic-borne disease to incur the awful effects of the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria.

Our citified patients were showing up in droves this summer with this insidious infection looking for Lyme Treatment that includes symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue, depression, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans. Left untreated, late manifestations including stiffness the joints, heart palpitations, and nervous system dysfunction can occur. The sleep can become disturbed and the nausea in the morning can leave the sufferer wondering if they’re pregnant. Check out this Wikipedia link for even more info should you like.

Lyme is pervading our culture, unfortunately, just as diseases like Syphilis, Tuberculosis and Malaria were once infectious in origin, they now pervade our terrain endogenously spawning symptoms most don’t even know are anchored to these un-cured Genetic Miasms* … that is until now. Lyme Treatment is also becoming critical in the treatment of Autism, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. and most of these kids haven’t been hiking in the hinterland.

An even bigger problem is the way Lyme Treatment is treated allopathically by conventional medicine. The M.D.’s only defense is to prescribe anti-biotics (literally “against-life”) in the short-term and if that doesn’t work well, (s)he may just prescribe them for the long-term. The amazing thing about Allopathic medicine is that if it doesn’t work, they’ll just give more of it. The problem is, your immunity also gets driven off the cliff with the protocol and the original Lyme disease may be bullied or suppressed, but it ain’t been cured!

Alternatives aren’t a whole lot better. If you read Dr. Hulda Clarke’s diet for Lyme disease, you may as well also take up car mechanics as a pasttime as well. Good Luck wading through the pages of links and instructions. Go ahead and take a look, I dare you! The part I’m especially intrigued about is at the bottom of the page where she suggests looking at Bert Hellinger’s work on Family Constellations for the spiritual resolution of Lyme ??? Wouldn’t I be a whole lot better off spiritually if I didn’t have to deal with the pain and suffering of the disease in the 1st place? Through Heilkunst, you get Lyme Treatment based on principles of cure. You can then leave your car to the Mechanic!

At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, Lyme Treatment is done on the basis of the law of similars, you just give the nosode (see and voila … le cure! NO muss, no fuss. The reason that you need a Heilkunst Practitioner to do this is because we are trained full-time for four years in the principles of Heilkunst, including dose and potency, sequential prescribing and what to do if secondary or pathic diseases spontaneously offshoot from the primary disease. All that to say … don’t try Lyme Treatment on yourself at home.

Lyme is so recently pervading our midst over the last 3 years sans les tic that Jeff Korentayer, HD here at Arcanum just figured out what the pathic ** for Lyme is this past weekend … and you won’t find that bit of juicy stuff anywhere else in the world. So if you are plagued by sleepless nights, headaches, fever, nausea and bone pain (especially in the lower legs/shins), please give us a call for principled Lyme Treatment. There is no need to suffer the symptoms … or even the cure.

*A Chronic Miasm is passed on though the genetic code creating chronic disease symptoms. These anchors indicate our romp through evolution and used to be infectious in nature. Most people are thrilled to find out their OCD stems from Syphilis, or their chronic Bronchitis is anchored to Tuberculosis or their arthritis came from Gonorrhea. Chronic Miasms can only be cured through lawful prescribing on the basis of Like Cures Like.

** A Pathic Disease is a secondary disease sort of like an adolescent disease anchored to the mother disease. Often when we go after the mother, the any baby diseases just get addressed with her, however, in some instances, the baby has grown into and adolescent and becomes it’s own entity to be dealt with separately. In this case, the genetic miasm, Lyme was destroyed in a number of patients, but the residue of a secondary disease remained. Plumbum and Floric Acid have proven very helpful in these cases. Thank goodness for constantly researching Heilkunstlers and their awesome patients.

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