Injecting Fear through Media Campaigns on Flu Shots

Ottawa Sun

Monday, October 6th, 2008

CHICAGO — More children have died from flu because they also had staph infections, according to a report in the October edition of Pediatrics that urges parents to have their kids get the flu shot.

The number of deaths wasn’t high — 73 during the 2006-07 flu season — but there was more than a fivefold increase in hard-to-treat complications. The percentage of those who had bacterial infections jumped from 6% to almost 36%.

Public health officials say the numbers underscore the importance of a brand new recommendation that all children, from six months through 18, get routine flu shots.

More than half the children who died were between the ages of five and 17 and had been healthy until they got the flu. Only 6% of the children studied who died had been fully vaccinated against the flu.

My reply to the Sun on this article sent today:

By advising parents to get the flu-shot for their children, you are actually perpetuating a lie.  If you look at the Centre for Disease Control, you will see that there is only 15% efficacy for the annual flu shot as this year’s strain has never been accurately predicted by the pharmaceutical industry.  Also more people end up compromising immunity because of the toxicity from the live virus and the thimerosal/mercury used as  preservative.  Your mis-information that the live viral influenza shot will cover off a Stapholococcus bacterial infection, which is a completely different strain, is scientifically  botched information and a stain on your ability to report accurate information.  If your goal is to use fear mongering on innocent parents, your job is  well done then.

Allyson McQuinn, DMH
Doctor of Medical Heilkunst/Homeopathy

One thought on “Injecting Fear through Media Campaigns on Flu Shots

  1. Lisa

    thank you for responding to the misinformation. I do it all the time here in Cincinnati OH it is amazing the junk the papers print in regard to the flu shot.

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