Letter from Jonathan Davies to Damian Thompson

Letter from Jonathan Davies to Damian Thompson, author of Counterknowledge.

Dear Mr. Thompson:

I saw your book titled Counterknowlege in a book store the other day, and browsed through it quickly.

There are a couple of comments that I would like to make, regarding what you say in this book mentioned above.

First, you are very critical of the idea of vaccinations causing autism.  What I believe is that in some cases, vaccinations trigger autism.  However, I believe that this is because in cases in which vaccinations cause (or trigger) autism, the individual has a high sensitivity to the heavy metals that vaccinations inject into the body.  It is just like the fact that nuts cause some people to be very ill physically, but in all such cases, it is because the individual has a severe allergy to nuts.  In cases in which an individual becomes autistic after having a vaccination, it is not the vaccination itself, or even the heavy metals that are in it, that is at fault, but the weak immune system that the individual has.

Second, I am very disappointed about your unfavourable opinion on alternative medicines.  When I picked up your book, I was hoping that you would be critical of the pharmaceutical industry.  I know that the pharmaceutical industry has brainwashed many of us into believing that if there is no pharmaceutical cure for something, then there is no cure for it whatsoever.  However, I have a strong suspicion that this is the pharmaceutical industry’s own wishful thinking.  A lot of people are saying that there is no cure for autism, but I have a strong suspicion that the pharmaceutical industry is brainwashing people into believing that.  I have a strong suspicion that if there is no pharmaceutical cure for autism, the pharmaceutical industry won’t want anybody to think that there is any solution to autism whatsoever.

In your own opinion, if no alternative medicines can correct or eliminate autism, does that mean that there is no solution to autism whatsoever?  From what I hear, there is currently an epidemic of autism.  It is more common in the Baby Boom generation than in any generation before it, and it is even more common in the generation after it.  What are people going to do if and when it gets to the point where as much as half the male population and about one-eighth of the female population (which would be about one-third of the total population) is on the autism spectrum?  If there is still no pharmaceutical treatment or cure for autism at that point, we will be living in an awful world!  Indeed, we are living in an awful world anyway, because of many other things that are happening, but it will be even more awful if and when as much as one-third or one-half of the world’s entire population is autistic!

If you believe that there will one day be a solution to the autism epidemic, please feel free to let me know what it might be.  And if you don’t believe that there will ever be a solution, please feel free to let me know how the world is going to deal with it.


Jonathan Davies

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