Gift Shopping for the Genotypes

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We recently hosted our introduction lecture to the personality types of the six Genotypes, and with our participants have updated our seasonal shopping list. Let us know if you have any other innovative ideas from your gift-giving experiences!



  • A day at home alone to think
  • An eclectic, gourmet meal prepared for just them (Chef at Home Eric Patenaude of Todric’s Catering)
  • Instruction Manuals and maybe the gadget that goes with them
  • Consumer Reports
  • A subscription to a series of plays or symphonies
  • More time to think
  • Quirky Cohen Brothers films
  • A nice hat, scarf and matching sweater
  • A day at home alone to think
  • Vitamins and Supplements for when they forget to eat
  • Orgone Blanket to help harness more earth energy
  • A gift certificate for Kiva

Silicea Child:

  • Harry Potter books
  • C.S. Lewis books
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Water Colour Supplies
  • Modeling Clay
  • Knitting Supplies



  • No time alone at home to think
  • A hot series of Cabaret shows
  • Sparkly/iridescent shoes, mittens, hats or swanky bag
  • An evening of dinner, dancing and chatting at the hottest nightclub in town with all his/her friends
  • Long distance certificates to talk to friends and relatives (better make it a good number of hours)
  • A gift certificate at the best Thai restaurant in town specializing in hot and sour soup
  • Books on Travel
  • Shiny, red phone
  • Trip to the Le Nordik for two and/or couple’s massage
  • Home decor: frames, candles, cushions, serving platters for gatherings, etc.
  • A new gadget they can show off to their friends (ie shiny red phone)
  • A watch, jewellery, purse
  • Subscription to “good life” magazines on food, decor, lifestyle, fitness
  • GC to retail shops for dresses, shirts etc.
  • Organic beauty products: body scrubs, lotions, etc.
  • Innovative organizational items (colour coded would be awesome :)!

Phosphorous Child:

  • Sparkling/ iridescent anything
  • A pen-pal in a foreign country
  • Romantic story books with lots of colourful pictures



  • All-butter shortbread cookies
  • A soft mohair sweater
  • Recipe book for cookies, cakes and pies
  • Warm intimate evening at a French Restaurant
  • A Massage
  • Movies by Jane Austin
  • A Book of Love Poems
  • A Pencil drawing of your favorite pet (Anne Lafrance, Artist, 613-744-1359)
  • A guide to outdoor sports and activities in their area

Pulsatilla Child:

  • stuffed animal to love and hug
  • dolls to love and hug
  • a kitten to love and hug
  • a puppy to love and hug



Book suggestions:

  • How to make the Stock Market work for you
  • A guide to effectively building your business
  • 10 Easy steps on how to work a Crowd
  • Dressing for Success
  • How to Keep your hair perfectly coifed in a wind storm
  • A gift certificate for Gucci, Armani or Harry Rosen.
  • How to be sincerely loving to your partner while wearing a suit

Lycopodium Child:

  • Books “How to make the Stock Market work for you” or “How to influence your friends, parents and teachers”
  • Penny Stock Portfolio
  • A suit

Calcera Carbonica


  • A year supply of movies and chips
  • A jigsaw puzzle
  • Getting Things Done, by David Allen
  • A Palm Pilot to help employ an external structure to manage their time
  • An egg timer to help them get out the door on time if the Palm Pilot fails
  • Slip on shoes and velcro shirts to help them get out the door on time
  • Contact an old friend from their childhood

Calc. Child:

  • A Mechano Set and the time to finish it
  • Puzzles and the time to finish it
  • Skis/snowboard to help overcome their sedentary nature



  • Gift certificate to a Buffet (doesn’t matter which one)
  • New Clothes that actually fit without holes (sneak their old ones out to the trash)
  • A gift certificate for ironing service at the local dry-cleaners
  • How to structure your business and accomplish specific tasks in a day

Sulphur Child:

  • Current Guinness World Book of Records
  • A new video game
  • A Children’s Business Building Club
  • Nature Explorers Club
  • Lord of The Rings Trilogy (movies)

3 thoughts on “Gift Shopping for the Genotypes

  1. Bonnie

    Thank you for the list of gifts for genotypes….would love to reference an article which describes which types we may be. Then my gift giving can be better spent, even for myself! Thank so much.

  2. Shivani

    Okay I’m CACKLING at the ones for myself and my children. How did you know?! Silica – “A day at home alone to think” repeated. HAHA! who me?!
    And my Sulphur 5 year old – new clothes that actually fit (and sneak the old ones out) – HOW many times has she gotten into the donation pile that was left in the garage a bit too long and dug up too small shoes that somehow fit now?! Seriously cackling over here. oh and she would love an ironing service NOW.

  3. reception

    Hi Shivani! Thanks for the comment! Great to see Jeff ‘hit the nail on the head’ with the descriptions! Cheers, – Diane

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