Flobot Song about The Corruption of Power

My 14 year old son came home on Monday excited to show me his new favorite song on YouTube.com.  It was by a group called the Flobots and it is  a hip hop song called “HandleBars.”  It would seem it’s been out for awhile and just hit the U.K. and Canada this past summer in a big way.  I’m always interested to see where pop culture is at as art has a way of embedding the truth about our present state of minds within its fabric.  So I sat down to hear the Flobots and see what Jordan’s enthusiasm was about.  This is what I heard and saw:


It is fair to say that I loved it.  I loved the lyrics, the feeling, the artistic rendering, and I loved the building towards the crescendo regarding the corruption of power we all know are the underpinnings of our governments and medical systems.  I loved the reference to antibiotics, vaccines and the terror of living in a Holocaust.  I love how the very few are starting to take on the many, armed with nothing but a very powerful dose of truth, in a slightly attenuated potency.

When I was researching the origin of the song, and the Flobots, I came across a blog where this wise individual wrote the following:

fahlo said…
This song is incredibly powerful.For any of you that have any idea of the current state of the world and the power-dynamic, perhaps you will appreciate the insight that this song provides.This song makes a simple but incredibly important observation: there is a single, small group of elite people on this planet that can determine the future of this planet.Traditional “rappers” focus on false power– owning bling, driving fancy cars, and looking “cool”. But THERE ARE people on this planet that have real power– the power to determine the fate of nearly 7 Billion people.This is a truth that we must acknowledge for, without a doubt, we will all face it in a very real way within our lifetime. I commend the flobots for writing a song that captures this idea in such a potent way!

Hear hear –  and I thank my son Jordan for pointing me to it as I know it only takes 10% of the population to create a revolution.  If you’re ever looking for me, I’m amongst the health-care providers.  I don’t use anti-biotics, but cure the underlying cause of disease on the basis of natural law without causing harm.  I receive not an ounce of government support, however, I’m consulted by many different resonant Doctors who also want to serve their patients to the best of their ability, and I truly love my patients … oh, and I can still ride my bike with no handlebars!

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One thought on “Flobot Song about The Corruption of Power

  1. fahlo

    Hi there. So, I was doing a shameless self search and came across your blog where you quoted me. Thanks!! I am glad you enjoyed my short analysis of the song. I was really moved by it and I felt like sharing my view. I am happy you appreciated it!

    I am also a musician… if you want to check out some of my tunes please go to http://fahlo.com where you can download about 20 of my songs FOR FREE. Keep up the good work!

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