Another Botch for the Allopathic Flu Shot for 2009

Photo by Pan American Health Organization “Semana de Vacunación en las Americas 2014 – Paraguay”

Yes, folks, this is typically the scenario that arises every year. If you listen closely you can hear the Center for Disease Control say, “Whoops, we missed the strain for this year’s flu shot – sorry. Please try to overlook the fact that we’ve poisoned you, unnecessarily. Oh, and sorry also about your babies and your grandparents who also received virus from last year’s flu strain. We now know that it didn’t work this year after all just like the year we also tried to administer the prior year’s flu virus without the Avian flu being contained, and now we’re going to scramble to make another one for 2009 to poison you again with just the right live strain, you’ll see, just so that we can make a ton more cash before March! Try not to notice the anti-freeze and the Mercury being injected into your bodies, those are just the preservatives we use. Try not to pay any attention to that fever or that little bit of paralysis you may suffer later, it’s not related at all. Oh, and sorry that ADHD, Autism and Alzheimer’s are becoming epidemics, but we can never be sure what “gifts” we impart to humanity, because frankly, we’re entirely focused on getting this B-strain right before March.”

For more on the ineffectiveness of the 2009 flu shot, please see Dr. Mercola’s link here.

As most of you know, you can receive the homeopathic dose, which causes no harm, on the principled basis of homoprophylaxis and that we’ve tracked 99% efficacy over the last 9 years. The Center for Disease Control offers less than 15%. The proof is in the pudding.

One thought on “Another Botch for the Allopathic Flu Shot for 2009

  1. Doris Leightley

    Hi Jeff / Allyson,
    Interesting articles. I gave my chiropractor Jeff’s article. I had my homeopathic powders from Jeff in November as I was not at all happy about partaking of poison in a flue shot again.

    I have forwarded the link to a friend in England so that she can ask her homeopath there about taking the remedy before next winter. Both Barbara and her husband have chronic health issues and need some protection. They both had flu over Christmas as they won’t have flu shots.


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