Mumps is Back!

Take a look at the insanity being circulated at our local health department here in Ottawa. This is botched science at its best. The thinking being that if one dose doesn’t work, just give more! Sort of like spanking a child. Also, if Mumps is what is needing to be addressed, why are they also proposing to re-immunize against Measles and Rubella (German Measles)? The latter has not reared its ugly little head for over 50 years and has been in fact declared “eradicated”. In fact, it is the allopathic medical community that tries to take credit for this, but we know this little scourge just naturally found its way on the decline all by itself without any vaccine. I particularly love the part at the end of her memo when she cites, “Fortunately, mumps is preventable through immunization, so advertising our clinics as much as possible is very important.” Um, is she so entirely stupid to think that the audience she is writing to isn’t going to catch such an obvious contradiction? Hello???? As you all know we use safe, proven homeopathic remedies to cure the underlying cause and also apply the same principled, lawful science to prevent Mumps on the basis of Homoprophylaxis. We can do this safely and effectively with any childhood illness you would like to prevent in your child.

Dear OPH colleague;

Mumps is Back! As you may be aware, the incidence of mumps has been increasing recently throughout Canada, primarily among postsecondary students. There have been outbreaks of mumps in four other provinces, and infections are on the rise in Ontario. In response, The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has implemented a one-time Mumps Catch-Up Vaccination Program by offering free mumps-containing vaccine, called MMR (measles/mumps/rubella), through local Public Health Units.

Four out of five people born in Ontario between 1970 and 1995 have received only one dose of the MMR vaccine, which may not provide them with enough protection against the mumps virus. After a new recommendation in 1996, most children in Ontario received two doses of the MMR vaccine before entering elementary school. To be fully protected from contracting mumps, two doses are required. Ottawa Public Health is encouraging all young adults born between 1970 and 1995 to review their immunization records, and receive a second dose of the MMR vaccine if this has not already occurred. Clinics will be hosted at all postsecondary institutions in Ottawa, and in various community settings, from January to March 2009.

Mumps is a highly contagious viral illness that can have serious and permanent complications. Fortunately, mumps is preventable through immunization, so advertising our clinics as much as possible is very important.The Community Immunization Clinics Program would greatly appreciate your assistance with getting this information out into our community by sharing it with your community partners, friends and families. For more information, and a list of community and campus clinics, visit or

Together, we can prevent an outbreak of mumps in the City of Ottawa.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Program Manager, Communicable Disease Management

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  1. amcquinn

    Dear Francisco,

    Thanks so much for posting and supplying the information with regards to the outbreak of Rubella a few years ago, here, in Ontario. I must be very clear, I am not in any way for not immunizing children. I want my babe protected to the greatest extent available by nature. That is why we recommend homoprophylaxis using homeopathic remedies. The efficacy has been proven greater at the same time causing no harm. Please see the Youtube Video Vaccination: The Hidden Truth at

    The mass media drumbeat constantly conditions people to believe that if they don’t take their shots they will be kicked out of school, arrested and thrown in jail. This trick will continue to hoodwink most of the population into taking all manner of dangerous and untested vaccines, the number of which rises every year, until they realize that the science actually is not wholly proven behind allopathic vaccines for which you will see unequivocally in the video I recommend.

    There is a plethora of examples where vaccines containing mercury, live HIV virus, live cancer and other horrors have wrought misery after victims were bullied into taking them by government mandates that they were deluded into thinking was the law.

    The flu vaccine for example, which continues to be manufactured with thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, is recommended for all pregnant women, infants and children despite the fact that the Institute of Medicine in 2001 recommended against the policy of exposing these same sensitive groups to thimerosal containing vaccines.

    Studies have shown a direct relationship between mercury in children’s vaccines and autism. Further studies have shown a decline in neurodevelopmental disorders after the removal of thimerosal-containing vaccines. The preservative has been banned or limited in Europe, Japan, England and Russia. Furthermore, there are no reported instances of autism amongst religious groups such as the Amish community and very few instances are reported in the third world.

    Autism was a practically unknown affliction some decades back, but now one in every 150 children is affected.

    Mercury is the second most toxic metal known to man behind Uranium. Thimerosal is used in vaccines not because it is good for you, but purely because it prevents vaccine contamination. Yet some have questioned why thimerosal is even considered for vaccines because there are obviously safer alternatives to preventing contamination.

    Many believe the only reason it is still in vaccines is that it allows substantial savings for pharmaceutical companies. Questions also remain about how those companies conduct vaccine research and how the government regulates them. So this is why, at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, that we are so against allopathic vaccines, however, we are totally on board with regards to the principles of lawful immunizations that do not cause harm.

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