Sex Education Like You’ve Never Known It Before!

Our Heilkunst protocols are now “taking us” liberally, and literally, into the realm of “sex education”. However, we teach it like you’ve maybe never heard it taught before. The last time you may have really studied the subject might have been about grade 10, when you were told that abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. If you were brave enough to engage with the opposite sex in your primal youth, you may have sported as many condoms as your wallet could hold, and by the time they were wholly in place, the steam in the engine may have fizzled. If you were lucky enough to pass all four bases and strike a “homer”, the experience might have been disappointing with at least one of you asking, “Is that it?”

Let’s start with the definition of health. Most people (who aren’t working with us) define health as an absence of symptoms, but this is a shortfall that stems from the conventional allopathic model of medicine. The trouble is, most people believe it. Have you ever heard the song that says, “He gives me fever”? Think about it – would you choose an absence of symptoms such as heat, sweating, heavy breathing, mucous, inflammation, and engorged tissues during sex? Would you seek to suppress that deep yearning that courses through you to ultimately couple with your beloved? It is interesting because these symptoms are wholly desirable, in this case, but in order to achieve them, you have to work at creating these “symptoms” out of your imagination.

As an example of the opposite state, cancer has very few symptoms. In fact, the sexy inflammatory capacity has pretty much disengaged. The body sees the arch-nemesis on board in the form of cancerous cells or even a tumor, but it is so resigned, that it just doesn’t care much anymore. The immune function is on vacation. It is interesting that most folks with cancer also have little or no desire for sex. They are not able to mount the desire function or the imagination to even “get it up” or create the environment to “get it in”. I’m sure you can see the connection. In my own practice, I know that if a person has lost interest in sex, yes even if they are 85, something is up (I mean down), and we’ve got to work to provoke the inflammatory response. In other words, are they willing to get “hot” again and engage in life or is the apathy and fear going to prevail?

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst Medicine, understood this phenomenon. He wholly knew that health is not an absence of symptoms. Hahnemann said, “In the healthy human state, the spirit-like life force [imagination] that enlivens the material organism as dynamis [fever capacity], governs without restriction and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital [desire function] operation, as regards both feelings [love] and functions [sex], so that our indwelling, rational [thought] spirit can freely avail itself [resonance] of this living [potent], healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence [orgastic potency]. Yes, the bracketed words are mine, but if you read Hahnemann, you’ll know he was totally hooked to nature and her capacity for true sexual potency. If you read, A Homeopathic Love Story, by Rima Handley, about Hahnemann’s marriage to Melanie, you will see what I mean. It is one of my absolute favourite books!

Dr. Wilhelm Reich also understood that the healthy functional nature of all life in human beings is driven by orgastic sexual potency. He wrote some amazing books on the subject entitled, The Function of the Orgasm, The Cancer Biopathy, The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety, Character Analysis, Listen Little Man!, and, The Murder of Christ ,to name a few. He was the individual who said, “The pleasure of living and the pleasure of the orgasm are identical.” He also noted, about 70 years ago, that less than 1% of women were able to live in this healthy state of orgastic potency, knowing pleasure, through the function of the orgasm. Reich surmised that folks are actually more afraid of truly living than suffering, struggling, or even death.

Reich also recognized that most people were only able to achieve genital climax, or ejaculation, which is centered solely in the genitals. While this is a pleasurable little “ooohh la la” moment that most people incorrectly call “orgasms”, it’s not the earth shatterin’, mind emptyin’, completely off the grid loss of consciousness where you come back re-ordered, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The feeling is that you basically flat-lined the autonomic nervous system and then the re-boot button gets pushed for you… by, well, let’s say, the force that animates you and made you manifest in a physical body. Some folks call it God! It is a great way to get to know the big “G-force” that ultimately hungers for you to be here, but it takes a great degree of health, courage, and imagination to completely let go to it. It is like the grand physical, emotional, and spiritual convulsion where you are so taken away on a tide of the grandest pleasure, you’re not attached to whether you come back and recover from it! A true state of mercy indeed; a “near-life” experience if you get it right. It is inflammation at it’s best!

So why don’t we more often hear of such deeply resonant sexual relationships? Dr. Reich said: “Extreme orgasm anxiety forms the basis of the general fear of life”. The unfortunate thing is that with events like 9/11, the Federal Reserve hijacking our generative creative capacity, and the diseases in our midst, we’re finding that most folk are polarized in their intellects, trying to hyper-manage every aspect of their lives from their heads. Daily, we face patients suffering from anxiety, stress, OCD and such, as a result of unresolved “orgasm anxiety”. These are symptomatic of the actual “Fear”, with a capital “F”, that sits housed down in the lower pole near the sex organs, kinking your capacity for love, freedom, and the beloved inflammatory response we all crave. This is the opposite state to knowing “God” and trusting in the process of the function of the orgasm.

The key lies in wiggling loose the wedge between the intellect and the sexual pole, introducing the head to the heart and to the hairy, horny bits (yes, my alliteration) and allowing them to get to know each other in a safe and healthy environment. The goal of Heilkunst treatment is to willingly invite all three members to wholly engage in regular conversations, dating openly and liberally, and then eventually answering to each other’s calls for love and intimacy. Surprising as it may seem, many folks haven’t been engaged with all their members… well, since before they were forced into toilet training, told not to touch themselves (too much and you’ll go blind!), and then grade 10 health class went and polished us off with the idea that abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. The goal of Heilkunst treatment is to live fully orgastically potent and we possess the functional therapeutic tools to get you there!

For more information on the “mechanics” of resonant sexual intimacy, including mysterious terms like G-spot, tantric sex where you learn to circulate Chi (orgone) energy, and multiple orgasms, check out, The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, by Chia and Abrams. It is written by two couples, from the west and from the east, and is a great way to learn how to build the Chi between the both of you. Another great resource is, The Kama Sutra by Tracey Cox. Yes, you need to read the text in addition to gobbling up the pictures if you want to know, “How do they bloody do that?” If imagination and fantasy is where you are challenged, take a look at Nancy Friday’s books including, MEN IN LOVE Men’s Sexual Fantasies: The Triumph of Love Over Rage.

10 thoughts on “Sex Education Like You’ve Never Known It Before!

  1. Dana

    Hi Ally and Jeff too,

    That article rocked!!Awesome!I am totally stoked about getting back into this stuff.I was just discussing with Angelika what my practice might eventually look like.I was saying that I’d love to combine these principles with the Integrated Energy Therapy somehow.I mean we need to help restore our clients to whole health right?It is blowing my mind that this article is appearing at this moment especially considering that approximately 24hrs ago I finally experienced my own ultimate earth shatterin’ experience.OMFG!!!It’s a miracle!It’s one for the record books.Only in my imagination (which was almost dead) would this have been possible.Manifestation ROCKS!!!And this is just the beginning.
    Just trying to figure out how to devour the Reich works you listed in
    the quickest possible time,along with my mentoring work with Angelika,getting my own Pampered Chef business up and running,selling the house and finding the perfect home for me and the kids, and navigating a very new and exciting connection.
    Have I bitten off more than I can chew?Naaaahhh!
    You know what? It finally feels good to be alive.I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever allow myself to truly live.Guess so.
    Love you guys!!!
    Keep up the awesome work,you inspire me every day.

  2. jkorentayer

    Thanks Dana!

    And by the way… be careful about how quickly you “devour” all the Reich books, as they pack an incredible charge, and can take you on quite the unplanned ride. His books do have the quality of not being able to put them down once you get into them, and at the same time, the charge will raise all of your residual orgonotic issues.

  3. Elaine Shannon

    my fav line…introducing the head to the heart and to the hairy, horny bits.
    Thanks for this conversation opener…Jeff I think I have a new opening line instead of, What is new? I think I might go for, What is new with your bits?

  4. Micheline Dube

    Awesome article! I would love to get my hands on some of these books! Your right Jeff, Allly does have a way with words she knows how to get the point across in a very fashionable way without beating around the bush! Love It!!!!

  5. Eleithea

    Jeff, you are very right about Reich’s books. After reading one section recently, I had a sudden onset of itching down there. Then inflammation and bizzare swelling. Upon looking closely, I also discovered that I had birth tears — my midwife said at the time that I didn’t tear, even though I could sense and feel that I had. Talk about emotional charge! The next day, I was immensely exhausted. I wrote to Rudi and he gave me some remedies. 🙂 So, now I am relaxing until the next wave of desire to open the book again. Hehe. Ally, I love this article so much. I want to mention that it still seems to be more of a mystery how to find a man who resonates with my mind and heart and body and Spirit so that I would feel that heat again! Can’t. Wait. Lol. Fear is still pretty high for me, so you’re right on about that too. Big warm hug!

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