First impressions of the Swine Flu


Photo by Austin Keys “No swine flu, please”

This morning, I received a few more e-mails from concerned patients who were wondering what we recommend to prevent the “Swine Flu” to prevent this alleged pandemic.  As I was going to a breakfast meeting, I happened to turn on CBC and heard the scariest voice of false authority imaginable announcing all the precautions one must take to avoid contracting this “deadly” virus, although not one confirmed case has shown up in Ottawa as of this morning. The fellow with the very deep voice said to be on the look out for symptoms of nausea especially after returning from Mexico.

With less than 100 cases in the States, the very expensive U.S. Guard has been notified even though Congress dealt with a swine flu scare a couple years back that did not materialize into anything.  And why is the military involved?  Are they going to use vaccines for ammo.?  What happens to you when you see young men and women dressed in black with helmets, shields and guns?  Does this promote a safe feeling or fear in the average North American?  Tuberculosis did more damage the year before and nobody called in the S.W.A.T. team for God’s sake!!!

As a Physician of Heilkunst medicine, it is my deepest goal to care for the health and well-being of myself, my family and my patients.  I am ordained to do this out of being wholly connected to the principles and truth with regards to this dynamic system of medicine in service to myself and those that I serve.  I recall once telling a young lifeguard that I will make the decision to swim where I wanted to and that he had no right to impose his belief structure about e-coli in the bay in the face of the capacity for my healthy immune function to over-come it.  I told him that I would take complete responsibility for my choice.  As he paced the beach, with his eyebrows furrowed, he finally called his Supervisor to “deal with me” who then threatened to call the police if I didn’t get out of the water.  I told him, I would be happy to, after I finished my last remaining 3 laps.  They watched dumbfounded that I did not acquiesce to their authority.

I would also like to introduce another time when Cholera was being studied as a potential epidemic:

Koch announced his discovery of the cholera vibrio in 1884. His conclusions were based upon the constant finding of the peculiar “comma bacillus” in the stools of cholera patients, and the failure to demonstrate this organism in the feces of other persons. It was not possible to reproduce typical cholera in laboratory animals. At the time the “germ theory” of disease had not yet obtained general acceptance [they eventually got this botched science through to us, though], and Koch’s announcement was received with considerable skepticism, particularly after it was found that similar “comma bacilli” could be found at times in the feces of persons not suffering from cholera, and often in all sorts of other environments – well and river waters, cheese, etc. We now know that these were saprotrophic species of Vibrio, which may be differentiated from the cholera vibrio by cultural and immunological methods [Yes, boy that is helpful in explaining away the truth]. But the correctness of Koch’s opinion was dramatically demonstrated by von Pettenkofer and Emmerich who, doubting the etiological relationship of Koch’s organisms, deliberately drank cultures of it. Von Pettenkofer developed merely a transient diarrhea, but Emmerich suffered from a typical and severe attack of cholera.

by A.T. Henrici, The Biology of Bacteria, DC Heath and Company, 1939. ASIN B00085GABK,
You will notice that the Mechanistic Material Scientists didn’t study the phenomena behind why Pettenkofer only suffered “transient diarrhea” and that our immune functions are not championed,  supported, and trusted to maintain our health and well-being.  Most folks are so paralyzed in fear as it is from prior traumas, like 9/11, that adrenaline has been shooting us up from inside ever since.  Worn out adrenals brings about resignation and what I call, the “sheeple” complex.  Over time, we just become resigned in the face of authority whether they have our best interests at heart or not.  We become like sleep-walkers, puppeted by media, the big Pharma and the Government.  We become prey!
We are always here to offer you a calm, and rational alternative, should you wish to have a homeopathic vaccine, and other remedies to boost your immune system, and allay your fears.

Gag Orders for U.S. Patients breaches 1st Amendment Rights

From Dr. William Douglass’s newsletter:

First amendment a last priority for some docs

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever seen an old re-run of Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D., you probably think you’re watching a depiction of medical care not just from a different time, but a different planet. The homey, personal attentions of Dr. Welby bear absolutely zero resemblance to today’s vast and faceless medical bureaucracy that shuttles patients through the system with all the TLC of a cattle drive.

There was a time when doctors like myself were saddened by the passing of this bygone era. But it appears that the current crop of docs doesn’t share my sentimentality. Case in point… some doctors are now asking patients to sign an agreement that they won’t post negative comments about their experiences online.

That’s right: it’s a gag order to keep patients from letting other patients know that a doctor’s got a crummy bedside manner.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Segal founded a company called Medical Justice to help doctors track and prevent online critiques from the patients. So far, about 2,000 doctors have signed on with Segal’s company.

If patients sign the agreement, they’re promising to refrain from posting any online comments referring to a given doctor’s “expertise and/or treatment.” Medical Justice then monitors the web and removes any online comments that violate the agreement.

If patients decide not to sign the waiver, Segal tells doctors to send them packing.

It’s all very 1984. It’s like agreeing to eat at a restaurant on the condition that you won’t tell anyone what the food is like. And I think it stinks.

Not long ago, I told you about a study of nearly 1000 breast cancer patients which revealed that about half of them said their doctor’s explanation of the condition, its diagnosis, and treatment options was insufficient, incomplete, or difficult to understand. If Dr. Segal’s company has its way, none of these women could pass on word of the shortcomings of these doctors to other potential patients.

In the last few years, the gap between doctors and their patients has widened considerably. It’s almost as though doctors believe that medicine itself has become larger than the people they’re seeking to treat.

Thankfully, some people are still determined to stand up for their rights. John Swapceinski created the web site to give people the opportunity to anonymously rate their physicians. As you can imagine, Swapceinski has been pressured by doctors themselves and organizations like Medical Justice to remove negative comments — but he’s standing strong.

Doctors are “basically forcing the patients to choose between health care and their First Amendment rights,” Swapceinski correctly points out. “And I really find that repulsive.”

Swapceinski even intends to combat Segal’s Draconian patient waivers by listing the names of doctors requiring these gag orders on a “Wall of Shame” on the RateMDs web site.

AMA President Dr. Nancy Nielsen said that online doctor reviews “should certainly not be a patient’s sole source of information” when looking for a doctor.

Maybe not. But it’s certainly worth taking into account. And it’s certainly your right to do so.

If you’re interested in reading what other people have written about your doctor – or even in writing a review of your own – you can go online to websites like or

Better do it now… while you still can!

Can Heilkunst cure ….?





“The physician who can cure one disease by a
knowledge of its principles may by the same means
cure all the diseases of the human body; for their
causes are the same. ” Dr. Tilden

At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, we are asked this question all the time, “Can Heilkunst medicine cure Arthritis, Allergies, Autism, A.D.D., (fill in the blank)?”  The answer is simply, “yes,” and those are only the conditions starting with “A.” The truth is, that once you understand the cause of disease and apply the medical principles on the basis of natural law, any disease qualifies for nothing less than a cure.

At the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, where we were trained, we spent almost 2 years solid (out of our 4 year medical program) studying nothing but the fundamental principles behind health and disease. Once you have these firmly secured in your tool belt, there isn’t any allopathic label that can’t be turned upside down on its head.  True causation diagnosed and resolved. So whether someone is suffering 3rd stage cancer, or something as simple as chronic tonsillitis, we will take that individual like an onion and strip the layers while at the same time dynamically helping to address their regimen, applying the appropriate homeopathic medicine and addressing the soul-spiritual schism that caused them to manifest the pattern of disease in the first place.

Actually, it is all quite simple when you have the map for solving chronic disease, the appropriate jurisdictions for treatment, and the knowledge of why the poor soul is suffering. When I hear other individuals from the alternative or allopathic medical models, I can actually feel my jaw drop as they chase after pathological symptoms like running after rabbits without the ability to catch any. For example, the HPV vaccine has no capacity to prevent cervical cancer in young girls, and already has a horrendous history of side effects.   This is the realm of trial and error and will leave the patient with the feeling that they are a human guinea pig. An unfortunate state of affairs to witness once you can grasp the underlying principles.

So, for example, if you suffer allergies and you come to see us at Arcanum, we’ll very quickly discern if the cause of your particular symptoms comes simply from a dissonant diet, a wayward pneumonia bacteria, a genetic miasm such as Sycosis (Medorrhinum), or even undischarged rage! We host a great storehouse of homeopathic remedies to calm down the noise of the symptoms en route to the cause. In the case of allergy symptoms, we will use a gaggle of remedies including allium cepa, which is medically potentized onion, so that your exasperating itchy, watery eyes and messy, snotty nose can be addressed without your continued support of the Kleenex industry!

To be clear, we go about heart disease, eczema, and even the flu following the same principles. Our line of questioning at the initial consultation will always lead us down the accurate treatment path. In conjunction with CoRe diagnosis and live blood analysis, we will always get the arch nemesis that plagues you and then we work together with you to make sure you know why you’ve unknowingly chosen to engage with the morbific entity (a.k.a disease) in the first place. This is the realm of medical Orgonomy pioneered by Willhelm Reich.  We are refining the capacity to release the psychic blocks from the somatic, physical layer without you even having to engage in the traditional “talk therapy” which just hooks you right back into the limitations of the intellect, as opposed to the abandoned realm of feeling.   Coming face to face with your anger, fears, grief, and resentment is not the easiest part of the process. These Anthropological therapies (study of the various members constituting Man) are being developed under the Heilkunst framework as I write this and is the reason my life partner Jeff and I have furthered our post graduate studies at Novalis Organon.

We have been consistently seeing neurotic character types, frozen, armored sclerotics, schizophrenics and Autistic babes walk away entirely from their original diagnosis. I can not tell you what a mind-blowing experience it is to be able to tackle the paralysed intellectual or mystic and enable them to achieve full orgastic potency, lability, and freedom without an ounce of the residue they came in for treatment for. If you don’t want to take our word for it, browse our testimonials and hear what our clients are saying about their Heilkunst treatment.  One woman said to me, “Ally, 18 months ago I came in for Heilkunst treatment to address a rash, and instead I bought consciousness!”  Oh yeah, the rash is gone too.

Book Reflections: “Boys Adrift, The Five Factors Driving The Growing Epidemic Of Unmotivated Boys And Underachieving Young Men”, by Leonard Sax, M.D., Phd.

Boys Adrift cover

I had the pleasure of pouring over this book over the Christmas break this year and I have since been recommending it heartily to patients.  More and more, I see youth come into my office with apathetic eyes and the feeling of being forsaken; especially in the boys.  The boys’ parents are feeling paralyzed about what to do for them.

Sax attributes this shift to the the following five factors:

  1. Video Games:  studies show that some of the most popular video games are disengaging boys from real-world pursuits.
  2. Teaching Methods:  profound changes in the way children are education have had the unintended consequence of turning many boys off school.
  3. Prescription Drugs:  Overuse of medication for ADHD may be causing irreversible damage to the motivational centers in boys’ brains.
  4. Endocrine Disruptors:  Environmental estrogens from plastic bottles and food sources may be lowering boys’ testosterone levels, making their bones more brittle and throwing their endocrine systems out of whack.
  5. Devaluation of Masculinity:  Shifts in popular culture have transformed the role models of manhood.  Forty years ago we had “Father Knows Best;” today we have “The Simpsons.”

In his book, Dr. Sax goes on to describe how the phthalates in water bottles contain estrogens and that the ecosystems around dump sites are indicating some very disturbing results.  For example, large numbers of male fish are starting to lose their “maleness” and their sex organs are starting to look a lot like female organs.  Also, similar studies have shown that alligators’ testicles are shrinking.  This too has been linked to this phenomena.  Estrogen is softening our males, and turning them slowly into “girls.”  Yikes!

Our schools are also part of this grand phenomenon.  Well-behaved, pleasing girls are celebrated in school, where ill-behaved boys have been labeled with ADD, ADHD, and Autism is becoming epidemic.  We are seeing the results of an education system whose goals are to create female teachers while also making sports and gym class less accessible to boys.  Sax talks about how if you aren’t on the varsity team, there are less and less outlets to play sports simply for the fun of it.  Sax goes further to suggest that we need to educate boys separately and describes one classroom where the boys are even allowed to lounge about on the floor and in chairs as long as they are respectful of the teacher and the other boys’ needs to learn.

Dr. Sax recognizes that video games are the one safe place that boys can exhibit their maleness without disrespecting society’s expectations that they remain suppressed and quiet in their attitudes and behavior.  My son, Jordan, said to me just last week, that he wishes the world was more like the game “World of Warcraft,” as life is so boring!  He added, “First you go to school and then you grow up and work, and then you die.”  His bleak summation hit home in me and I can see how his mentoring by other unmotivated young men has contributed to this state of mind.  I sadly see this same lack of inspiration or motivation in the youthful boys I serve in my clinic every day.

I asked Jordan what he loved about this video game that he has been playing of recent, as he has been too dizzy and sick to his stomach to go to school last week.  I know that he is stuck in a state of grief or the feeling of the “unlived” life.  He responded that he loves to do “battle”, find the treasures, and change himself into a more and more stealthy warrior.  When he speaks of the game, he completely lights up and his symptoms completely dissipate.  When I shared his enthusiasm for the graphics, and openly admired his strength and power, he zinged with excitement.  It was palpable.  When I walked by, he would excitedly invite me to see this new world he was in, which beasts he was fighting, and even his “hallowed soul” illuminated and floating about on one occasion when he was defeated.

This past weekend, I invited 5 boys to shovel a winter’s worth of horse manure out of the barn.  A heavy, distasteful job for most folks.  I could hear them laughing and kibitzing from about 300 metres away.  It was like the most beautiful exorcism.  The stories from their past experiences, the bawdy jokes, the self-teasing and the rapturous laughing was all in glorious good fun and it was loud and full of motivation!

The job was done in four hours, minus the huge plowman’s lunch I served them.  The barn floor was clean enough to eat off of!  It was a pleasure being with them and feeling their camaraderie being born on a task that needed to be done … even over the task of moving a couple of tonnes of horse manure.   Half the boys had never met each other before and they were fast friends by the time the day was done.  One lad was from Hungary on a 6 month tour of Canada.  And one of the other boys said “he sure learned a lot about Hungarians today!”  At lunch they talked about hockey in Canada and soccer in Europe and who their favourite players were.

Since my own son struggles with the structure of school and hates homework, I’ve made it my personal mission to figure out how to  craft an environment to suit his blossoming individuality … on his terms.  He does not remotely resemble the children of my youth … however, he does resemble me.  He is an autonmous thinker, he is motivated only towards what he loves, he is pissed off at the establishment, he won’t settle for bullshit, he can read states of mind like Clint Eastwood in Fist Full of Dollars, and he would rather be left to figure things out for himself.  The current education system totally botches this way of tactile learning at the time you hunger for it.  I know, as I failed 4 courses in grade 11!  This month, however, I am finishing my post graduate studies in what I absolutely love and am destined to be … Heilkunst Medicine extended by the insights of Anthoposophy (the study of Man) and Orgonomy (the orgastic reflex that powers him).  Yeah Baby!!!  There is no life like it.

I only hope that my son will also light up when he is ready.  I also spent years moody, and suffering the depths of my dark side, like some kind of spiritual training that only allowed for lift-off of my desire function in my late 30’s.  Maybe this is the plight of the modern individual and it has to be crafted in this way to achieve the heights and depths of true thinking, feeling and willing.  Certainly Rudolf Steiner and Wilhelm Reich agree that there is a mighty incubation period and horrible “guardians at many thresholds” before true orgastic potency and illumination can be achieved.  With the art of Medical Heilkunst, we are helping to shorten the distance to this end.