Can Heilkunst cure ….?





“The physician who can cure one disease by a
knowledge of its principles may by the same means
cure all the diseases of the human body; for their
causes are the same. ” Dr. Tilden

At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, we are asked this question all the time, “Can Heilkunst medicine cure Arthritis, Allergies, Autism, A.D.D., (fill in the blank)?”  The answer is simply, “yes,” and those are only the conditions starting with “A.” The truth is, that once you understand the cause of disease and apply the medical principles on the basis of natural law, any disease qualifies for nothing less than a cure.

At the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, where we were trained, we spent almost 2 years solid (out of our 4 year medical program) studying nothing but the fundamental principles behind health and disease. Once you have these firmly secured in your tool belt, there isn’t any allopathic label that can’t be turned upside down on its head.  True causation diagnosed and resolved. So whether someone is suffering 3rd stage cancer, or something as simple as chronic tonsillitis, we will take that individual like an onion and strip the layers while at the same time dynamically helping to address their regimen, applying the appropriate homeopathic medicine and addressing the soul-spiritual schism that caused them to manifest the pattern of disease in the first place.

Actually, it is all quite simple when you have the map for solving chronic disease, the appropriate jurisdictions for treatment, and the knowledge of why the poor soul is suffering. When I hear other individuals from the alternative or allopathic medical models, I can actually feel my jaw drop as they chase after pathological symptoms like running after rabbits without the ability to catch any. For example, the HPV vaccine has no capacity to prevent cervical cancer in young girls, and already has a horrendous history of side effects.   This is the realm of trial and error and will leave the patient with the feeling that they are a human guinea pig. An unfortunate state of affairs to witness once you can grasp the underlying principles.

So, for example, if you suffer allergies and you come to see us at Arcanum, we’ll very quickly discern if the cause of your particular symptoms comes simply from a dissonant diet, a wayward pneumonia bacteria, a genetic miasm such as Sycosis (Medorrhinum), or even undischarged rage! We host a great storehouse of homeopathic remedies to calm down the noise of the symptoms en route to the cause. In the case of allergy symptoms, we will use a gaggle of remedies including allium cepa, which is medically potentized onion, so that your exasperating itchy, watery eyes and messy, snotty nose can be addressed without your continued support of the Kleenex industry!

To be clear, we go about heart disease, eczema, and even the flu following the same principles. Our line of questioning at the initial consultation will always lead us down the accurate treatment path. In conjunction with CoRe diagnosis and live blood analysis, we will always get the arch nemesis that plagues you and then we work together with you to make sure you know why you’ve unknowingly chosen to engage with the morbific entity (a.k.a disease) in the first place. This is the realm of medical Orgonomy pioneered by Willhelm Reich.  We are refining the capacity to release the psychic blocks from the somatic, physical layer without you even having to engage in the traditional “talk therapy” which just hooks you right back into the limitations of the intellect, as opposed to the abandoned realm of feeling.   Coming face to face with your anger, fears, grief, and resentment is not the easiest part of the process. These Anthropological therapies (study of the various members constituting Man) are being developed under the Heilkunst framework as I write this and is the reason my life partner Jeff and I have furthered our post graduate studies at Novalis Organon.

We have been consistently seeing neurotic character types, frozen, armored sclerotics, schizophrenics and Autistic babes walk away entirely from their original diagnosis. I can not tell you what a mind-blowing experience it is to be able to tackle the paralysed intellectual or mystic and enable them to achieve full orgastic potency, lability, and freedom without an ounce of the residue they came in for treatment for. If you don’t want to take our word for it, browse our testimonials and hear what our clients are saying about their Heilkunst treatment.  One woman said to me, “Ally, 18 months ago I came in for Heilkunst treatment to address a rash, and instead I bought consciousness!”  Oh yeah, the rash is gone too.

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