Homoprophylaxis in Cuba a Monumental Success!

I was very excited to read about the rate of success of Homoprophylaxis on such a grand scale in Cuba. Politically and financially, the folks in this country don’t qualify for big Pharma solutions to a bacterial infection such as Leptospirosis, which can be problematic after flooding, so they have to find more creative and cost-effective solutions. One Homeopathic nosode (which is a remedy prepared from a product of disease such as infected tissues or the exact microbe), was provided to 2.5 million people as a safe and effective form of homeopathic vaccination.

Homeopathic remedies, including nosodes, are diluted and potentized to the point that there is only a bio-energetic memory of the disease in the water and alcohol base. The more it is diluted and succussed, the stronger the remedy becomes. When delivered on the basis of Homoprophylaxis, you are actually operating on the the law of nature, “like cures like” giving the person the experience as if they’ve already had the disease. The allopathic vaccines do the same, however, they are very costly and can cause morbific harm from live bacterias, harmful preservatives such as thimerosal, and in some cases even death.

A nosode can be sold to us Homeopaths for about $5.00 U.S. and we can graft that bio-energetic memory and give it millions of folks without causing them an ounce of harm. Shhhhh, because big Pharma gets really pissed if you tell them you can achieve much better results at a minutia of the cost. Isn’t nature wonderful?!!!

I encourage you to read the article yourself, but I will excerpt the following as it is my favourite statement:

“But this time, within 2 weeks after Aug 2007, the rising lines (of incidences of bacterial infections) literally dropped off the chart to ZERO-Ten infections only! Yes. Near-zero infections, zero deaths from leptospirosis after Aug 2007. And in 2008, no deaths, infections less than 10 a month.”

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