The Finnish Minister of Health Is Not Buying The H1N1 Pandemic


A very close colleague of mine has been the recipient of two pieces “mail” recently.  First from the FDA (The United States’ Federal Drug Administration) citing the following key paragraph:

“If you are not located in the United States, please note that
unapproved, uncleared, or unauthorized products intended to diagnose,
mitigate, prevent, treat, or cure the H1 N1 Flu Virus offered for
importation into the United States are subject to detention and
refusal of admission. We will advise the appropriate regulatory or law
enforcement officials in the country from which
you operate that FDA considers your product(s) listed above to be
unapproved, uncleared, or unauthorized products that cannot be legally
sold to consumers in the United States.”

I trust that the FDA will employ a goodly number of folk to search out the massive stream of envelopes slipping through the U.S. mail system containing bio-energetically infused rice paper hearts that haven’t the capacity to cause an ounce of harm.

The second letter my colleague received is from “The Competition Bureau of Canada” on the subject of her website where she offers the H1N1 Swine Flu natural immunization:

I am writing to inform you that investigators from the Competition
Bureau (the “Bureau”) are monitoring the Internet to identify websites promoting
products to Canadians using various representations which could raise questions
under the false or misleading representations and deceptive marketing practices
provisions of the Competition Act (the “Act”). The Bureau is an independent law
enforcement agency that contributes to the prosperity of Canadians by protecting and promoting
competitive markets and enabling informed consumer choice.
Upon review of your website, XXXXXXXXXXX last week, we
noticed that you had made representations such as, but not limited to:
“FREE Swine Flu Homeopathic Immunization”
“A Remedy You Can Take Right Now To Protect You From the Swine Flu”
“Take advantage of our Free Swine Flu Natural Immunization-the safe
alternative to the swine flu shot.”
“The XXXXXXXXXX Center has a natural proprietary formula that
matches the frequency pattern of the A(HlN1) Human Swine Flu virus. It stimulates
your immune system to naturally create resistance should you be exposed to
the Swine Flu.”
These above-mentioned representations are in the form of statements
suggesting the efficacy and performance of your product, the Swine Flu Homeopathic
Immunization. Please note that section 74.03 (l)(a) of the Act
prohibits the making of false or misleading representations. Additionally, in order to comply
with section 74.01(l)(b) of the Act, these representations should be based on

adeauate and proper tests, the proof of which lies on the person making the representations.

Health-related claims, like those made on your website, must be

supported by generally accepted, competent and reliable scientific evidence

[Where is their scientific evidence?]. You should be aware
that to exaggerate the benefits of products or services or to misstate
the level of scientific support you have for your claims could also raise concerns under the
Act. Please note, under section 74.01(6) of the Act, the general impression conveyed by
these representations, as well as the literal meaning are taken into account
in determining if the representations raise questions under the Act.
It is our view that the above-mentioned representations could give the
general impression that the Swine Flu Homeopathic Immunization protects the
user from contracting the HlNl virus and is a reliable alternative to the HlNl
flu shot. Please note that we have not conducted an all-inclusive review of your
website and the products that your firm promotes. It is your responsibility to
ensure that all the products and promotions advertised by your firm comply with the Act.
This includes, but is not limited to, the promotion of products on-line, in-store
advertisements and verbal representations made during in-person consultations.
We recognize that you have taken steps to address some of the HlNl
related representations on your website, however we have concerns that you may
continue to make such representations, either on your website or through other
media. Accordingly, we are inviting you to review all of your representations and if you
do not have the scientific proof to demonstrate that your product can perform as
advertised, we request that you remove such claims from your website and stop making such
claims in any type of advertisement until you obtain adequate and proper testing in
accordance with the Act.
Please be advised that we will continue to monitor your site to assess
compliance and will take appropriate steps if non-compliance is observed.
If you have any questions concerning this letter, please contact
Boulianne at christian.boulianne@cb-bc.g;
– or (819)994-6039.
For more information on the Competition Bureau you may also want to
visit our
website at:
Yours truly,
NAssistant Deputy
Fair Business Practices Branch
Competition Bureau Canada

I love how they assume their are no “adequate tests” of homeopathics.  There hasn’t been an ounce of harm caused in over 200 years.  We are not the number one killer of North Americans as per Dr. Mercola regarding prescription drugs.  We’ve called over 100 folks annually for the first 3 years to discern the efficacy of  homeopathic immunizations to discern that we tout over 98% efficacy on the basis of the law of nature without causing harm. The Centre for Disease Control can offer 15% at best!  So who is actually making false claims here?   I will allow you, our very educated community, be the judge.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Narayan Singh regarding the spiritual meaning behind the Influenza virus and I’ll look forward to hearing your comments about all of this below:

FLU; INFLUENZA (Virus infection)
“At their mercy.” They have feelings of being under the influence of malevolent forces and of
being weak and helpless. It may reflect the vulnerability feelings that accompany times and processes of
great change. There is a fear of attack from others and of taking life in fully. They have a strong
experience of lack of support and protection. They have the experience that the very worst is about to
happen to them. There is a good deal of internal conflict, confusion and susceptibility to suggestion,
especially from the “world of agreement” or the “group mind” or “statistical proofs.” They are the
product of severely untrustworthy parenting arising out of a deeply fearful family.
“Urban hermit.” There is an insufficient involvement and interaction, an “among us but not of
us” pattern. Underneath is a buried rage and hatred for their being so alone, alien and alienated. It
comes from a family in which they could do no right as the unrecognized and unacknowledged “family
hoist” upon whom everyone depended and whom no one supported, sustained or validated.

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