Probiotics, the Gut and Autism

Rudolf Steiner was right on the mark when he said, “as above, so below.” We know that our colons share the same “atmosphere” as our brains.  Dr. Gershon recognized that Serotonin, the chemical that helps to renew us primarily through inducing healthy sleep, is actually propelled out of the colon.  Dr. Gershon wrote a book called The Second Brain which does a superb job explaining why the gut muddies the brain and nervous system if our digestion is distorted by disease and related conditions.

If you consider that 8-9 litres of water bathes the large intestine daily, extracting the last of the minerals and salts from our fecal matter before it exits the rectum, we start to clue in to how the toxins are also subject to this permeable wall and end up in our mesenchymal layer (we are 80% sea water).  With this in “mind,” we start to clue in to the fact that  the brain sits in this same fluid.  Only 6-7 tablespoons of water exit our bodies at one time with stool, so if we starve our system of the amount of pure water we need to consume every day, we are really creating a primordial mucky soup around our brain and organs from our own “undigested” shit!

When folks introduce probiotics, practice proper elimination techniques, eliminate processed grains and sugars from their diets, eradicate the diseases, including the heavy metals – voila! – they think better, are less nervous, and their focus becomes stellar.  Autistic children generally crave sugars to feed the yeasts and foci infections found liberally in the gut that coat the heavy metals (the yeast actually function to prevent heavy metal poisoning).  That is why it is absolutely imperative that chelation be done on the basis of principle and knowledge, which Heilkunstlers are wholly trained in, as you don’t want to trip the system to release the toxicity in the gut too fast, or you end up with a die-off nightmare.  Through principled medicine, the sugar cravings just slow, and the healthy relationship between the two brains is restored.

This is extracted from an e-mail response by us from the Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst Autism group from this article.

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