Using the typologies of nature to find our way through health and disease

One of our newsletter subscribers recently asked me a question about whether there is a correlation between the Genotypes (personality types), and the blood types.  Here is part of the answer I sent:

That’s a great question!  In the case of the blood types, and the genotypes, there are no apparent correlations, but who knows what a carefully organized research project could reveal about a more general pattern of correlation.

Heilkunst medicine works as well as it does, because it works though the correct application of corrective therapeutics applied at the right time to various dimensions of typologies of health and disease that we’re all made up of.  If nature herself did not work on the basis of typology, then it would not be possible to have any system of medicine, as each individual would be a completely unique phenomenon governed by laws uniquely their own.

Personally, I have always been drawn to various typology systems, and is partly what brought me to Heilkunst medicine, which treats at a variety of levels of typology, such as:
•    Blood type diet (D’Adamo)
•    Glandular type diet (Abravanel)
•    Metabolic type diet (Walcott)
•    Genotype (healthy constitution)
•    Phenotype (highly stressed constitutional states)
•    Character typologies (Dr. Wilhelm Reich)
•    Jurisdictions of disease causation:

  • Homogenic (specific physical or emotional trauma)
  • Pathogenic (includes both acute miasms such as measles, and chronic miasms, such as tuberculosis)
  • Iatrogenic (disease caused by doctor’s error)
  • Ideogenic (disease caused by belief)
  • Geogenic (disease caused by natural phenomenon, such as magnetic lines of the earth)

•    Temperaments (Ancient system of “earth, air, water, and fire” giving rise to Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholic and Choleric personality types)
•    etc.

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5 thoughts on “Using the typologies of nature to find our way through health and disease

  1. Tess Freeman

    But how about Dr D’adamos Genotypes and the homeopathic constitutions. They seem to be related to me, since they both cross over on classifying physical characteristics, and physiological/emotional/spiritual world-views. I thought they might line up like this:
    Calc Carb- Nomad
    (I am a Phosophorous like you Allyson(!) and seem to do better on the hunter diet than blood group.)

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    HI Tess,

    Yes, those look like an interesting way of grouping those correlations, but unfortunately they don’t agree with clinical observations. It happens all the time that our intellect finds relationships and patterns which are very neat and tidy, but ultimately have to be compared to actual observation. Our intellectual capacity, on its own, has a tendency to build sand castles in the sky.

    It was a nice thought, thought!

  3. Leigh

    Thanks Jeff for the April newsletter and this article, are feeling much more comfortable with being an observer and not trying to ‘figure things out’.

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