Water Science

It is amazing how little we know about water, the medium that sustains all of life.  This video series, entitled Water Science, illuminates the science behind this mysterious substance going way beyond two hydrogen molecules and an oxygen molecule.  If you choose to watch all 10 parts, you may be dazzled by the fact that water is the only substance in nature to increase in volume when it freezes and can change its form from a solid to a liquid to a gas just by adding heat.  You can experience this mysterious phenomenon every time you add ice to your iced tea, or even boil the kettle for tea.  When explained in terms beyond its physical, molecular structure, you will observe its capacity to hold thought and intention in its cellular memory!

The stories illustrating prayer received and held by the physical properties of  water, really elevates us from the mundane and mechanical view of life up into the cosmic, spiritual Pleroma.  I loved the story about the man, orphaned as a boy, who intuitively wandered strange lands until he bent to sip at a pool of water that restored memories of his family and his childhood home.  It is equally astounding to watch the scientists unravel, before your eyes, the measured and proven truths about how the intention of “Love” can be captured as an organized “snow flake-like” structure of the most beauteous form in a droplet of water.  You will also see, under that same high powered microscope, how the words “you idiot” create chaos and disturbed images also on the tableau of the water, confirming that the the negative thoughts perpetuated by karma can have long term devastating consequences on an organism.

While this is all valuable knowledge, perhaps stretching the imagination, I would like to try to show how the etheric, watery domain of man is influenced by medicine. I will try to show, simply, that water can be the medium to purvey homeopathic intentionality from outside our selves, and how this informed remediation actually impresses its curative action on our watery etheric body effectively  influencing our human organism in a different way from the merely material.  For if I tell you that, “I love you,” with true intention, if receptive, you will receive an impression on your etheric body, and even a resultant physical sensation dispersed by your own etheric body through auricular channels or waterways to the level of your skin;  all that motility occurs in that primordial ocean sloshing around bathing your bones!

Rudolf Steiner expounds on the properties the  watery etheric domain housed under our skin and how it permeates all of life,

The etheric body has approximately the size and form of the physical body, so that it practically fills the same space. It is an extremely delicate and finely organized structure. Now, the particles of the etheric body are in continual motion. Countless currents stream through it in every direction. By these currents [meridians], life itself is maintained and regulated. Every body that has life, including animals and plants, possesses an etheric body. Even in minerals traces of it can be observed. These currents and movements are, to begin with, independent of human will and consciousness, just as the action of the heart or stomach is beyond our jurisdiction, and this independence remains unaltered so long as we do not take our development in hand in the sense of acquiring supersensible faculties.


Steiner, Rudolf, Anthroposophical Spritual Science and Medical Therapy, Lecture II, 3rd edition, Dornach, Switzerland, 1963.

[parentheses are mine]

It is important to note, here, the logos language used to describe the primordial ocean within, the etheric body; currents, movements, maintained, regulated, and finely organized.  What you may notice is that the etheric body is not only  structured, but also motile at the same time.  It is a polarity.  The etheric body, in fact, defines the entire level of health of our organism, keeping it labile and flexible within an ordered environment, just like water bubbling up from an artesian well or over the crest of the Himalayans.  The opposite state of disease is depicted in the sclerotic, static and rigid state en route to the ultimate end; rigor mortis [Latin : rigor, stiffness + mortis, genitive of mors, death.]! If you watch the film, you will see how every right angle in city pipes carrying water to offices and homes is diminished of its life energy.  The sludge-like nature of pollution with chaotic crystals may even cause you to feel grief, anger and fear.

If we stop to define health as per Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, we start to piece together how this moving labile etheric current keeps us in harmonious, vital operation “In the healthy human state, the spirit-like force (autocracy), that enlivens the material organism as dynamis, governs without restriction and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation as regards both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling rational spirit can avail itself of this living healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.”  Again, just notice the language depicting this state of being: harmonious, spirit-like, governs, vital operation.  It also feels very much how we describe the etheric body above.  There is that polarity of structure and motility again, structured just like healthy, life-giving water.


Rigor mortis definition derived from Answers.com

O’Reilly, Wenda Brewster, The Organon Of The Medical Art, Birdcage Books, 1996, translated by Steven Decker from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, 1842.

Health is related to the etheric body as illness is to the astral body (airy element or desire/fulfillment) and death to the ego (warmth organism, ontic or sense of self). This becomes ever clearer and clearer on spiritual investigation as per Rudolf Steiner,  “To heal, to restore health, means to be able to create in the etheric body counter-reactions to the processes that produce illness and that proceed from the astral body. One must work from the etheric body in order to paralyze the forces of the astral body, which are the processes producing illness.  Then there is a fourth factor. This is, in a certain way, the polar opposite of death. I must point out first that we can perceive death entering the human being concretely when his whole inner organization has become so physical (absence of spiritual lability) that no nutritive process, no really effective nutritive process, can be introduced anymore. This is death from old age. Death from old age is actually the inability of the organism to absorb substance. Usually this phenomenon cannot be fully observed because ordinarily the human being dies of other causes before it sets in, rather than of this bodily demise in its pure form. But it is really a failure of nutrition. Thus the polar opposite of death is nutrition, and we can relate the nutrition in the human being to the physical body.”



Ultimately, the currents dry up and impressions from nature, whether sourced from thought or substance,  can no longer penetrate the human being on the watery domain.  That is why you may hear us describe the disease process in terms of armoring, sclerotic tendencies or in Wilhelm Reich’s terms, The Cancer Biopathy, “Since everything is antithetically arranged, there must be two different types of single-celled organisms: (a) life-destroying organisms or organisms that form through organic decay, (b) life-promoting organisms that form from inorganic material that comes to life.” This idea of spontaneous generation led him to believe he had found the cause of cancer. He called the life-destroying organisms “T-bacilli,” with the T standing for Tod, German for death. He described in The Cancer Biopathy how he had found them in a culture of rotting cancerous tissue obtained from a local hospital. He wrote that T-bacilli were formed from the disintegration of protein; they were 0.2 to 0.5 micrometer in length, shaped like lancets, and when injected into mice, they caused inflammation and cancer. He concluded that, when orgone energy (life energy) diminishes in cells through aging or injury, the cells undergo “bionous degeneration,” or death. At some point, the deadly T-bacilli start to form in the cells. Death from cancer, he believed, was caused by an overwhelming growth of the T-bacilli.


Reich, Wilhelm, The Cancer Biopathy,  Orgone Institute Press, Inc.,  1973

You may be able to discern from this excerpt that disease is an engendered state, an impregnation of the etheric body.  Cancer for example just hijacks the motile etheric currents, arresting its promotion, and starts to reproduce, at an alarming rate, “bionus degeneration” for its own use.  The anatomy of a tumor is an accumulation of deadly orgone energy.  In essence, it hijacks the mission for life-giving ideas, creativity and harmonious operation, circumventing it, depriving it of life, anaerobically squashing the breath right of each watery cell.  That is why cancerous T-bacilli can not metabolize water, heat or light and while the patient may be drinking lots of life-giving water, or sitting in the sun regularly, the organism simply can’t absorb it.  The cells become hardened by their attitude of resignation.

To cure disease means that you need to cure on the level of the etheric body.  On the basis of the law of resonance, this must be done on the homeopathic principle of the law of cure, “Like Cures Like.”  As in the movie Water Science, I know that I can deliver information to water simply through conscious thought.  This is the harnessing of Christ-consciousness and spooks the dickens out of the traditional, material and mechanical scientist, but not anymore.  If you watch Water Science, you will see one of those scientists, Dr. Emoto (Messages From Water), actually prove that the crystal formation in water is categorically different for music played to it by a recording by Bach than by Mozart.  If I tell you that, “I Love You,” or “Arnica 1M” prescribed for bruising or exhaustion, I am providing an arcane impulse, harnessed by thought or the logos and if received by your etheric, primordial ocean, on the basis of lawful prescribing, I will cure your disease without causing an ounce of harm. Look Mom, no hands!

Water Science is a testament to our burgeoning consciousness into spiritual science and Heilkünst provides a way to structure this domain and harnessing her Sophia-imbued wisdom.  Through refined nature delivered on the basis of law, in order to cure the process of rigidity incumbent with disease, we can restore the particles of continual motion in the watery etheric body so that the source of all of life is once again in flow, maintained and wholly regulated.

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