Why take a Remedy?

I am fascinated when I’ve posed this question both to laymen, patients and even fellow-clinicians, what an array of answers I receive.  One friend, who does not use Heilkünst medicine as a function of her primary treatment, responded, ” Well if it can’t cause you harm, it can’t hurt either, so why not?”  A patient of mine said, “Well, I’m trying to get rid of something aggravating, and the Doctors just want to drug me for it … that latter option doesn’t really leave me better off, now does it?”  A fellow-clinician of mine answered the most interestingly I think, “Well, if you have to send the patient away without something in hand, they’ll accuse you of not having served them at all!”  The latter may be my favorite justification.  When I went to a birthday party as a child, I’d always leave a little peeved if I’d gone to the trouble to bring them a birthday present and there wasn’t a loot-bag for my effort … actually, now that I really think about it, it was actually my parent’s effort.  Mom, Dad … after 47 years, out of gratitude, I owe you a slew of loot-bags!

Really, why take a remedy?  I’d been thinking about this question for weeks now.  Admittedly, as the Practitioner of the principles of Heilkünst Medicine, and diagnostician of the true cause of disease, and dispenser of curative remediation, I really had no fundamental clue how to answer this very simple and basic question, “Why Take a Remedy?”  I love that moment when I squirm in my Muck boots.  Sure, I can spout what I was taught by my Mentors and Dr. Samuel Hahnemann that the Physician has only one clear job to do (if they are being true to their calling) and that is to cure disease according to the laws of nature; however, for me it still didn’t answer the fundamental question.

I had to go back, in my imagination, to the time that I was experiencing a whole host of symptoms.  Afterwards, I realized that my chronic fatigue, psoriasis, left-sided breast lump, chronic constipation, and secretly suicidal state were just symptomatic precursors for the cancer state of mind.  I was slowly checking out.  The option was, of course, to go on an anti-depressant, and on some level, this seemed like a viable option.  It made perfect sense given my Mom’s diagnosed manic depression, schizophrenia and subsequent suicide when I was 8. No Doctor in his right mind would have denied me the prescription for sure.   On top of it all, at the time I was considering Heilkunst medicine as an option to treat my family’s ills, I was also the Mom of a babe in the autistic spectrum which provided a whole host of reasons for me to feel buckets of guilt and depression.  My Dad had also died of a sudden heart-attack when I was 17.  I qualified perfectly for drugs, so why didn’t I take them?

Well, to begin with, I had a mini-stroke while on the Pill in my early 20’s.  My blood pressure was so high, it had to be brought down by medication, which made me sicker than a dog!  I once had a laparoscopy with a disappointing zero diagnosis for an inflamed bowel that never illuminated the fundamental cause.  Typically, when I tried to ingest any kind of chemical drug, the side-effects outweighed the original symptoms and so I just chose to suffer them instead.  I was disappointed, so like my friend, when I came to the application of the principles of Homeopathic Medicine, I thought the same as she did, “Well if it can’t cause harm, it can’t hurt either, so why not?”  The interesting thing was that my symptoms lessened and then disappeared altogether.  After a while, like my patients, it was all about getting rid of something.  I became a remedy junky.  I despised suffering, especially my own, and so it seemed like a viable way to avoid facing any of the hard stuff in my life, both physical and mental.  I admit it, I came to this system of medicine in order to main-line homeopathic remedies!  Now, you know.

As a fully ordained Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, my other motivation also became the same as my fellow clinician: give good, consistent service on the basis of curative law and provide remediation which does not cause harm on sound laws of nature.  In short, always provide a really good loot-bag!  However, as our technologies have shifted and an emergency with a patient came up in South Africa, quite a few years back now, I realized that we were transmitting energy waves from a computer and his extreme flu symptoms completely disappeared within the hour.  My son, Jordan, one summer got botulism at camp in the woods of northern Quebec and there was no way to get him a loot bag or even the transmission of energy from the CoRe Bioresonance Feedback System.  I had to transmit the curative remedy, huh … by thought alone.  I had nothing else but my mind.  He was the only child out of 7 that stopped vomiting that night. That incident, and now scores of others in our repertoire, led me to ask first, “What is a remedy?”  (Maybe that will be the quest for the next Blog article!)

After 7 years, now, of practicing Heilkunst medicine and watching folks not only consistently lose their symptoms, find their life’s work that resonates with their higher self, find the love of their life, or have a healthy baby when their fertility options were seemingly nil, it feels to me that we’ve gone well beyond just getting rid of something.  I have had the greatest pleasure of witnessing individuals come to embrace their essential selves.  For me, it is so much more rewarding than having become a Dentist or a car mechanic!  It is mind-blowing to me that for a person to arrive at this place of imaginative self-governance, I only have to have the right thinking, a pure intention, a thought!  This is consciousness and the whole reason that we are imbued with spirit in a physical body.  Really, Heilkunst medicine is a glorified Mentorship, and the vehicle to arrive there are the remedies sourced from nature.  The earthly kingdom provides refined remediation from mineral, animal, and plant sources that allows for the full incarnation of the human being into matter.  A simple task n’est pas?

Unknowingly, Dr. Emoto cemented the spiritual aspects of this curative medical art under very high powered microscopes.  You can look at the “thought” images captured in water, if you like, on his website.  This is an illuminated documentation of how our spiritual intent meets the cells of matter.  After you’ve taken a gander at these, you may spontaneously have the thought about how we humans are also around 80% water.  We are taking in impressions all of the time and impressing them on our watery domain.  In science we call this the etheric body or our mesenchymal layer.  Remedies are really conscious remediation derived from nature applied on the basis of jurisdiction and law that remove emotional and physical shocks and traumas at the cellular level of our watery domains.  The Naturopaths and Homeopaths at large will tell you that it is just about re-balancing a “dis-ease”.  They are actually way off the mark and displaying a total underutilization of Heilkunst medicine as per Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who said, that disease is a dynamic mistunement of the dynamic power, an engenderment of a disease very much like a pregnancy.  I’d like someone to try and “re-balance” their life-force after becoming pregnant.  Ça c’est impossible!

In conclusion, in my mind, taking a remedy is not the lesser of a greater evil, called chemical drugs.  It certainly is not just something to re-balance the person.  Although it does remove blockages, shocks and truamas, ultimately curing a disease on the basis of law, it would be a shortfall to call it a loot bag.  It is the capacity to use one’s heightened knowledge and consciousness to remove an engendered disease so that a human being can commune more clearly with their spiritually imbued self, through their intuition and imagination, minus the noise of their symptoms.  It is only the capacity for both Clinician, and patient, to know all of the edges of their self-imbued creative essence, their generative (genius) power, the God-head.  There, now I’ve said it!  It’s out.

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2 thoughts on “Why take a Remedy?

  1. Stephen Cobb

    remedy (n.)
    early 13c., from Anglo-Fr. remedie, O.Fr. remede, from L. remedium “a cure, remedy, medicine” from re-, intensive prefix (or perhaps lit., “again”), + mederi “to heal” (see medical).

    1640s, from Fr. médical, from L.L. medicalis “of a physician,” from L. medicus “physician” (n.); “healing” (adj.), from mederi “to heal, give medical attention to, cure,” originally “know the best course for,” from an early specialization of the PIE (Proto-Indo-European) base *med- “to measure, limit, consider, advise” (cf. Gk. medomai “be mindful of,” Avestan vi-mad- “physician,” L. meditari “reflect on,” Ir. miduir “judge”)

    Thanks, Ally, for being a true medician – one who “knows the best course for” a patient’s true genius to emerge from the static resistances that armor and hold them captive.

    “Prescribing the remedy” is the participative, gnostic, and magical (intuitive, inspirative, and imaginative) operation of measuring, limiting, considering, and advising the patient to change their consciousness (metanoia) toward their higher, subtler, spiritual purposes in life. Re-mediation means “being mindful of” this higher purpose, again and again.

    It is the nature of static resistance to freeze and cloud over this purposeful desire – like “Jack Frost” on the window pane of the soul – and our divine nature to defrost and uncover it. If Jack Frost is nipping at your soul, you’ll want someone like Ally to help warm up your engen and turn on the defroster for a blast of rage!

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