Bypassing The Cholesterol Myth

Lowering Cholesterol can actually be harmful to your health!  The New England Journal of Medicine has actually corrected the myth that dietary intake of fat does not cause heart disease, but that sugar is a much more significant factor in the cause of dangerous heart and arterial inflammation.  Cholesterol is actually an important molecule released by the liver in order to allow life to exist.  It is the healative agent in cellular inflammation.  Lowering cholesterol with statin drugs can actually cause more harm than good, and even provoke inflammation in the body instead as the cells feel unaided by the fatty, corrective bath.  There is actually no good or bad cholesterol.  LDL and HDL are vehicles that transport fats, repair cells, regulate hormones, and metabolize vitamin D3.   Cholesterol doesn’t oxidize in water, or in the blood, and it has never been proven scientifically to cause inflammation.  Actually, sugar drives the supposedly good HDL cholesterol down and is considered more harmful if the pre-diabetic state becomes glycated forming inflammation of the heart muscle.

Lipitor, Crestor and Zocar are chemical drugs touted by Big Pharma to lower your Cholesterol. Most Doctors are instructed by the Big Pharma companies to get a person’s cholesterol down to “70.”  This is in fact, unnaturally low and can cause more damage to the cardiovascular system than good.  Also, Dr. Mark Hyman proposes that these drugs are aimed at the wrong enemy, as dementia (sycosis), cancer and diabetes are actually the bigger causes for heart disease.  When he accessed the study in the New England Journal it was found that, “The study found a 39.8 percent reduction in LDL (or bad cholesterol) and a 138 percent increase in HDL (or good cholesterol).  Sure, the medications lowered cholesterol. However, the study was not large enough or long enough to answer the most important question: Did the drug results in fewer heart attacks and deaths. Despite this glaring omission, the scientists reporting on these results used words such as “spectacular”, “giddy”, “enormous”, “most excited in decades” to describe their enthusiasm over the medication. Of course, the researchers (as I described in a recent post “Dangerous Spin Doctors”) were on the payroll of Merck who funded the study.”

It would seem that the scientists, themselves, suffer some dementia or short-term memory loss, as in 2007, just three years ago, a new wonder drug from Pfizer called Torcetrapib, working on the same mechanism as the newer Merck drug, Anacetrapib does.  In fact, it follows precisely the same action as the other.  It had been confirmed that LDL was dramatically lowered, while HDL cholesterol was raised, just like the new drugs from Merck.  The concurrent problem was that deaths from heart attacks increased 25 percent and deaths from heart disease in general, increased a whopping 40 percent.  Overall deaths increased to an abominable 200 percent.  After spending over $800 million in the development of these drugs, Pfizer had to walk away due to the results where they caused more harm by heart disease and deaths than those that were saved.  Why is Merck being permitted by the FDA to proceed on the basis of the same already tried and harmful findings?

Also, Dr. Ron Rosedale touts similarly, “Common sense would indicate that we should avoid the oxidation (rancidity) of cholesterol and fatty acids and not get rid of important life-giving molecules. Using the same conventional medical thinking that is being used for cholesterol would lead one to believe that doctors should reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by taking out everybody’s brain.  In fact, cholesterol is being transported to tissues as part of an inflammatory response that is there to repair damage.”  We are then just shooting the messenger as opposed to treating the underlying cause.  It is actually the sugar and refined carbohydrates that cause the rancidity, inflaming arteries, the heart muscle and raising insulin.  The cholesterol is actually released from the liver in an effort to repair the damage caused by the inflammation.  If we lower it, unnecessarily with drugs, we in fact leave the cells unprotected and rendered impotent to resolve their plight.

Dr. Rosedale goes on to illuminate unequivocally, “The fixation on cholesterol as a major cause of heart disease defies the last 15 years of science and deflects from real causes such as the damage (via glycation) that sugars such as glucose and fructose inflict on tissues, including the lining of arteries, causing chronic inflammation and resultant plaque.”  Ah, so now that we now the true culprit, it is up to Physicians to stop deluding the public and breaching the Hippocratic Oath by perpetuating harm.

We know that drugs do not treat the root cause of disease, ever.  They are not prescribed on the basis of natural law and are unfortunately only suppressive or palliative at best.  They can give the illusion that the symptoms are gone, but the root cause prevails and will generally find other ways of manifesting.  The root cause of heart disease is dynamic and is due to a dissonant diet high in sugars (unable to extract the sweetness from life), unreconciled stress, a lack of a true love relationship with the self or others, and the influence of a dastardly genetic miasm or two.  A satiric editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine, many years ago, suggested that Doctors should prescribe new drugs vehemently early on before the side effects are brought to light.  Use of the new Anacetrapib seems to be following this harmful diatribe.

The Empiricists are amazing, as it has been suggested that statin drugs be placed at the cash counters of MacDonald’s.  This is the epitome of faulty reductionist thinking.  I served a patient a couple of years ago who insisted on remaining on the drug as insurance, even though after Heilkunst treatment, he’d arrived at the desired state of homeostasis.  His LDL and HDL levels were perfectly normal and stabilized.  Although he suffered odd symptoms, including heart palpitations, loss of sexual potency, a loss of muscle mass while still actively playing hockey and sudden drops in blood pressure, he was reluctant to go off the medications prescribed by his Doctor, even though the literature from other studies like these illumined that the drugs were the cause of the harmful phenomenon at play.

Abnormal cholesterol levels are just an indicator of a dynamic spiral downward that is mostly resultant of “diabesity,” a term coined by Dr. Hyman.  It is the continuum of insulin and blood sugar issues indicative of pre-diabetes and end stage diabetes.  Taking a CETP inhibitor or a statin drug can not effect this downturn.  A diet high in sugars and refined flours, low fibre, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress, lack of rest, love-less relationships, or the harmful effects of chemical or emotional pollution are the regimenal factors to be addressed first.

When looking at the blood in a patient’s live blood analysis, instead of just looking at cholesterol numbers, we will look for undue contraction or inflammation of HDL or LDL particles.  If they appear small and dense, we know that they are more atherogenic (more likely to show up as plaque in the arteries that leads to heart attacks), while large, fluffy, more buoyant cholesterol particles are desired.  Small particles are more indicative of pre-diabetes (or metabolic syndrome) and diabetes which are indicative of insulin resistance.  It is the sugar that is the enemy.  In fact, in an article I read years ago, it was said that the FDA would not approve the use of refined “sugar” in our diets.  On top of that, recent research actually reveals that statins may be a cause of diabetes which can be the precursor to this much bigger problem of heart disease.

This metabolic syndrome just described is rarely diagnosed by Allopathic Physicians, although it affects over half of the population.  We are finding that refined sugar may be the major cause for heart disease, diabetes, aging, dementia, cancer, infertility and sexual dysfunction as per Dr. Hyman.  Yet, it is most ignored by Doctors.  You may ask yourself why? And the answer is both tragic and simple; there are no drugs qualified to treat it effectively.  If they can’t target it with drugs, it just doesn’t exist in the Big Pharma matrix.  This is why statin drugs remain so popular in North America, despite the vast research against them.  It is a grand lie, that we remain prey to.

Dr. Mercola has personally suffered from the myths of lowering your cholesterol illustrated in a article he wrote back in 2008, attributing his premature hair loss to lowering his cholesterol.  He cites, “I have significant personal experience with low cholesterol. I bought into the low-fat myth in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and with my diet and long-distance running actually got my cholesterol level down to 75 without taking any drugs. At the time it seemed to be a good thing — but now I know it was a prescription for disaster and was likely one of the major reasons I lost my hair.  The fact that your body naturally makes cholesterol, and uses it for producing cell membranes, hormones, vitamin D, and the bile acids that help you digest fats, among many other things, is a major clue that cholesterol is necessary and beneficial for your health.”

Mercola goes on to say that, “One of the most important things I advise people looking to lower their cholesterol to do is to reduce, or eliminate, refined sugars and grains from their diet.  What do sugar and grain have to do with cholesterol and your heart?  Eating too much sugar and refined grains is the primary cause of high triglycerides, and restricting sugar and grains seems to normalize triglyceride levels in most everyone who tries it.”

Triglycerides, are very much like cholesterol, belonging to the lipid family. They, too, are not soluble in water.  They’re also a major source of energy for your body, and are either obtained from your diet or produced in your liver.  However, when your body has more triglycerides than it can use, the excess spillage ends up being transported to be stored as fat cells (rather than being used by your body for energy). If your triglyceride levels remain elevated it can lead to atherosclerosis and heart damage.  In other words, high triglycerides are an incredibly potent risk factor for inflammation and heart disease. In combination, high triglycerides and low HDL levels create an even bigger risk; this ratio is even more important to your heart health than the standard good vs. bad cholesterol ratio.

Dr. Mercola refers to one study, that in fact, found that people with the highest ratio of triglycerides to HDL had 16 times the risk of heart attack as those with the lowest ratio of triglycerides to HDL!  That is astonishing.  So while you strive to keep your HDL cholesterol levels up, you’ll want to decrease your triglycerides. How? You can increase your HDL levels by exercising and getting plenty of omega-3 fats like those from krill oil. Triglycerides are easily decreased by exercising and avoiding grains and sugars in your diet.  We can help you with this.

Your body actually requires cholesterol to survive, and it needs to be trusted for producing it.  It is best not to tell folks that cholesterol is bad and must be lowered, as this can be harmful for your health.  Even for years after Mercola touted the ill effects of lowering cholesterol, among others, Doctors still test for cholesterol levels and prescribe for them with harmful and unproven statin drugs.  Did you you know that if your cholesterol dips too low that you are increasing your risk for:

  • Stroke
  • Depression
  • Violent behavior
  • and even Suicide

Healthy oils, as per Rudolf Steiner, are the vehicle for the incarnation of the self, healthy metabolism and stellar immune functioning and we strongly recommend olive oil, flax, almond, walnut and coconut oils regularly in the diet.  In addition to reducing refined sugars and carbohydrates, regular exercise that respects your blood type is stellar for health and longevity.  We can also provide Drainage and Organ Support that includes “Cholesterol” and “Saccarin” homeopathically in a low potency to combat the ill effects of a dissonant diet.  Also, being in love with your own creative genius and in turn, in love with others, reduces stress and anger wrought from the un-lived life or from rescuing others to the exclusion of the self.  A person’s past emotional and physical traumas and perpetuating karmic patterns can cultivate “diabesity” and the metabolic spiral downturn that Allopathic Doctors don’t diagnose.   We’ve wholly got you covered through principled Heilkunst regimen, medicine and psychotherapeutics, enabling you to get on with your life.

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