Finding An Oasis; One Modern Woman’s Inner Struggle with Drought

But Lot’s wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.
Genesis 19:26

A few years ago, a very beautiful woman had first came in to see me for various complaints, including a sore neck, joints, migraines, chronic constipation and pain during intimacy.  A month later, she came back to see me for her routine follow-up and cited that I was a miracle worker as every one of her symptoms were completely gone.  She accredited it to the homeopathic remedies.  I smiled, knowing  that the quick results were more attributed to the increase in her daily water consumption.  She had replaced her 18 weekly coffees with about 2.5 litres of water!  It is amazing to me that most folks are actually chronically dehydrated and that technically, they don’t really qualify for medical remediation until we’ve assessed what percentage of their medical issues have to do with faulty regimen, especially dehydration.

It is still amazing to me how many folks still believe that other beverages like juice, milk, coffee and tea qualify as hydration.  Countless women have pleaded with me trying to justify herbal teas as a form of hydration.  Sadly, I’ve served countless children who hate the taste of pure water because it has always been sweetened and watered down with juice.  When a patient is unknowingly suffering dehydration I will explain that if a beverage contains too many TDS (total dissolved solids), then the body will read it and understand it as “food”, rather than water – no exceptions!

The body is constituted of around 70-80% of a jelly-like material that resembles the primordial ocean.  This mesenchymal layer, or the part of the embryonic mesoderm, consisting of loosely packed, unspecialized cells set in a gelatinous ground substance, from which connective tissue, bone, cartilage, and the circulatory and lymphatic systems develop.  We are mostly just congealed sea water, with a titch of minerals thrown in for colour, and we’d do well to bathe our innards to precisely the same degree that we bathe our outer chassis.

If you think about it, planetary systems have an orbit that they adhere to based on gravitational pull.  Our bodies, too, rely on dynamic, mass-free forces possessing a fluid-crystal structure which is sub-divided into different levels of density, frankly, to hold us together.  Physics states that the density of this fluid body is proportional to the density of any physical substance occupying the area of space that it is concerned with.  For example the watery domain will increase around large bodies such as stars and planets, acting as a refracting medium, affecting the speed of the propagation of light.  This medium is relied upon for conveying electromagnetic forces while adhering to the theory of relativity.  Rudolf Steiner stated, “As above, so below.”

You may be asking yourself, what the heck does this have to do with the 2-3 litres of water I’m supposed to chug down per day?  Well, I’m getting there.  Try to bear with me for a quantum second or two!  Quantum field theory states that all fundamental fields, such as the electromagnetic field, must be anchored at each and every point in space (including our bodies).  A field in physics may be envisioned as if you could see space filled with interconnected vibrating balls and springs (Reich’s orgone energy).  The strength of the field affects the displacement of a ball from its rest position.  If you like, read that last statement, again, and just let it congeal as an etheric impression on your watery body for a moment.  The theory requires for “vibrations” in, or more accurately changes in the strength of, such a field to propagate as per the appropriate wave equation for the particular field in question.  The second quantization of your quantum field requires that each of the ball-spring combinations be allotted a quantized (a measurable pole of strength) depending on its capacity to act as a harmonic oscillator, pulsation with excitation form the field corresponding to its elementary particles in space.  Crazy stuff huh?  That’s what I thought too!

Our bodies can only be attuned to energetic excitations from the universe, then, to the degree that it is able to shift, amble, contract, displace  and expand its harmonic oscillator … its watery body!  Even the vacuum theory cites a vastly complex watery structure and all calculations of the quantum field theory must be adjusted to the degree that certain bodies in the field are able to oscillate at stronger frequencies than others.  When you “distill” this all down, you will clearly see why my patient was able to resolve her ills simply by drinking more water.  She created motility where stasis was formerly beginning the stiffening, sclerotic processes just by propagating her “wave equation”.  Can you imagine how much fun I am to invite to your cocktail party?

Disease is a function of being cut off from “the big field” of communication, otherwise known as the domain of well … God.  The intellect, unhooked from its watery etheric impressions, has mostly mired us in matter, or salt!  The Genotype Silicea (the most intellectual of all of the Homeopathic Constitutions) will often display a strong preponderance towards the phenotypical state of grief or feelings of perpetual disappointments in love and romance otherwise known as Natrum Muriaticum.  These folks generally live in the past, just as Lot’s wife did feeling alienated and cut off from themselves and the Initiates of the higher domains as per Rudolf Steiner.  It is no accident, that the homeopathic remedy for grief, or living out of the past is Natrum Muriaticum, the Latin term for salt.  Protracted grief, over time, may start out producing emotional armoring, hardening of the attitudes, stiffness in the joints, constipation (holding on to old … um … shit) tumors, fibroids, cancerous growths and if the sclerotic effects are left untreated the final stage is rigamortis.  If you slice open a tumor, you will find it largely comprises a big ball of acidic sodium chloride in addition to other toxins.  This, really, is a hardened representation of the patient’s hardened and rigidified past.  The disease of Cancer was Lot’s wife’s lot in life!  Now, try saying that 10 times fast!

The astounding properties of 2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecule forms the only substance in nature to be labile and flexible enough to be able to respond to varying temperatures.  Miraculously water will harden to ice, flow like a river, or vaporize like your breath on a Wintery day in January north of the 49th parallel.  Folks with the Cancer state of mind, generally feel chilled regularly with extremities like ice, while folks who are more healthy and orgastically potent create a renewable source of flowing warmth and heat.  You will notice it in their bright eyes, smooth, soft skin, and their open smiling face.  While pure pH balanced water is not a good conductor of electricity, the TV show “Myth Busters”  threw radios, hair dryers and electric heaters into bathtubs to confirm, or myth-bust, whether these things will really kill you or not. The electric heater released so much energy that it turned the dummy to charcoal and exploded the bathtub into a hundred pieces! It was hilarious.  Of course, it would be tragic if it were a person; but when it’s a dummy, it’s ROTFL funny, as my kids would say.  It is of interest to note that only contaminated city water will produce these results, picking up every current introduced to it!

If your mesenchymal layer is mostly salty, acidic and littered with contaminates, leaching potassium and creating a super-saturated domain, just imagine how you may be limiting your capacity to be quantized and vibrating to receiving quantifiable messages from The Field.  If most folks are actually dehydrated and potentially rigidifying from their own toxicity, what does this mean for their capacity to pick up resonant “vibrations?”  Wilhelm Reich, a Psychotherapist was originally Freud’s most favored student, until he recognized that the body’s capacity for orgonotic vibrations introduced through a device called an orgone accumulator was destroying cancer cells and producing more orgastically potent individuals.  A simple harmonic oscillator, quantization, produces excitations of the field corresponding to the elementary function of the orgasm.  What a concept.  Now you know the deeper reason why my patient began to enjoy pleasurable sex with her husband again.  I recall her exclamation that during that first month, after introducing proper water regimen, that her libido returned with full thrusters and that she hadn’t had that much delicious sex in years!  Giddy up!

In the teachings of Theosophy, Devas (powerful Devine powers) are regarded as living either in the atmospheres of the planets of the solar system (Planetary Angels) or inside the Sun (Solar Angels) (presumably other planetary systems and stars have their own angels) and they help to guide the operation of the processes of nature such as the process of evolution and the growth of plants (etherically, watery imbued organisms); their appearance is reputedly like colored flames about the size of a human being. It is believed by Theosophists that Devas can be observed when the third eye is activated. Some (but not most) Devas originally incarnated as human beings.  It is believed by Theosophists that nature spirits, elementals (gnomes, ondines, sylphs, and salamanders), and fairies can be also be observed when the third eye is activated.  While this capacity is mostly a function of an older consciousness, it is maintained by Theosophists that these less evolutionarily developed beings have never been previously incarnated as human beings; they are regarded as on a separate line of spiritual evolution called the “Deva evolution”; eventually, as their souls advance as they reincarnate, it is believed they will incarnate as Devas.  All this to say, that these beings possess etheric bodies (but no physical bodies) that are composed of etheric matter, a type of matter finer and more pure that is composed of smaller watery particles than ordinary physical plane matter.  So it all goes to say that if we are suffering an internal desert, we may be bereft from experiencing the salvation of a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Our oasis in the physical enables communion with our etheric body where we render impressions on this watery domain, suck up the impressions into consciousness and render them anew through inspiration, imagination, and illumination.  This process is only the function of human consciousness and if we are too dry and dehydrated, we remain mostly mired in matter imprisoned in our own salt.  Sadly we’re doomed to looking back with Lot’s wife.  Did the poor girl even have a name?

In Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’s profoundly accurate book, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water,” he states, “When the human body developed from species that were given life in water, the same dependence on the life-giving properties of water was inherited. The role of water in the body of living species – mankind included – has not changed since the first creation of life from salt water and its subsequent adaption to fresh water.”  The human body has a major problem with its normal water regulation, caused by a gradual loss of thirst sensation. If you do become thirsty, it is too late, you’ve already become dehydrated.  Humans seem to lose their thirst sensation and the critical perception of needing water. Not recognising their need for water, they gradually become increasingly and chronically dehydrated with the progress of age. Batmanghelidj went on to advise Physicians that recognizing thirst signals of the body will undoubtedly produce complicated problems in the present way of treatment of these conditions. It is all too easy to assume these signals are complications of a serious disease process and begin to treat signal-producing dehydration with complicated procedures. Although water by itself will alleviate the condition, medications or invasive diagnostic procedures may be forced on the person. It is the responsibility of both patients and their doctors to be aware of the damage that chronic dehydration can cause in the human body. Dr. Batmanghelidj was very clear when he said, “These chronic pains include dyspeptic pain, rheumatoid arthritis pain, anginal pain (heart pain on walking, or even at rest), migraine and hangover headaches, colitis pain and its associated constipation.  The “view shift” dictates that all these pains should be treated with a regular adjustment to daily water intake. No less than two and a half quarts (two and one half litres) in 24 hours should be taken for a few days prior to the routine and regular use of analgesics or other pain-relieving medications.”

In closing, maybe think about the principles of quantum physics illustrated above and how they relate to cosmic wisdom that holds the planets in the cosmos (above) in conjunction with your body (below) in good physical and  spiritual equilibrium.   When we drink water, depending on the volume of water that enters the stomach, a hormone/neurotransmitter called “motilin” is secreted. The more water we drink, the more motilin is produced by the intestinal tract and can be measured in blood circulation (immune function or ontic, sense of the self). The effect of motilin on the intestinal tract, as its name implies, is to produce rhythmic contractions (Reich’s orgonotic pulsations) of the intestines – peristalsis – from its upper parts to its lower end. Part of this action would involve the timely opening and closing of the valves (labile flexibility also indicative of a labile state of mind) that are in the way of flow (watery formation) of the intestinal content (and the function of the orgasm). Thus, when there is enough water in the body for all the digestive processes that depend on the availability of water, the pancreas (the organ that metabolizes the sweetness in life) will produce its watery bicarbonate solution to prepare the upper part of the intestinal tract to receive the acidic content of the stomach. Under such ideal circumstances, the pyloric valve is also allowed to open (open on emotional level, think of acid reflux or indigestion) for the evacuation of the content of the stomach. Motilin has a major “transmission” role in co-ordinating this action. Motilin is a satiety hormone secreted when water extends the stomach wall.  Ah, relaxation.  All is well that ends well!  When operating in concert, we are able to transmit, receive and radiate information, beyond the veil, anchored to the measurable quantum divide.


Dr. F. Batmanghelidj: “Your body’s many cries for water” – 154 pages.
Published by: The Therapist Ltd.
ISBN: 1 899398 35 X
Price: 9.95 pounds sterling.

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