What Does It Mean to Have a Healthy, Well-Functioning Immune System, and Where Can You Get Yours?

Having struggled with chronic anxiety for the last fourteen years and after having tried everything under the sun without finding any healing, I was glad to have finally darkened the doorway of a practitioner of Heilkunst, namely Jeff Korentayer.  Despite having previously consulted two classical homeopaths with nothing to show for it, I was willing to give this style of homeopathy a try.  I can honestly say that Heilkunst has been the only thing I’ve found that has consistently created an improvement in my health since the very first remedy.  Jeff has been a wonderful homeopath and has imparted a lot of information about the principles of Heilkunst and true healing to me.  I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that Heilkunst has saved my life.  It has certainly brought me the closest I’ve ever come to feeling whole and well and finally embodying my true self.
– J. M., Ottawa
Since 1985; each spring would be an Allergy nightmare caused by my allergic reaction to Tree Pollen and Grass and Mould and Mildew.  Today I am free of any allergic reactions that made Spring the worst health season of the year for me.  I used to use a steroid nasal inhaler, tons of Tylenol Sinus tablets of Advil Sinus tablets and pretty much any over the counter Allergy tablet to help ease the sinus pressure and pain.  I also would suffer through a sinus infection or two during the same Spring Season.

Today I am pain free – Thanks to Dr. Ally!
– Brenda Deacon

Most folks come to us in order to get rid of something.  Right there on the top of our new patient intake sheet, we ask you your health goals, and yet a “negative” goal (ie getting rid of something) is typically the first thing listed.  Like myself, when I came to Heilkunst Medicine, I was looking to rid my son of severe constipation, autistic spectrum issues and repeated ear infections, bronchitis and bouts of pneumonia every time he cut a new tooth.  I, too, was suffering Guillain-Barre syndrome and fibromyalgia-like symptoms with severe migraines, tumours, sinus infections and psoriasis.  I, too, looked to my Heilkunst Physician to “fix me.”  I was desperate and I’m so glad my issues were not properly showing up on my MD’s Richter scale, or I probably would not be here to write this today.   Thank goodness that nightmare we were living was 15 long years ago, and has faded to a distant memory.

What does it mean to actually engage in this process called Heilkunst for your betterment, health and ultimate well-being?  Well, my mentor Rudi Verspoor describes it no less than the “art and science for one’s salvation.”  In fact, if you have the capacity to translate two hundred year old German with the founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s organizing lenses on, that is precisely what Heilkunst means: the whole art and science of healing and curing.  Dr. Hahnemann defined health in aphorism 9 of his Organon of Heilkunst Medicine as:

In the healthy human state, the spirit-like force (autocracy), that enlivens the material organism as dynamis, governs without restriction and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation as regards both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling rational spirit can avail itself of this living healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.  (O’Reilly/Decker translation, 1996)

Typically, the next question I will hear is, “Ok, that is great, but how are you going to get me from here to there?”  Well, that would take 15 years of study of this dynamic system of medicine smartly condensed into 5-6 paragraphs, however, I’m game.  The bottom line is, you assess the true root causes of disease through principled discernment (diagnosis) and then you activate all three jurisdictions of Heilkunst Medicine; Regimen, Medicine and true Education for the benefit of each patient.   Simply put, you’re completely participated like the individual you are and while the principles for lawful curing never change, the way in which they are used to address your specific symptom picture will.

Let’s use my beautiful son as an example.  His immune function was so compromised, there were times when I feared with a deeply held terror that he might actually perish.  He was two months premature and with all the antibiotics and gut issues and behavioural issues, I thought his case was truly hopeless.  Jordan was not thriving, in fact, he was barely surviving and the medications and treatments were just compromising his health even further.  It is fair to say that I hated my life back then.  When we began Heilkunst treatment, as a last ditch effort, I was at my wit’s end.  God knows no other conventional or alternative modality was working.

The first things we did was make sure Jordan was drinking enough healthy, pH-balanced water, sleeping in a soundless, dark environment, getting enough sunlight and some light recreation that he loved (he was a baseball fanatic at the age of 3 and I would pitch to him for hours).  The goal was to stabilize him enough to begin the physical and emotional detoxification process from a timeline of medical interventions, vaccines and genetic miasms from inherited diseases.  This approach is very focused and your Heilkunst Practitioner will be able to outline precisely what the principles are, stripping off each layer of the onion in a very systematic and thoughtful way.  You will never hear a Heilkunst Physician say, “Let’s try this!”.  I’d heard that so many times before coming to this curative system of medicine and frankly I felt like a rat in a very poorly designed maze with no thought given to how to get to the cheese at the end.

Within four months, Jordan was improving monumentally.  Our boy was thriving!   Sure, he was also having the most amazing fevers and a couple of incidences of flu-like healing reactions, but these were explained to me by my Heilkunst Physician as a functional expression of his diseases and a marker to his burgeoning immune function, and I began trusting the process.  Every time he had a healing reaction, something major in his development would shift to the better.  One month he began pooping all on his own without a glycerin suppository or stool softener; one month he began speaking for the first time; one month he began climbing the play structure at the park; and one month he hugged me and told me he loved me for the first time.  His immune function was naturally being restored as he never required antibiotics or any kind of conventional medication for anything of any significance from the day we began Heilkunst treatment.  Jordan is now 17 at the time of this writing, studying to get his driver’s license, and brought home a mark of 95% on his Modern History test.

It is fair to say that the tougher part of our Jordan’s issues were resolving his mother’s state of mind.  The reason for the whole mess of symptoms Jordan and I suffered were not just due to a nasty timeline of shocks and traumas, including my own mother’s suicide, my father’s demise to angina at the tender age of 43, and all 8 pronounced genetic miasms coming down my family line but also it was due to my entrenched belief structure postured around a perceived lack of support and abandonment.  You can read all the nasty bits in my book, The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing.  As a result, I can spot a psychological resistance at less than 2 paces!  Yes, our thoughts, beliefs, or spiritual diseases, can absolutely affect our immune system, and a person can reinfect themselves repeatedly of even cured diseases based on their state of mind.  This is the area of Heilkunst that we love to specialize in.

So if you choose to come in this fall to work with us in order to bolster your immune function, you will find that we’ll quickly be able to assess where your weak links lie.  After 15 years of study, we’re getting pretty good at this.  In some cases it lies more in regimenal habits, like a lack of proper water intake, eating too much or too little food and perhaps not the right kind.  In some cases, we may need to discern your blood type or glandular type to base your nutritional habits on scientific principles.  You may have never been well since a surgical procedure or drug use, or even the death of a family member or series of stressful events, and we know how to strip these events from your matrix using homeopathic law and informational medicine.  In many cases, folks like to avail themselves of a dose of our current homeopathic flu mix (oral dose vaccine) to prevent any strain of the flu for that year, which is included as part of our Winter Health Clinic free community service.

The other aspects that feature strongly in all cases are your individual genetic predisposition to chronic disease.  By assessing your family’s preponderance for specific illnesses, we remove them on the basis of homeopathic law, like cures like. This is a big part of how we help to restore your immune function.  We’re not about just trying something or shuffling the existing pieces around.  We systematically remove the shocks, blocks and traumas and your body knows how to restore homeostasis, health and its stunning immune function.  Our detoxifications are principled, our medical approach is principled, and our psychotherapeutic approach, again, is based on principles.  We are trained to get consistent results and we also know how to repeat these results in every case.  No guess work.

During my four year post-graduate research (it was supposed to be two) with Steven Decker, scholar par-excellence and translator for Dr. Hahnemann’s sixth edition of the Medical Organon) I asked him one poignant question, “So, are you telling me that after 15 years of research all roads point to the same conclusion?  Immune function is just a fancy medical term for the ‘healthy sense of individual self’?”  Decker responded, “Well, yes, Ally, but if the horse has never been to the barn ever before, it is up to you to guide it there with healthy feed, proper water, proper exercise, proper detoxification protocols, encouraging resonant relationships removing all of its impediments in its way to arriving.  The healthy ontic will then masticate, and metabolize any unwanted bacterias or inimical potences encountered thereafter.”  The question is, do you want to ride side saddle or straddle your spirited steed outright?  In fancy medical terms, we still use the term, “Giddy up!”
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