Children are Usually the Quickest and Easiest Patients to Treat

Most of the time, my easiest and quickest cases to treat are children. There are a variety of reasons for this, including:

  1. Children who are relatively healthy have much less tendency toward suppression, which means that both their physical symptoms and emotional states are displayed clearly on the surface, and can be precisely identified and quickly treated.
  2. When a case of chronic illness is being treated in a child (such as a disease inherited from the family tree, which we call “chronic miasms”), it has not had the decades or even years to develop into a deep and difficult to treat state of mind and body.
  3. Children don’t typically carry the load of stress and anxiety that most adults do; this means that they are much closer to their natural impulses, and they don’t, for example, overeat, or eat in a state of stress or as an emotional compensation, which clouds the picture of the natural disease to be treated.
  4. Children are generally still much closer to their intuitive abilities, and often have a clear sense of how often they need to repeat a remedy, and then when they’re “done” with it.
  5. There has been very little opportunity for most children to have accumulated much of a “time line” of shocks and traumas, and it usually takes very little time to completely clear it in their treatment.
  6. Most children are still very obviously living out of their fundamental “genotype” (personality type, or “constitution”), which is very easy to identify and then use as an ongoing homeopathic support remedy. I’m usually fairly quick at seeing the genotype in a majority of adults, but not as quick as I am with children’s.

As always with any generalizations, bear in mind that there are always unique factors for every case which will make any of these points true to a greater or lesser degree.  There are, sadly, some profoundly sick children, and likewise some incredibly healthy elders, but the above observations apply on average to the middle of the “bell curve”. Also, the general points above about children, to a greater or lesser degree, also apply to healthy adults who have undergone varying degrees of Heilkunst treatment, and restored a great degree of their natural health.

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