An ounce of prevention….

Readers of this website will already know that we regularly use homeopathic remedies as safe and effective immunising agents for all forms of pathogenic diseases (both childhood infections, and the diseases that travellers are prone to). Today I will introduce another aspect of immunisation which is not at all related to pathogenic disease — our immune system, after all, is subject to many more influences, shocks, and traumas beyond the realm of germs.

Just as when we are dealing with an infectious outbreak, and can anticipate that we may be likely to be exposed to a certain illness, we can also know and anticipate when we are expecting to live through an emotional shock or otherwise traumatic experience. The idea of immunisation or “prophylaxis” is as valid here as it is within the realm of infectious illness. Examples can include pre-scheduled surgical procedures, difficult emotional contexts, such as “meeting the in-laws” for the first time, or high stress exam or interview situations.

In any anticipated situation such as this, patients are interested to learn, we are able to “immunise” them from much of the damaging aspect of the situation, and allow them to better “digest” the experience as completely as possible while leaving as little residue as possible. The immunising remedy in each case will be identical with the remedy which we use to clear a particular type of shock or trauma when we’re clearing a patient’s time line. The remedies which we use, for example, to clear out a traumatic childhood history of emotional abuse, would be the exact same remedies we would give a patient who is anticipating that they will be subject to an emotionally abusive situation in the near future which cannot be avoided for whatever reason.

Along these lines, homeopaths have long observed that the recovery time from surgery is much quicker and easier when the patient has prepared by taking the corresponding remedies both before and after the procedure. Patients have confirmed very quick recovery times, which have often surprised their surgeons, as well.

Remember that while not all stress can be avoided, it can be greatly mitigated with this simple application of preventive medicine. Is there a situation you are approaching which you could use some help getting through?

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  1. Manuela Mueller-Code

    This is a neat concept Jeff. Just reflecting on how the energy would change, which would actually change the whole event potentially and the event may actually never happen. Something to think about.

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