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I’m forever being asked if I have a remedy which can help with a given condition label (such as “Allergies”; “Acid Reflux”; “Migraines”; etc.). The answer is always “yes” and “no”. “Yes,” in the sense that the whole Heilkunst approach is built to remove all of the causes of a chronic illness. “No,” in the sense that most of the commonly used disease “labels” don’t mean exactly the same thing for each patient bearing a given label. More than anything, these labels are a convenient way to try to simplify the process of diagnosis; however, they strip out the unique individuality of each patient and the nature of the disease(s) they are suffering.

I want to point this out, because even amongst patients who have a strong aversion to engaging with any aspect of conventional medicine, they still tend to adopt the language of these common diagnostic labels in describing their own health. It’s only human nature, after all, to try to identify a problem in order to move on to a solution for it, and using this common language of medical conditions seems like the obvious path to that end. This is usually one of the very first ideas I need to re-educate new patients about, and teach them instead to speak about their health issues with a new language.

For example, instead of asking for a remedy for their “headache,” they learn instead to ask for a remedy for their headache which “starts every morning around 10am, over their right eye, and then gradually moves to the top of their head and settles into more of a throbbing sensation towards lunch time. The only thing that keeps me from losing it is periodically sticking my head out of the window to get a big gulp of fresh air. It’s usually all gone by lunch time, and no matter how badly as I felt during the morning, I always feel on top of the world after it passes, and it’s as if it never happened.”

Now the patient is talking a language which will lead directly to the curative remedy! You’d probably not be surprised to learn that most patients pick up this way of thinking and talking about their symptoms quite quickly.

This whole system of false disease labels is unfortunately reinforced in the context of the medical-pharmaceutical industry, where it is not legally possible for a doctor to give a prescription without basing it on one of these labels, nor for a pharmaceutical company to get approval for a new drug without it being for a specific diagnostic label. That sounds like a good system at first, but not once you realize that these false disease labels perpetuate an approach to medicine which does not generally cure disease, but merely masks symptoms, or suppresses their manifestation.

Oh wait, here comes another patient about to ask me about a disease label…..


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  1. Darla Marie Pelan

    I love your posts, everyone of them is print worthy! I am currently a student at the HCH so this is insanely helpful for the steps leading up to practicum, ill tuck these away for a rainy reaffirm type day.

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