Is “Female Sexual Dysfunction” really a disease?

I wrote yesterday about the issue of why we need to overcome the limitations of false disease names in Heilkunst diagnosis. Common conditions labels such as “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, or “Social Anxiety Disorder” may get you into the right ballpark for a general understanding of a case, but actually hinders the possibility of a true diagnosis and cure of what lies at the root of that in each unique patient and case. This issue of false disease names has existed as long as the history of medicine, and wasn’t rectified until Dr. Hahnemann published his writings about Heilkunst medicine in the 19th century.

We recently watched a very illuminating documentary called Orgasm, Inc. It illustrates how a number of pharmaceutical companies are in a race to be the first to bring to market an effective drug for “Female Sexual Dysfunction”. This movie illuminated very well the inherent problem in trying to treat such an abstract condition label, as if it were a singular medical entity, presumably always exactly the same for every woman, and always treatable by the same drug protocol. Furthermore, as with most other false disease labels, this has more to do with marketing, and making more and more women “eligible” for a drug which they may not need, and which often won’t help them.

Something I learned from this documentary, is how it is actually the pharmaceutical industry which proposes new condition labels to be officially approved, so that they can then develop new lines of profitable drugs designed to address these newly made up condition labels. Once the pharmaceutical industry successfully had “female sexual dysfunction” declared a new condition label, they set out to work on developing a new drug which could treat it.

It was upsetting to witness this process in action, and to realize that the whole pharmaceutical industry is built on such a game of artificial construction of condition labels, as a mechanism to develop ever more profitable lines of drugs which largely rob people of their health. Did you know that iatrogenesis (disease which is caused by drugs or other medical errors) is actually the number one cause of death in North America?

The cure for this massive disease of our medical system is to solve this problem of false disease names, by understanding Dr. Hahnemann’s teachings about how to apply curative remedies based on true diagnoses.

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