Your Heart’s Desire

The approach to healthcare with Heilkunst accounts for multiple dimensions and facets of the human being. As I’ve written previously,  a single day in the life of my general Heilkunst practice can take me all over the healthcare map, and back again. In addition to all of the expected modalities of treatment such as nutrition and lifestyle management, Heilkunst addresses the full scope of the human being, including the mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual life of the patient.

One of the highest, overarching functions in our health is what we call the “desire function”. The ills of a patient can often have more to do with their failure to connect to and activate the contents of their desire function, even more than anything which seems amiss in their nutrition. The word ‘desire’ originates in the sense of something which comes to us ‘from the stars’, which relates to our higher rather than lower form desires. Finding what it contains, and activating it, are often a tremendous struggle for many of my patients; but this struggle is of central importance in a full system of healthcare.

What many patients suffer, due to the nature of our compulsory education system, is that their ability to hear their own inner voice was usually squashed at an early age, and it takes a Herculean effort to restore it, and begin to breath life back into it.

I enjoyed this Ted Talk by Béatrice Coron, who is a self described “paper cutter” and artist. In this video, she describes how she woke up to her true desire function in her 40s, after drifting through numerous occupations throughout her life. While she is not, to my knowledge, Heilkunst treated this is the type of story I have been honoured to witness in a number of patients as they begin to unfold their own desire functions as they progress through their own treatment.


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