Some resources to help uncover your desire function

I wrote yesterday about the central importance to health of activating one’s unique desire function. I also mentioned that this is a particularly big challenge for many patients who are either blocked from fully activating it, or often from even knowing what it is in the first place. In addition to the medical approach of Heilkunst to systematically remove blockages at all levels (biological, psychological, etc.), there are some very good resources to help activate this desire function at different stages. To start with, many patients have a portion of their life energy still tied up in unresolved traumas from the past, and by undergoing time line treatment, that life energy becomes more and more liberated to engage with their desire function.

The fiction author Steven Pressfield has written a couple of books about the creative process itself, and in his book The War of Art, he very specifically addresses the reality of resistance, and how it is a constant struggle within every creative process.

Its sequel, Do The Work, is also a short and valuable read to help illuminate the nature of this challenge to activating one’s creativity.

While these Steven Pressfield books are great for gaining a conceptual orientation for the problem of resistance, Julia Cameron’s classic book The Artist’s Way, gives many practical exercises to actually start to chip away at these resistances and blockages. Her “morning pages” exercise is often known by people who haven’t even read this book, and is one of several practical exercises offered by Cameron.

While these books are specifically written with writers or artists in mind, the concepts and principles they illuminate apply to anyone who is wishing to access their own creativity and desire function, even if that is for something outside of the usual world of the arts. Our desire function and creativity can be directed into any activity — it is just a question of finding out what that is for you. What tools have you successfully used to help with your creativity?

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