Stories from inside the CoRe

For the past few years, I have been using the CoRe-Inergetix system with more and more of my patients, and am always amazed at how much clarity, depth, and speed of improvement it has contributed to my practice. The principles and map of medical Heilkunst are comprehensive, and invaluable for getting a patient from point A to Z in their healing journey, but even the clearest of maps still may not be enough for navigating some of the murkiest depths of complex chronic illness. Every patient’s terrain is unique, and finding the landmarks of health are not always as obvious as one would like.

The CoRe is quite a unique device, and as adaptable to different cases as the creativity of the practitioner might allow for. It is the only device in its class which can re-focus on all of the dimensions of the human being. The CoRe provides objective feedback to the physician about what is going on at this moment, as well as what the most significant long-term patterns are in terms of the patient’s broader emotional themes and archetypal patterns. The CoRe absolutely does not replace the participatory diagnosis of the physician, but acts more in the role of providing confirmation and clarification of the physician’s view of the case. Also, in terms of the specific emotional shocks or traumas on the patient’s time line, the CoRe is invaluable for confirming whether a particular trauma has been fully cleared with the remedies, or if a deeper-acting remedy is still required to complete the job.

While I usually feel a great synergy between my own thought process with the type of content that is coming up in the CoRe scan, I do regularly get results which seem to be coming from ‘left field’, and force me to stretch my paradigm of the case. Here, I often very tentatively ask the patient of there is anything in their life at the moment which is related to this (seemingly erroneous) content, and most of the time they confirm that it is very significantly related to what they are currently going through. I’ve learned to be less tentative and more trusting about these apparant anomalies, which usually point instead to an expanded and deepened understanding of the case.

As a mini-case example, I’ll illustrate part of the CoRe results that came up with one patient at one of their sessions. We we’re at a point where we were “in the thick of things”, as we were in the process of working through some of the more emotionally difficult aspects of their childhood, when this group of remedies came up together:


  • Dagger Hakea > negative: resentment / bitterness towards close family, friends, lovers // positive: forgiveness / open expression of feelings
  • Illawarra Flame Tree > negative: overwhelming sense of rejection / fear of responsibility // positive: confidence / commitment / self reliance / self approval
  • Round-headed Leek >For unknown difficulties stemming from childhood, particularly when other essences have been ineffective.
  • Unification>This helps to unify the mind-body-spirit, helping us to break free of previous restricting beliefs and patterns.
  • Spotted Orchid>To help us to overcome difficulties and blocks on our path of personal growth.
  • Gentian>For feelings of discouragement and doubt which may be caused by even small obstacles. The cause of depression is always known. Teaches confidence about the ability to overcome problems.
  • Hura : MIND; DELUSIONS, imaginations; confidence in him, his friends have lost all
  • Nitrogen– I feel trapped. I need to get out somehow.
While we were already clear about the nature of the emotions still stuck from childhood, this really specific formula was so accurate, and helped him not only to release that part of his childhood, but also to feel freer in his current life circumstances, which were still mirroring this original childhood pattern. I was pointed in the right direction, and addressing the correct emotional themes through the timeline, but such a specific result from the CoRe effectively turned my 60w desk lamp bulb into a 500w halogen floodlight to illuminate exactly what the patient needed to move forward. Most of the time, the readings are very congruent with what I and the patient already knew about where they were in their treatment, but it almost always gives an expanded level of detail which proves to be very useful in clearing the next layer with great speed and precision. The perfect clinic assistant!

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