Disease is NOT material

One of the most difficult concepts for people to wrap their heads around, is that the root or origin of disease is NOT material. Of all the concepts that Dr. Hahnemann laid down in his revolutionary system of Medical Heilkunst, this one gets right to the essence of what it is all about.

Hand-in-hand with this concept comes the idea that there is no such thing as ‘localized’ disease — in other words, if someone says they have a “liver disease”, or a “kidney disease”, this is, strictly speaking, not correct. What they have, instead, is one or more diseases which are manifesting in symptoms in the liver or kidney. This is why the surgical removal of a supposed “diseased” organ does not actually remove the disease which caused the symptoms in that organ, and now the manifestation of that disease has no choice but to show itself through a different organ or bodily system. As one homeopath once said, you can prune the apple tree, but this won’t prevent it from growing more apples.

The exact same concept is true in the treatment of cancer — while it may be necessary in a given case to remove a cancerous tumour or affected organ, such a removal of the physical manifestation of the cancer does NOT cure the underlying cancer process, which is systemic. This is why the unfortunate story in so many cancer cases after the supposed “cure” (through a combination of surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy), is that sooner or later, the cancer usually returns — either in the exact same place, or in a new location. While any number of physical therapies are necessary and helpful in treating cancer, they cannot succeed on their own without also employing a treatment protocol which is working to address the underlying disease itself — the nonmaterial root of the disease.

So, if disease is not material, then what is it? This is such a difficult concept for anyone in the Western world to grasp, where our implicit worldview for a number of centuries has presumed that the only thing real and knowable in the universe is matter — atoms and molecules, or even smaller building blocks which make up everything that there is. All diseases, within this worldview, are necessarily defined by a physical set of symptoms, and their causes by a material imbalance. Think of all the mental-emotional conditions, such as depression, which are now defined as imbalances in the brain chemistry.

At its root, what Dr. Hahnemann’s system of Heilkunst teaches, is that disease is an altered state of mind. Each disease originates in a uniquely altered state of mind, and is therefore cured by a remedy which contains that particular state of mind. Rather than using a generic remedy for “headaches”, each patient with headache is diagnosed based on their unique state of mind, and that remedy (which matches their state of mind) is the one which will be curative for their headaches.

This is also the basis for a true system of preventive medicine, as it is possible to identify and remove such a diseased state of mind before it has caused the formation of any symptoms. This is the reason that health is not simply defined as an absence of symptoms (which is a negative definition), but involves the unfolding of a positive state of mind involving multiple dimensions of our being.

So, here’s to your health, and not just to an absence of symptoms!

6 thoughts on “Disease is NOT material

  1. Dr IJS Guleria

    Sir, The whole universe is governed by the law of similars/ It is the
    same law which originates diseases and the same law cures it. It is
    true that the disease is not a material entity and it is well known
    when the function secretion and excretion of the organ gets abnormal
    the diseases first makes its appearance and before it happens, the
    attraction and selection function gets deranged and before all this
    happens, the will. intelligence and the judgement and understanding
    of the cell have some dynamic causes behind and it only can be
    ascertained through the feelings and sensations in the forms of
    symptoms, the natures cry for asking help.

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    Thank you for your comments, Dr. Guleria. I would only correct two aspects of what you are saying, the first being that it is the law of resonance which the whole universe is governed by, with the law of similars being only one aspect of that. The second is that the use of the law of similars can be applied on the basis of the symptoms, as you say, but that is the lesser form of the law of similars, with the greater form being that of prescribing a similar based on causation.

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