False Disease Names

To expand on the idea that disease is not material, I’d like to further explain the idea of a true language for diagnosis. The usual diagnostic language which we’re used to is generally imported from the conventional approach to medicine, as enforced by the pharmaceutical industry. A “migraine”, or “Fibromyalgia”, for example are medical terms which everyone has heard, yet when it comes to real diagnosis and real treatment, they are all but meaningless.

The multi-billion dollar profits of the pharmaceutical industry are one of the main forces which keeps this old diagnostic system alive — without such officially recognized diagnostic labels, the pharmaceutical companies would have no legal justification to develop or market any drugs, as they can only be approved in relationship to a recognized condition label. This is why, for example, there has been such a strong lobbying effort by the pharmaceutical industry to have a new diagnostic label created for “female sexual dysfunction”, so that they can tap into a new profit centre, and not necessarily because they have a viable treatment in the works.

The problem with such generic diagnostic labels, is that they have, at best, a superficial relationship to the underlying disease process which is causing such symptoms in the first place. Generic labels can only lead to generic solutions, and therefore only produce inferior results. On a case by case basis, going beyond these generic labels into the true causes of the disease is what leads to a more true and certain treatment plan for each individual patient.

The education process for each patient usually has to include a re-visiting of these concepts, as they almost always bring with them an Allopathic disease label which they are seeking alternative treatments for. “Do you have a remedy for <fill in the blank with a generic label>?” can almost always be answered with “yes and no”. “Yes”, in the sense that we can determine what the unique causes are for you to have that condition, and systematically address those. “No”, in the sense that such labels are generic, superficial, and abstract, and any true form of medicine can only deal with something that is real.

There are two especially unfortunate consequences to these false disease labels : The first, is that many patient’s with complex health issues may be sent home from their doctor being told that there is no diagnosis for their condition, or worse, that it is “all in their heads”. The second, is that they are given a false disease label, but told that “there is no cure for that, you just have to learn to live with it.”. The good news for both of these scenarios is that there is a path to true diagnosis for every disease, and there is a definitive remedy which is curative in every case of disease.

So, here’s to better diagnosis, and better treatment options with Heilkunst!

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