Everyone Gets Off the Heilkunst Bus at Their Own Stop

I came bursting out of the gate after graduation, full of enthusiasm about Heilkunst, and eager to put my knowledge into practice. (I’m still as full of the same degree of enthusiasm today, by the way, just not quite so wet behind the ears). With all the modalities within Heilkunst, I was ready to solve all health problems large and small!

One of my very first patients was a young woman having a variety of minor health issues, including lack of energy. I eagerly took her full case, including a review of her traumatic time line (history of her emotional and physical shocks and traumas). I gave her a few homeopathic remedies related to some of her more recent shocks, including a dental surgery, as well as a general dropper bottle to balance her constitution, which happened to be phosphorous in this case.

I also reviewed her diet in light of her blood type. She was an O blood type, essentially following a mostly vegetarian style diet. That certainly explained her lack of energy — the O blood type necessitates a regular intake of red meat in the diet, in order to maintain proper energy levels. They do not thrive as vegetarians, unlike their A-blood counterparts.

I asked her what her reasoning was for her vegetarian lifestyle, and she explained that it was for health reasons, rather than ethical or religious reasons. This was good, as people can have a very hard time accepting the suggestion of changing their diet when the choice is for ethical or religious reasons. Explaining her O blood type dietary requirements, she was happy to make this shift in her diet.

She came back for her follow-up visit a few weeks later, with ALL of her symptoms resolved, and her energy back up to her normal levels. “Great!” I thought, “What a great start to the case – now we can dive into all of the time line and genetic health issues and keep this momentum going”.

I didn’t understand at first, why the client was satisfied at this point, and did not feel the need to continue with any more treatment.

“But I’ve got all these amazing tools,” I thought — “why wouldn’t she want to go through the rest of the treatment?”

This was a great early lesson for me on the practical side of things — that every patient is driven by their own needs and motivations, and is coming to me for assistance in attaining their agenda. I realized that my role is like that of a bus driver, who picks up passengers at whichever stop they choose to get on the bus, and then let them off at whichever stop they choose to get off the bus. Very few desire to travel all the way to the end of the line of treatment. I certainly didn’t understand that at first, being as full of enthusiasm as I was for the system of Heilkunst — I’ve just learned to focus that enthusiasm into the specific needs of each patient, and encourage them to go as far as they are willing to at a given point in time. It often happens, by the way, that a patient will “finish” treatment at a certain point, but then months or even years later will return to my office to carry on into the next stage of their healing.


5 thoughts on “Everyone Gets Off the Heilkunst Bus at Their Own Stop

  1. Andrea

    This has been my exact experience with Heilkunst. Even I don’t understand why I didn’t continue initially. I guess I just wasn’t ready, but now that I’m back, it doesn’t matter why. The important thing is that I have accepted it as part of the journey, and now I’m on board to continue to the next stage of MY healing!

  2. Tess

    I have often wondered how other heilkunst patients journeys compared to my own. Ever since I read Reichs’ ‘The Function of the Orgasm,’ age 18, ‘orgiastic potency’ was my goal. In my first heilkunst consultation when I asked (a suprised) Rudi lol, ‘can you de-armour me??’ and he replied in the affirmative, I thanked God for providing my ticket! No doubt I will be riding this bus til the very last stop!!

  3. jkorentayer Post author

    Isn’t it amazing, Tess, how rare it is for any form of health care to actually define a positive goal of health, as well as a clear method for getting there? I’ve been surprised, too, on occasion by new patients who already know about Reich when they’re in for their first consult.

  4. Tess

    Definitely and Rudi helped deepen my understanding of true health as encompassing the ontic and spiritual/soul aspects of the being as well as physical and emotional ‘potency’. I think maybe this is why Heilkunst is more successful in bringing patients to full health than Reichian and neo-Reichian therapies, because it is truly wholistic in this way. . .

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