Review of a Book Title : “The Genius of Homeopathy”

One of the books on our reading list as students at the Hahnemann College was Stuart Close’s The Genius of Homeopathy. I’m not going to go into the contents of the book here, but this is still a book whose title itself evokes a range of meanings in my mind:

  • The general meaning of ‘genius’ as being other than the commonly held definition of a “high IQ”, but rather as the ability to penetrate into the essence of a subject matter, and bring out a clear meaning or purpose that no one had been able to see before. This isn’t so much a matter of a high IQ, but more a healthy EQ (emotional quotient) which is able to connect to the living essence of something, and communicate clearly about it, bringing it into the light of the waking conscious mind (the visible aspect of science).
  • The genius of Dr. Hahnemann, the creator of the system of Heilkunst and Homeopathy, who was able to see through the material veil of outer nature, and extract something valuable from its inner essence. He did this on a number of fronts, including the development of the methodology of provings, as well as his new clarifcation about the essence of disease itself not originating as something material.
  • Dr. Hahnemann’s Heilkunst and Homeopathy emerging within the historical context of the Romantic Era, which was the critical point in history of reversing direction of the evolution of the human mind to focus increasingly on the outer, material aspect of nature, and begin the journey back into its interior or inner essence.
  • The process of treatment itself drawing out the ‘genius’ of each patient, by removing any diseases and imbalances from them, so that their inner essence, talents, and creativity can unfold to its full potential. Everyone has a capacity for genius, and the key is to find the unique desire function within each person as their doorway into their genius.
  • The nature of diagnosis within Heilkunst working to penetrate to the inner realm of the patient and their disease(s), rather than the outer form as described by ‘false disease labels’.

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