What gets in the way of health?

Becoming and staying healthy is simple in some ways, and complex in others. What are some of the common stumbling blocks that patients have had?

In no particular order:

  • Misinformation. Health is one of the largest industries in our modern economy, and like any area of human activity, is full of both good and bad. Patients have been led astray by countless “fad” or “one-size-fits-all” diets. The worst part of this is that many people just “give up” after hearing the “experts” go back and forth about what is supposed to be good or bad for us. We have much better ways of connecting to the individual needs of the patient which go beyond fads and guru-based advice.
  • Inertia. Despite our best intentions, it takes a fair amount of focus, will power, and persistence to change an existing bad habit, or begin a new healthy one. Taking small steps, and engaging in a formal treatment process help to create a structure within which real changes can be made.
  • (Perceived) Lack of Time. There are many things that people tell themselves they “should” or “would” do if they weren’t so busy. The truth is, small, incremental changes take little time, and can build up to some significant results before you know it. Take “Slow Burn”, as an example which we recommend for strength-training exercise — it only takes about 20 or 25 minutes once ever 7 to 10 days to get the maximum benefits. How many people don’t have time to fit that into their schedule?
  • Misunderstanding. As I said, health is both simple and complex. Outside of Medical Heilkunst, the distinction between imbalances and diseases is not clearly understood, and so most people are put on treatment programs that work superficially, at best. You can’t consistently solve a problem that you don’t understand in the first place.
  • Impatience. In cases of very deep, chronic illness, it takes time to uproot all of the underlying diseases. We generally see slow, steady improvements through Heilkunst treatment, but in the deepest cases, it can take months or even years to reach a full resolution of all of the issues. Since the roots go back into the genetic past of the family tree, there is an incredible depth which needs to be addressed, and this takes time.
  • Disease. Let me explain what I mean by that — each disease has, at its root, a unique state of mind, which influences the otherwise healthy state of mind of the patient in a negative way. The greater the influence which the patient’s diseases have, the more impaired will be their own judgment and will power to improve their health. Most commonly, this manifests as various forms of conflicts about undergoing the treatment process, where part of the patient has the drive to get healthy, which is in conflict with the diseased part which sabotages forward momentum. This is a definite struggle, but the good news is that the more treatment the patient completes, the smaller the influence of the diseased state of mind becomes. The trick is to get to the point where the balance of health becomes greater than the disease.

Which of these issues have been your biggest stumbling block?

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