A Closer Look at the Ontic Organization : Real Cancer Prevention

I briefly described the four bodies in yesterday’s post, and now I’d like to take a bit of a closer look at the ontic organization (fourth body). As I mentioned yesterday, the birth of the ontic organization happens somewhere around the age of three, and one of the significant markers of this event is the beginning of correct pronoun reversal.

The word “I” is the only word in the English language which cannot be learned by direct imitation — for example, if I am teaching a child to say “I am going to the store”, the correct response is to say “You are going to the store”, and vice versa. One of the classic indications of autism is an inability to correctly make such reversals, as the healthy birth of the ontic organization has been impaired.

The details of this pronoun reversal are simply an expression of the deeper function of the ontic organization, which is the source of our self-consciousness, and identity as a separate entity. It is what provides the human kingdom with a unique waking consciousness, which is not posessed by any of the other three kingdoms of nature (mineral, plant, and animal). This is why, incidentally, for the treatment of any domestic animal, the health issues of the human owner need to be addressed in conjunction, as the pet will be drawing on the ontic function of their master.

Another counter-example to help us understand the healthy function of the ontic organization is the disease of cancer. Of course, there are very significant physical aspects of treating an active case of cancer, but here I am talking about the state of mind which is at the root of the disease (as every disease is built on a unique state of mind). In the disease of cancer, the state of mind is one which eclipses the healthy function of the ontic, or the sense of self, and the eventual physical symptoms are a reflection of this unclear definition of the self, and its corresponding weak immune system. In both the prevention of cancer, as well as its active reversal, a good prognosis will always include a palpable shift in this underlying sense of self, and healthy emotional boundaries (the emotional immune system, so to speak).

This is also the key to a truly “early” diagnosis for prevention of cancer — the well-trained Heilkunst physician can diagnose and treat at this level long before any tumour has emerged out of this deeper cancer state of mind. The so-called “early” detection of tumours within the conventional system is actually quite a late stage in the game. This is one of many reasons that having an annual “physical” with the conventional MD is not nearly enough for attaining true health at the level of all four of our bodies.

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